The real truth in the great dinosaur hunt?

By 25 March 2013 9


As the great Utahraptor Hunt goes on this offering from the CanMeme team was too good to keep to ourselves.

We also like what they did with our urinal picture recently.


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9 Responses to
The real truth in the great dinosaur hunt?
Ko. 6:07 pm
25 Mar 13

I stumbled upon this

johnboy 6:11 pm
25 Mar 13

Is that legit Ko?

Ko. 6:27 pm
25 Mar 13

I honestly couldn’t tell you. I found it on Reddit so it’s 50/50.

johnboy 6:28 pm
25 Mar 13

it would match the police report of how it was found

dpm 8:27 pm
25 Mar 13

Ko. said :

I stumbled upon this

Hahaha! He looks like he’s subtlety listening in on a girl’s D&M in the corner there! :-)

caf 9:05 pm
25 Mar 13

The booze looks a bit foreign.

chewy14 9:39 pm
25 Mar 13

caf said :

The booze looks a bit foreign.

Yeah no VB’s, Bundy, Woodstock or bongs and the girls are drinking bottled wine out of actual wine glasses.

Equals definitely not a northside party.

LSWCHP 11:14 pm
25 Mar 13

Bugger the dinosaur statue. I want to know what the dude in the brown pants is doing. It looks likes it could be fun, but it seems more likely to be sad.

thatsnotme 12:05 am
26 Mar 13
#9 says that the dinosaur was sans-tail when it was recovered, whereas the dinosaur in that pic has a magnificent flowing tail. I guess it could have been used as a slippery slide mid-party though.

How lame are the losers on the canberra confessions facebook page looking now though?

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