The Canberra Times tells us Charnwood Primary’s problems are over

By 27 March 2005 5

The Canberra Times is running a peculiar piece by one Lucy Gibson (any relation to the infamous Candy Gibson of CityNews fame?).

It tells us that the bad dark days at Charnwood Primary are over. It tells us the principal is no longer ashamed to have visitors in the school.

Which strikes me as similar in style to the Chinese People’s Daily. We’re told about a solution to a problem we were never informed of.

The article ascribes this happy turn of events to a restorative justice program for resolving problems between students. But don’t they just pile a load of happy clappy buzzwords on top of the story’s skinny shoulders?

Normally when I see that much jargon I wonder who is lying to me, and why. It’d be a shame if that was true in this case.

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5 Responses to
The Canberra Times tells us Charnwood Primary’s problems are over - 3 are blacklisted
andy 7:55 pm
28 Mar 05

I don’t know if it really matters whether or not the principal is ashamed to have visitors.. I’d be ashamed to be visitng charnwood for ANY reason

em 8:53 am
29 Mar 05

I heard something about this on 666 a few days ago. I think it was about their program to reduce bullying at school.

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