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The Grinch who Stole our Christmas Party

Posted By The_Xmas_Fairy On 23 September 2011 @ 9:42 am In Community,Opinion | 74 Comments

Who thinks it fair and equitable that after many, many years of successful, fun and safe Christmas Partying, our Govt Dept Executives have now banned our Dept. Christmas Party, to be replaced with an End of Year party?

At this gathering there will be no Christmas decorations, no Santa, no carols, no bons bons, no plum pudding, no roast turkey and ham, no pavlova. No Christmas hats, bobbly earrings or Santa adorned t-shirts. In short, no Christmas festivities at all.

Oh, you can have your party, even hold it in the Christmas festive season, just don’t say it’s for Christmas. Lest someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas feels unwelcome, and unable to end the year at a party with their workmates, put on by their Social Club. And we won’t tell you you can’t call it a Christmas Party until right at the last minute of organisation. And by the way, you have absolutely no say in the matter, as on the complaining of a few who don’t want a “Christmas Party”, we’ve made our final decision.

ED – Berraboy also sent in this view of this tale. Can anyone name the department?

A good friend of mine is ranting furiously this evening about her department’s decision to  name their Christmas party the ‘End of Year Event’, thereby removing any reference to Christmas.  A few inquiries about this today turned up a curious bit of information that the re-naming is due to a number of complaints from a few people who  didn’t feel welcome to attend as they don’t celebrate Christmas.   As a result, the whole party will now be non-denominational.

While urban legends on such issues abound, these are mainly centred on similar decisions in the US or UK.  This is the first time I’ve heard such a story in Australia, let alone Canberra.  Personally, I’m torn on the issue.  While I love multiculturalism and the positive benefits it has brought us, I also believe that those who come here and enjoy all we have to share should accept us for who we are… customs, holidays, yeast based food products and all.

While a large part of me feels like emulating  William Wallace by throwing on a kilt, painting half of my face blue and joining an anti-PC horde shouting “they may take my fireworks, but they will not take my Christmas!”, another part of me thinks maybe we should just suck it up.

So, dear Rioters, is this turning our back on ‘Christmas’ a fair thing or simply PC gone mad?  Should we adjust our holidays to suit the views of those in the minority or should we be more inclusive?

I await your thoughts.

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