The DJ McLaughlin inquest

By 26 June 2008 54

One of the most heatedly discussed topics on RA is back. The death of DJ McLaughlin by shooting himself in the stomach after a two hour standoff, whilst on the run from Police. Previous threads can be found here, here, here and here. For the newer readers this included some very emotional posts from friends of DJ and some counters by the RA crowd which make for some good reading.

Crimes is reporting here. with details his girlfriend knew nothing about what was going on and thought he was going to hand himself in to Police.

I expect this will be covered fairly well as the inquest continues.

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54 Responses to
The DJ McLaughlin inquest
DJ 2:36 pm
26 Jun 08

Another emotive story where there doesn’t seem to be too much fence sitting by RA folk.

I look forward to the results of the full report and expect that even when it is made available there will be some people who disagree with the findings. From what I have read it was very lucky that he lived as long as he did before the final act – to my mind by pulling the trigger himself he saved a member of the Police a fair bit of trauma from possibly having to do the same in self defence.

I also am curious as to what the family believed they could do when he finally ended running around with a firearm pointing it at Police. Did they know? Surely they recognised that he had gone too far, taken too many drugs and was out of control?

Roadrage77 2:42 pm
26 Jun 08

Is this is one of those instances where you’re only allowed to say nice things about the person because they’re deceased? If so it could be a very short thread.

PTT 2:43 pm
26 Jun 08

Let the mud slinging begin!!!

Mr Evil 2:51 pm
26 Jun 08

Why are they wasting good money on this?

Danman 2:53 pm
26 Jun 08

Drive past his memorial every day.

As much as he was a right royal pain in the bot bot when he was alive, I was still a little bit disturbed when I saw that a stone tablet at his memorial was vandalised.

I respect mourners regardless of what they are mourning.

That does not mean that I support what they are mourning, just that people dealing with death should be respected.

Even in saying so, there is no reason he should be dead – he was given ample opportunity over a few days to give himself up.

dalryk 3:05 pm
26 Jun 08

I think it must be one of those cases where you shouldn’t say something that might be taken as an insult, or something nasty that you wouldn’t want to have said to you, or whatever the new defamation avoidance policy is….

p1 4:15 pm
26 Jun 08

I thought that the media’s policy with regard to suicides was that they are essentially not reported on (presumably to be respectful to the family, and not glorify it in any way).

I imagine that the police involvement, and the habit of the media to report so heavily on any time the police might have done the tiniest thing with negative consequences is what is counteracting the regular behaviour.

neanderthalsis 4:27 pm
26 Jun 08

There is always those who will choose to avoid prison by suicide, in the recent round of kiddy porn cases there were reports of a few who decided they would prefer not to suffer the indignity of prison so they topped them selves.

From the media reports at the time he had been on a drug induced theft rampage whilst armed with a shotgun, ramming police cars, high speed chases, all straight from the latest Grand Theft Auto story line. (there’s the culprit… blame Play Station) It was by good policing or pure luck that he wasn’t shot by the police earlier.

He lived his life of crime and managed in the process to piss off many of the local crims, so a holiday in Her Majestys Hotel was not an attractive option. He made the decision to pull the trigger. He was responsible for his actions. Commiserations to those who grieved but IMO it was a better result than having some poor 20 something constable shoot him and suffer the PTSD afterwards.

OpenYourMind2 6:03 pm
26 Jun 08

Last time this guy was mentioned on RA, I remember his family jumping to his defence. Even his younger sister saying what a great guy he was coz he baked her a birthday cake. All very sad.

However, even sadder are the number of victims he has left behind whom I doubt will rate so much as a mention in the inquest. Didn’t this guy beat the cr@p out of a random person in civic? He also totalled the a falcon that was the pride and joy of a working class family as reported in the CT. And who knows how many people don’t feel safe in their own homes anymore because of his other criminal activity.

The police did their job, let’s move on.

BerraBoy68 6:58 pm
26 Jun 08

No sympathy for DJ, sorry. He made his own choices like it or lump it. Condolences to the family but what exactly were the police meant to do, let him go on his merry way because he wasn’t happy having them chase him? From the reactions I’ve read and heard from my friends and colleagues so far, his absence might just mean Canberra is just that little bit safer now.

Pandy 8:18 pm
26 Jun 08

“Sucide is painless, it brings on many changes….”

