The Inaugural DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 29-APR-05

By 27 April 2005 37

Well there are so very many of you reading this site, and you all know so very much. So rather than us telling you what’s on this weekend, we’re throwing the ball back in your court.

Welcome to the RiotACT DIY Wotz On Guide.

What are you thinking of going to? What have you heard is on? And, most importantly, what parties can we all turn up to?

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The Inaugural DIY Wotz On Guide for the weekend of 29-APR-05 - 8 are blacklisted
johnboy 8:05 pm
27 Apr 05

To start the ball rolling I’d like to encourage anyone who’s interested to come along and contribute to RiotACT’s assessment of the Civic Public Art Walking Tour. Planned kickoff 11am Saturday 30-APR-05 but I’m amenable to negotiation.

Email if you want to come along.

Ralph 8:09 pm
27 Apr 05

Can we bring booze?

Anyway, I have sporting commitments on Saturdays.

johnboy 8:12 pm
27 Apr 05

I was thinking booze could only improve the enjoyment of public art.

But please I’m sure this isn’t the only event on in our wonderful home this weekend.

anonymous faker 10:01 pm
27 Apr 05

Slim Pickins and Round John Virgin (and friends) play the Phoenix, Friday evening, 5-7. Free!

wonsworld 12:09 am
28 Apr 05

Return To the Forbidden Planet – Street Theatre

You get:

wonsworld said :

Culture – (Shakespeare’s Tempest) +
Live Rock’n’Roll on stage – (classic songs of the 60′s and 70′s) +
B Grade 1950′s Science Fiction – (the Forbidden Planet bit)

A fun night out for everyone….

LurkerGal 12:04 pm
28 Apr 05

Forbidden Planet highly recommended.

bloodnut 12:13 pm
28 Apr 05

I’m off to see fred smith and the black sea gentlemen. It’s gonna be a corker, specially if Mik can be convinced to play his world famous cover of like a prayer…

Kerces 12:22 pm
28 Apr 05

For any dancers, this Friday night is Stompin’ Friday 2, raising money for CanTeen. Some details are at

wonsworld 1:23 pm
28 Apr 05

hey thanks LG. Small but kick ass appreciative audience last night.. the best the show has been yet.

RandomGit 1:26 pm
28 Apr 05

Saturday social Magic: The Gathering multiplayer game at Mahnaz Turkish Restaurant in Gunghalin Marketplace from 9:30 pm till…. 2 am last time. Beer, pide, dip, inappropriate humour and cards-o-rama.

Email if you want to have a go.

LurkerGal 2:21 pm
28 Apr 05

Yes, Mrs Mayor called today and said she went last night and loved it too! Said the audience was small but had a “blast” so to speak.

Evictor 2:38 pm
28 Apr 05

Grand Final Rematch between ANU and Belconnen at South Oval will be worth a look if the weather stays like this.
Magpies Karaoke in Kippax is always worth a laugh as well – especially Scotty singing his Kasey Chambers tunes.

atnas 3:55 pm
28 Apr 05

Sounds like another fridge to fridge for the public art walk JB….

andy 11:06 pm
28 Apr 05

Ministry of Sound HardNRG dance party,
Canberra Indoor Rockclimbing Centre, Mitchell.
Tickets $15.00 presale from landspeed, or $20.00 on the door.
Features John Ferris, and a massive lineup of awesome locals, as well as an array of varying harder style music.

johnboy 11:54 pm
28 Apr 05

hmmm, on the one hand I admire the way the Ministry of Sound has developed a global brand in quite a short space of time.

On the other hand they were So Yesterday back in 1996!

At least if you lvied in London.

Hell, if they organise a good event then does it really matter?

wonsworld 2:17 am
29 Apr 05

err Mrs Mayor? Now ya lost me

LurkerGal 10:01 am
29 Apr 05

Sorry G, habit. She was in Seussical with me.

RandomGit 10:15 am
29 Apr 05

Seussical? You’d know my mate Jethro then.

LurkerGal 10:30 am
29 Apr 05

I would indeed!

wonsworld 11:26 am
29 Apr 05

umm G is for?

and hey even I know Jethro

RandomGit 11:33 am
29 Apr 05

Jethro is da bomb bro, he aced his hardware exam BTW.

bonfire 11:40 am
29 Apr 05

im cutting my toenails on saturday, decoking the stanley steamer on sunday.

tickets are available from ticketek

LurkerGal 12:15 pm
29 Apr 05

G is for best musical director I’ve ever worked with……………

Glad to hear Jethro doing well. Tell him Ursula said hi.

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