The screaming moon. Images of Canberra

By 21 February 2011 6

screaming moon

So Saturday night I saw a cloud that looked like a screaming woman, and the full moon was shining from where her eye should be.

Amazingly the photograph’s come out reasonably well too.

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6 Responses to
The screaming moon. Images of Canberra
triodia 12:33 pm
21 Feb 11

Screaming woman!? I see a cloud with the moon behind it. Johnboy you’ver given a little too much of yourself away here!

M0les 1:08 pm
21 Feb 11

“Tell me about your mother?”

j4ck 1:43 pm
21 Feb 11

I KIND OF see Homer Simpson in there…

Jungle Jim 2:07 pm
21 Feb 11

If the mouth and nose are on the right hand side of the cloud, then I’d personally say the moon is closer to representing the “woman’s” brain.

I like that adults, not just children, still see imaginative images in the clouds.

Gungahlin Al 4:43 pm
21 Feb 11

I get the representation. Somewhat reminiscent of a Silent Assassin/Weeping Angel…(after someone blinked)…

Waiting For Godot 5:38 pm
21 Feb 11

I think it looks like the Virgin Mary. Can I get $20,000.00 on eBay for it?

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Images of Canberra

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