Unearthed Review: Margaret Helen King. Four and a half stars

By 3 June 2011 1

margaret helen king

Unearthed Review is having a spin with Margaret Helen King.

Moving on through the “drummed” artists we come to Margaret Helen King.

They have this to say about themselves:

Margaret Helen King, commonly known as MHK, are a band from Australia’s capital, Canberra. They are a standard three piece (bass, drums, guitar), but separate themselves from the masses with catchy melodies and stella vocal arrangements. Each member of the band sings and barely a song passes without a harmony that will melt your soul. Their music is described as alternative indy pop rock, a fairly clumsy description, though notable bands that MHK consider to have influenced them include: Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead and Midlake. If you care to listen, prepare to be moved, because Margaret Helen King won’t disappoint.

MHK are well known around town as being one of the most philosophically inclined bands in town.

With these two songs they range from the inspired to the insipid.

“I’m a tree” is a brilliant song which turns preconceptions on their head playing with ideas of pride and selfishness.

“Amen” on the other hand just sort of goes “do da da”.

But as thoughtful pop music they’re well worth a listen.

Four and a half stars.

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One Response to
Unearthed Review: Margaret Helen King. Four and a half stars
Spoiler 12:19 pm
04 Jun 11

“stella vocal arrangements” – is that how you sing after drinking lots of Belgian beer?

“stellar” maybe.

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