Uber bringing smart hire cars to Canberra

By 8 January 2014 7

Australian Business Traveller reports that the controversial hire car /taxi service to the nerds Uber (wikipedia page for context)is planning an Australian expansion that includes Canberra:

The Uber car hire service could be available in Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and other Australian cities this year.

“In 2014 we plan to bring Uber to many more Australian cities” the company spruiks in its latest marketing campaign.

“We’d like your help to spread the word to your friends all around Australia” Uber says. “We will prioritise launching cities with the most pre-registered users.”

Already running in Sydney and Melbourne, plus several major cities in the USA, Europe and Asia, Uber essentially lets you use a smartphone app to hire any nearby and available private car at near-taxi prices.

We gather that in many techy cities in the US they’ve become a real alternative to car ownership.

(And not, confusingly, to be mistaken for Canberra’s own Uber Global)

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7 Responses to Uber bringing smart hire cars to Canberra
eq29:43 am, 30 Jan 14

I’m a Canberran now living in the US and this was great in Sydney and over here. Their uberx (non-black private cars) option is often cheaper and more available than taxis.

Use the promo code “uberushi” or to get $20 off your first ride!

pierce9:52 am, 30 Jan 14

So it’s a taxi service with an app but it costs more than other taxis?

frankie1:35 pm, 01 Jul 14

6 months later and Uber is still not in Canberra. Gosh darnit.

frankie1:43 pm, 01 Jul 14

pierce said :

So it’s a taxi service with an app but it costs more than other taxis?

Base fare: $2.50
$0.40 per minute
$1.45 Per kilometer

You could probably make a decent haul if you use Uber to find a select group of faithful customers at first, then provide your services off of Uber’s records thereafter to avoid their large overhead fees.

justsomeaussie4:24 pm, 01 Jul 14

The BIG advantage with Uber is that you rate the cabbie. So they are forced to provide good service and actually turn up compared with normal taxi drivers.

They’ve got some legislation battles ahead but it’s certainly the start of the death spiral for traditional taxis.

The smartest thing taxi companies could do right now is release an app that lets you book where and when, lets you rate the cabbie and shows you how far away it is.

dungfungus5:58 pm, 01 Jul 14

Do they pick up drunks from Civic in the early AM?

Pork Hunt6:04 pm, 01 Jul 14

So, you join Uber and people contact you and you drive them to their destination and they give you money? Is that legal?

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