The Waterhouse Prize at the National Archives

By 21 September 2012 4

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  • 21 September 2012 to 11 November 2012

waterhouse prize launch

Your correspondent was invited to the launch of the Waterhouse Prize last night at the National Archives and duly trotted along to see what it’s all about.

The Waterhouse Natural History Art prize describes itself thusly:

The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize™ is Australia’s richest prize for natural history art, boasting a total prize pool of $114,500. Each year entries are invited in three categories: Paintings, Works on Paper and Sculpture & Objects. Young artists are also encouraged to enter in the Waterhouse Youth Art Prize, a special section for artists aged 16-25 years.

In the ten years since the inception of the prize, the Waterhouse Art Prize™ has injected over $1million back into the arts community, and changed the lives of many. More than 6,500 entries have been received from 29 different countries.

Canberra is the only place outside of Adelaide to exhibit the prize.

So what is a “Natural History” Art exhibition?

Basically it’s art without people in it. (There is one piece with a person in it, perhaps the strongest on display just to show all rules can be broken)

So as a punter you’re getting a beautiful exhibit of new modern art, for free.

It’s clever, thought provoking, often very beautiful work on display here.

Particularly if you work in Barton this is a great way to spend lunch.

(And a quirky icebreaker for that office colleague you’ve been trying to figure out how to ask out)

Any excuse to spend time in the beautiful archives building is well spent. So for the non-barton toilers I give it a big thumbs up for a weekend excursion.

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4 Responses to
The Waterhouse Prize at the National Archives
Zan 8:29 am
22 Sep 12

It seems not many readers are interested in good creative arts. I intend going as I do every year. Unfortunately it is only a small part of the original exhibition from Adelaide.

johnboy 9:32 am
22 Sep 12

Comments are a measure of controversy not interest!

Masquara 12:16 pm
22 Sep 12

Is this the same colonialist Waterhouse family that shamelessly pillaged New Guinea’s gold in the late 20th century? If so, they should be spending a LOT of “their” money funding programs in New Guinea, make up for some of the economic and environmental damage they wreaked on our close neighbour. If it’s the same family, absolutely none the money applied to this prize was legitimately gained, but thieved.

johnboy 12:28 pm
22 Sep 12

Pretty sure reading the linked website that it’s a different Waterhouse.

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