DJ 8:20 pm
26 Jun 08

M*A*S*H theme song on Riot ACT… what is next?

bd84 8:33 pm
26 Jun 08

Mr Evil said :

Why are they wasting good money on this?

exactly. another waste of money inquest into a death that they already know exactly how it occurred, but the slightest whinge about someone about “how it was all the police’s fault” and we have this garbage. The only one person who could have prevented the death was the person himself, though by the length of this guy’s criminal history, Canberra is slightly better off without him anyway.

Jazz 8:52 pm
26 Jun 08

Why is this a waste of money?

This inquest has far less to do with DJ Mclauchlin than it does to ensure that police followed due process. I’d far prefer that society spend a few bucks ensure that things were done by the book than have an unaccountable police force.

Which would you rather have?

Pandy 9:07 pm
26 Jun 08

A dead DJ

Timberwolf65 9:20 pm
26 Jun 08

It’s sad that a troubled soul has gone like this , but why do kids get themselves into these sorts of situations, if they are going to do criminal acts what do they expect is going to happen.

I don’t know much about what happened or what he did, but to have the cops after you and to have a gun, something must have gone down.

DJ 11:12 pm
26 Jun 08

Please Pandy… mods? Oh, sorry, the ‘other’ DJ.

We are not talking about Police due process here. Police contained a dangerous junkie who was armed with a firearm. He chose to pull the trigger. I believe that the Coroner has processes that need to be folowed….

TAD 11:34 pm
26 Jun 08

The CT has been jumping the gun (so to speak) by calling it a suicide.

I think you’ll find the official guess is an accidental shooting.

Clown Killer 8:25 am
27 Jun 08

Wasn’t that the old code for suicide anyway?

In days gone by the press would report “A 22 year old male was found dead in his car, a hunting rifle, found at the scene, was taken by police for further examination. There were no suspicious circumstances….”

Human tradgedy aside, the reality is that this chap made the choices that brought him to the situation he ended up in. The Coroner, who investigates all sorts of situations where a death is involved will, hopefully, cast some light on how these sorts of situations may be better managed in the future.

relle 11:40 am
27 Jun 08

‘Police contained a dangerous junkie who was armed with a firearm. He chose to pull the trigger.’
Could not of said it better.

V8-Prius 11:46 am
27 Jun 08

Baking a cake one time does not make you a good bloke. I know people who went to school with this germ and he would regularly beat up people for no reason at all. Just because you’re dead doesn’t make you a saint.

Mr Evil 1:45 pm
27 Jun 08

Pandy said :

A dead DJ

Murder on the dance floor?

Pesty 3:04 pm
27 Jun 08

Jazz said :

Why is this a waste of money?

This inquest has far less to do with DJ Mclauchlin than it does to ensure that police followed due process. I’d far prefer that society spend a few bucks ensure that things were done by the book than have an unaccountable police force.

Which would you rather have?

Well said.

vg 3:33 pm
27 Jun 08

Peer review
Professional Standards review
Ombudsmans Office review
Judicial review
Ministerial review

Tell me another employment group more accountable?

Headbonius 6:13 pm
27 Jun 08

It’s muder on the dance floor, but you better not kill the groove DJ……..but feel free to kill yourself.

Master of his own destiny, a suitable candidate for the Darwin Awards. Hooray!

Mælinar 6:24 pm
27 Jun 08

Tell me another employment group more accountable? – Telstra. And they should have more fcuking accountability too, the fcuking ba$tards.

You asked :P

Headbonius 7:08 pm
27 Jun 08

But Mael? Are Telstra as accountable as that bastion of civil order the volunteer Emergency Services?

Mælinar 8:33 pm
27 Jun 08


VG was referring to the police service however – my comparison was to that organisation in context.

IRT the emergency services, they are in the unique situation where they can blame Jon Stanhope, on account of him saying on national television to blame him, and then denying all responsibility. Kind of makes standing on the moral high ground quite easy when turkeys keep falling at your feet.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:37 pm
27 Jun 08

He chose to break the law then top himself because he couldn’t face the consequences. What a loser.

caf 8:38 pm
27 Jun 08

Tell me another employment group more accountable?

Tell me another employment group authorised to use force against the public?

There’s a *reason* why cops are expected to be more accountable than tea ladies.

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