Well goodbye

By 24 January, 2014 474

Having started RiotACT in 2000 I’ve been informed my services cannot be retained.

A new buyer for the site is potentially in the wings and who knows what their plans will be?

It’s been an exciting ride and who knows what the future will bring? (I’ve thought we were done before).

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed and to the advertisers who trusted their dollars with us.

In the meantime serious job offers to johnboy73@gmail.com will be much appreciated.

Au Revoir,

John “Johnboy” Griffiths

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474 Responses to Well goodbye
neanderthalsis4:34 pm, 24 Jan 14

Best of luck JB. I guess RA must have been a source of great frustration, amusement and vexatious legal claims, sometimes all in the one post.

So what for the future of RA?

A_Cog4:46 pm, 24 Jan 14

My good day just got sad

tommy4:47 pm, 24 Jan 14

Good luck.

I’ll be interested to see if anyone else can actually make a go of this kind of local news/discussion site. Maybe have to move to /r/canberra on reddit.

Mike Bessenger4:49 pm, 24 Jan 14

Well that’s a shame.
I think you’ll fell better if you unmoderate me before you part haha.
Best of luck for the future.

KB19714:52 pm, 24 Jan 14

Are you John Farnom? Haven’t you done this before?

CrocodileGandhi4:53 pm, 24 Jan 14

Christ. Is this for real? I’m actually gutted.

Antagonist4:56 pm, 24 Jan 14

You mean you are going to have to get a ‘real’ job? Or even consider going back to university? Bummer dude. Meanwhile, I can already hear TaMS employees will be breathing a collective sigh of relief.

I hope things work out for you, JB.

gospeedygo4:57 pm, 24 Jan 14

I voted for Kodos.

NoniDoll4:59 pm, 24 Jan 14

Aww man! Mega sad to see you go. Hopefully the next custodian will do as brilliant a job as your good self.

*grumbles* If the potential buyer is Gina or Rupert, imma cut a bitch.

HiddenDragon4:59 pm, 24 Jan 14

Whoever, or whatever, the new owner may turn out to be, I hope they have the good sense to understand the place for a site such as the RiotAct in this town – the last thing we need is more corporate/government spin and puffery, however artful the puffers and spinners may think they are.

I am having trouble believing this really is the end for Mr G at the RA, but if that is so, thank you very, very much for what you have done – the lateral perspectives, the amusingly shameless provocations, the much-needed ballsiness, the pithy comebacks etc. etc. I hope whatever the future holds is good for you and those dear to you.

I may have missed reports of it, but I assume that the natty, cheeky and sometimes passionate Mr Barcham has moved on, as well – again, thank you to him for his contributions, and best wishes for what I am sure will be a diverse and interesting future.

grunge_hippy5:00 pm, 24 Jan 14

Is it groundhog day??

Ronald_Coase5:03 pm, 24 Jan 14

Well, that sucks. Your irreverant beauty will be sorely missed.

Queen_of_the_Bun5:05 pm, 24 Jan 14

Is this a Barcham-led takeover?

Holden Caulfield5:06 pm, 24 Jan 14

You will be missed.

maxblues5:06 pm, 24 Jan 14

A farewell in your honour is deserved…is a drunken orgy appropriate? :-)

Barcham5:08 pm, 24 Jan 14

Also if you’re hiring Johnboy, please put him in a position where he can then hire me.

That would be swell.

bigfeet5:08 pm, 24 Jan 14

Are the new buyers the Winklevoss Twins?

Barcham5:14 pm, 24 Jan 14

Seriously though cheers for a year of great work Johnboy.

I loved every minute of it…

Well maybe not every minute, but most minutes. The idea that I’ll never have to spend another morning photo-shopping RiotACT logos over car number plates is a small comfort.

Also thanks for the numerous years of supporting BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! and all the other stupid arts events I do by covering and reviewing and plugging them on here.

A lot of Canberra artists owe you a bunch, so cheers again.

Barcham5:15 pm, 24 Jan 14

Queen_of_the_Bun said :

Is this a Barcham-led takeover?

No, but I do invite you to check out my new website the “the-rioteract.com”.


PantsMan5:15 pm, 24 Jan 14

WOW, good luck John.

Next stop Legislative Assembly?

BimboGeek5:17 pm, 24 Jan 14

What’s the point of buying The RiotACT but firing JB? Sounds like a good way to own a website that’s not like The RiotACT and I can think of an easier way to achieve that goal!!

ScienceRules5:22 pm, 24 Jan 14

End of an era indeed. Farewell and bon chance mon ami. Sometimes a forced change like this can be a blessing in disguise.

You will be missed.

Deref5:25 pm, 24 Jan 14

Very sorry to hear it, Johnboy. Thanks for all your hard work and for turning RA into a great community event. All the best for the future!

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd5:26 pm, 24 Jan 14

How can there be a riotact without a Johnboy???

Ben_Dover5:27 pm, 24 Jan 14

Wierd as, I thought JB owned the RiotAct?!?!?

ScienceRules5:33 pm, 24 Jan 14

Ben_Dover said :

Wierd as, I thought JB owned the RiotAct?!?!?

Actually so did I!

Thumper5:35 pm, 24 Jan 14

A sad day indeed.

All the best in the future JB. I’m not exactly sure that this site will be the same. You’ve done a stirling job over the past decade and a bit.

Again, all the best and I’ll buy you a beer next time I bump into you.

goosepig5:43 pm, 24 Jan 14

A sad day.
I am very proud of you.

c_c™5:44 pm, 24 Jan 14

All the best for the future JB.

Oh, and this… http://www.seek.com.au/job/25841823

FioBla5:46 pm, 24 Jan 14

ScienceRules said :

Ben_Dover said :

Wierd as, I thought JB owned the RiotAct?!?!?

Actually so did I!

He owns me too!

Continue the story… in the next issue of The Canberra Times.

Dun dun.


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