Threading recommendations?

By 22 November 2011 11

Hello Rioters,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get eyebrow threading done?

I used to go to the Kundalini salon but the lady that does the threading there has just gone on maternity leave.  

The only other place that I am aware of that does threading is Absolute Shape, but they are fully booked until Christmas!

Is there anywhere else that does threading?

Many thanks

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11 Responses to
Threading recommendations?
BimboGeek 9:22 am
22 Nov 11

Eyebrow threading? I’m trying to picture what this may be and everything I imagine is horribly gruesome!

Rawhide Kid Part3 10:38 am
22 Nov 11

This should explain it.

tea7 10:48 am
22 Nov 11

I’ve heard Endota are good.

Monomyth 5:06 pm
22 Nov 11

BimboGeek said :

Eyebrow threading? I’m trying to picture what this may be and everything I imagine is horribly gruesome!

Had my legs threaded in Vietnam once, hurt like a mother. Eyebrows would be okay because it’s a smaller area, and would probably hurt less than waxing. Plus you’d get more definition and less room for error than waxing, would be my guess :)

orangegirl 10:26 am
23 Nov 11

I was offered it when I was at Endota a few weeks ago.

squib 12:22 pm
23 Nov 11

@tea7 Thanks for the tip. I have booked in for threading at Endota tomorrow :)
@Monomyth- that must have hurt like a mother ***! Eyebrows are also little painful, but definitely less so than waking, or tweezing each hair out individually. The process only takes a couple of minutes.

tea7 9:50 pm
23 Nov 11

If you get a chance to update, I’d love to hear how it goes!

squib 7:21 am
25 Nov 11

tea7 said :

If you get a chance to update, I’d love to hear how it goes!

It went really well. The place is very nice, and the woman doing the threading was very professional and capable. I have done threading before, both overseas and in Australia, and yesterday was definitely one of my better experiences. The woman (did not catch her name) asks you what you are aiming for e.g. whether you want to keep some fullness in you eyebrows. In my case I just wanted the ‘strays’ removed.
It was so relaxed I almost fell asleep, despite the (small amount of) pain! It cost $22 I think, or maybe $25. I paid by cash so I can’t quite remember.

So to sum up I would definitely recommend this place.

asombrar 9:55 pm
28 Nov 11

after being left hanging by Absolute Shape for an appointment last week (showed up to an empty house and she still hasn’t returned my call or message – girls confirm your appointments – i think she has moved and maybe just forgot to tell me). Anyway, I managed to get a last minute appointment with Edonta and I found them to be really good. The lady was very particular and did a great job, would definitely recommend them. Even if it is just for the piece of mind that you can show up for your appointment and the business will still be there…

tea7 2:19 am
29 Nov 11

Thanks for the feedback – I’ll be making an appointment too!

vos 10:25 am
07 Jun 16

Can this ‘thread’ be revived? (Pun intended )….. Has been about 4 or 5 years since we last spoke of it and there seems to be dozens of these places popping up. Would like to know if any are good or just backyard antics by unqualified personnel.

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