The best burger in Canberra – an unlikely review

By 16 May 2008 55

Questacon – yes thats right…

Taste (Flavour) = 10
Size = 10
Ingredients = 10
Decor/Cutlery = 10
Waiting Staff = 10
Cost = 10


Questacon in the Parliamentary Triangle does not immediately appear on peoples radars when thinking of a lunchtime burger, but I rate it as the best I’ve had in Canberra – understanding as the ingredients change, a range of complexities arise in burger review terms.

The burger is a handmade meat pattie, cooked to slightly crisp on the outside, and from what I gathered, mostly made out of meat. Accompanying the pattie, is the usual host of lettuce, cheese and tomato relish/sauces, sandwiched between two toasted buns. The service was accompanied with a side of chips – absolutely nothing to complain about.

Serving size is quite large for anything else I’ve seen in comparison, this could be due to the snazzy boxes they use to serve the takeaway meals in – complete with a locking mechanism for people who can’t immediately get to their food I presume. The benefit of using such a large box, is you have to fill it :)

The décor/cutlery I was tempted to give a 9 – plastic seats, but they are in line with the nature of the venue, and brightly coloured. Its hard to find something else to say, rather than simply point to the Questacon building and intone the location is in pretty decent scenery.

While eating my burger, and being quite surprised at the quality of it, I got to thinking just how many of these burgers they would be pumping out a day. I’d estimate at least 5 busloads of children go through per day per work week, which is a high turnover of hungry little grubs looking for a burger and chips at the end of their visit.

Thus it comes as no surprise that the catering staff at Questacon are pretty good with this in mind.

So, if in the area, go check it out. If you don’t like your meal, you can always have a play on all the cool stuff they have lying about outside.

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55 Responses to
The best burger in Canberra – an unlikely review
Woody Mann-Caruso 9:35 am
16 May 08

Bugger – I’ve got a work lunch today, and next week is start of my latest attempt to “eat healthy”. How can this have been right under my nose for so long?

Fiona 9:42 am
16 May 08

aww isi it too early for burgers?

jenny green 9:49 am
16 May 08

Jumbo burger from Lyneham take-away…

tap 10:03 am
16 May 08

Im not sure if its still open, but that food van out in Gunghalin was awesome. The biggest, unhealthiest burgers were there.

Danman 10:10 am
16 May 08

Tap, its galled the “G Spot” and yes the “G Spot” is open and trading in its greasy wares..especially good after a hard night on the sauce

tap 10:24 am
16 May 08

Yeah thats right! The ‘Crazy Bastard’ is he best!

Mælinar 10:42 am
16 May 08

If I’m in either of those locations, I’ll do a review – using the Questacon as the 10/10/10 basis (like the laksas).

Thanks Danman and Jenny G

Loose Brown 10:42 am
16 May 08

There’s a food van behind PM&C feeding all the construction workers in the Parli Triangle. Amazing burger with the lot – but they also do another burger that includes mashed potato, peas and gravy no joke.

Deadmandrinking 10:45 am
16 May 08

Voting on the G-spot too. Jesus christ, there must have been 3 patties and and god knows how much eggs and bacon (I was very, very, very drunk at the time, so my memory may be a little hazy).

Julius Constantius 12:05 pm
16 May 08

Mountains of egg! Mamma…The G-Sport is good. Oh crap now I have a craving for a hot bastard or maybe even a cheesy bastard!

Checkers is a thing of the past, it was good in its day but now it is time for it to step back and let the egg burger revolution fulfil its destiny.

Holden Caulfield 12:05 pm
16 May 08

Won’t somebody please remember Dolly’s.

Deadmandrinking 12:10 pm
16 May 08

The only problem is getting drunk in Gunghalin…that’s kind of boring really, J.C.

tap 12:10 pm
16 May 08

I remember Dolly’s, those salmonella burgers (taco burgers) really hit the spot. :)

Thats it im going to the G-Spot at some point this weekend!

Deadmandrinking 12:13 pm
16 May 08

It’s a long way from civic…

tap 12:15 pm
16 May 08

I care not!

tylersmayhem 12:16 pm
16 May 08

I’ve got to recommend the Turku Burger With The Lot from the Turku Turkish restaurant/bakery at Page shops. We discovered the Turku a couple of months ago, and we’ve been back about 10 times. It’s a little place ran by a big jolly moustached Turk (usually out the back whipping up the awesome food) and often you’ll be offered a complimentary Turkish tea (or two) while you wait. We first always ordered the enclosed pizzas from there. At less than $12 for a Turkish Lamb pizza that will easily feed 2-3 hungary people, it’s awesome value, and man does it taste good! And the Turku Burger made out of a spiced meat pattie, good salads and a dash of Hummus or Tatziki in between traditional Turkish bread is hard to beat. Even the egg was cooked perfectly!

I’m just hoping this little neighbourhood gem doesn’t go the way of every other great discovery and get greedy, up their prices, lower their standards and expect customers to still come by. Luckily no sign of this yet ;)


Deadmandrinking 12:16 pm
16 May 08

Gunghalin Lakes sucks.

Holden Caulfield 12:26 pm
16 May 08

Deadmandrinking said :

Gunghalin Lakes sucks.

You say that like you’re surprised, haha.

tap 12:27 pm
16 May 08

tylersmayhem, yeah ive been there once before. I had the pizza, was definately good. Ill try the burger next time though.

imarty 12:32 pm
16 May 08

Johnno’s at Mawson on Mawson Dr, couple doors up from Bruno’s. Good meat, good size, bit greasy but hey. Scallops are good too, not those pre-formed frozen ones.

Deadmandrinking 12:34 pm
16 May 08

I knew, Holden, god I knew.

Thumper 12:39 pm
16 May 08

I’m vego these days but man, I could still go a good burger….

Deadmandrinking 12:44 pm
16 May 08

You can get those vegie burgers down at most supermarkets. The Vegie dogs are good, so I think (hope) the burgers would be good too.

Kramer 12:50 pm
16 May 08

Mama Ria’s used to be my favourite many years ago, with hamburgers the size of a large dinner plate. Anyone been there recently?

Tylersmayhem – thanks for the tip about the Turkish place at Page shops, I have had their standard turkish fare previously, but not the burger. Will have to drop by this weekend as I live close by. BTW – I think its name is Baker Turko (according to a quick internet search, but how could that be wrong :-)

Thumper 12:53 pm
16 May 08


oh yeah, you can still make a decent burger!

stray 12:55 pm
16 May 08

aww man, those ‘not’ burgers made by the same folks who do the ‘dogs are the best for making home made burgers, crumbed vege burger adding egg, lettuce, mayo and tom sauce, tomatos, pickle relish, melty cheese ohhh gawd..ok. making those this weekend too!

and Tap – meet ya there tonight!

tap 12:59 pm
16 May 08

Kramer: I havn’t been there recently (i have heard it went to crap though) but i do remember the golden days of the massive burgers there back when i was in high school. mmmmm.

Deadmandrinking 1:19 pm
16 May 08

Damn you all, you’re making me hungry for burgers during ‘broke week’.

Mælinar 1:29 pm
16 May 08

Kramer and Tylers – you’ll usually get a decent deal at Page Vietnamese as well. Mrs Mælinar and I usually opt for them over the turkish place, but next time we’re up for a quick meal I might suggest the hun.

Deadmandrinking 1:36 pm
16 May 08

Macquarie Vietnamese – the best restaurant ever. Page is only good for the Turkish, I reckon.

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