Westpac in Canberra history

By 18 June 2013 9

Following yesterday’s Then and Now featuring the Commonwealth Bank; Westpac have been in touch with their own historic photos to remind you of their enduring presence in the region.

It seemed only fair to give them a run.

And so we have:

1) The first Westpac (then known as Bank of NSW) branch in Kingston, 1926

bank of new south wales

2) City branch, 1929

Sydney building

3) Not sure of exact location – 1955

bank of new south wales

4) Westpac’s first Bank Manager (and president of the Canberra Golf Club), Mr A.B Dichenson presents a golf trophy to PM Stanley Bruce – 1929


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9 Responses to
Westpac in Canberra history
HiddenDragon 11:28 am
18 Jun 13

No.2 is wonderful and, together with no. 4, a reminder of a piece of old folklore that snow in Canberra presaged the fall of a Government.

Thumper 11:38 am
18 Jun 13

And herein lies a problem with Canberra in that it can never be a truly great city until it manages to develop while keeping it’s architectural history.

That is, stops bulldozing everything for a quick buck.

Reprobate 12:04 pm
18 Jun 13

#3 from 1955 is the Petrie Plaza/City Walk branch next to the merry-go-round that is still operating today.

GardeningGirl 12:23 pm
18 Jun 13

“Not sure of exact location – 1955″
South of the merry-go-round? Isn’t there a Westpac there now?

johnboy 12:23 pm
18 Jun 13

Pretty sure that’s the building, the entrance has had a lot of work though!

m00nee 1:47 pm
18 Jun 13

There’s an picture on flickr that shows a much better shot of the bank at the corner of Petrie Street and Alinga Street in the late 60′s.

poetix 11:07 pm
18 Jun 13

Notice the young kid who I assume is a caddy amongst all the fat old men. His name is probably Shorty.

Today is really much better than the ‘good old days’…

Grrrr 1:15 am
19 Jun 13

m00nee said :

There’s an picture on flickr that shows a much better shot of the bank at the corner of Petrie Street and Alinga Street in the late 60′s.

All the photos in the post above are great, but this flickr photo makes me desperate to click-and-drag it to pan around, google streetview style. I really want a wider view of that streetscape!

m00nee 8:39 am
19 Jun 13

Have any of our sleuths been able to locate where the bank in the first picture was (or is)?

Considering the name Kingston was not officially adopted until 1928, this picture could be anywhere in what was Eastlake, so could be in Kingston, Causeway, Griffith or Barton.

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