What is The Coffee Club?

By 20 September 2007 35

I am a regular viewer of WIN Television and I am wondering about an advertisement which is regularly shown in the afternoon and at night. It is advertising something called The Coffee Club. There is no indication in the ad just what The Coffee Club is. At first I thought it might be a coffee shop/cafe but there is no address in the ad for any such establishment. Then I thought it might be a generic ad for coffee, much like the ads by the Dairy Board advertising dairy products. Presumably there is somebody out there who knows what The Coffee Club is because I am completely baffled by this ad.

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35 Responses to
What is The Coffee Club?
Ralph 7:55 am
20 Sep 07

It’s a coffee chain, I think there is only 1 in Canberra so far (at Gungahlin). They also sell expensive toasted sandwiches etc.

jono1 7:56 am
20 Sep 07

Well there’s a chain of coffee places called The Coffee Club. I’m pretty sure they’ve got outlets at all the major shopping centres. They haven’t been covered yet in the Coffee in Canberra thread though yet.

jono1 7:58 am
20 Sep 07

PS: A quick look at this page reveals stores at Belco, Civic, Tuggers, Woden and Gungahlin.

GnT 8:25 am
20 Sep 07

They are huge in Queensland, where they originated.

poptop 8:39 am
20 Sep 07

The Coffee Club at Tuggers is pretty ordinary. But there is no great coffee in Tuggers.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:03 am
20 Sep 07

I’ve had coffee at the Gunghalin store a couple of times. Not bad, just not fantastic.

imarty 9:26 am
20 Sep 07

Coffee’s not bad at Woden and I’m quite fussy about my coffee

josh 9:35 am
20 Sep 07

the coffee club on chapel street in prahran (er, melbourne) does a pretty good $15 lunchtime porterhouse (i believe it’s an all-day monday to friday deal). better value on the rest of the street though imo, but it’s good for lunch steaks!

no idea about the coffee, but the hot chocolate is pretty average.

asp 11:34 am
20 Sep 07

The Coffee Club…. terrible. I have tried all their ACT stores a couple of times (when nothing else was open) and each time the coffee was terrible. Lacked crema, had a bitter taste as if the machine was not properly heated and reqired three sugars, where as coffee from Michelles, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks and Jindebah only need one or none. Also, they served me a white vienna as a black vienna and tried to say that a white vienna is white because ot hs cream on top. They replaced it with an “exra white” vienna. What a scam.

schmerica_ 1:50 pm
20 Sep 07

Do yourself a favour and get out of the house? There is a Coffee Club at every major shopping centre…

green_frogs_go_pop 1:57 pm
20 Sep 07

wow..was that rock comfy?

the coffee club is an over-priced, lame as cafe. almost as worse as starubucks..

BigDave 2:18 pm
20 Sep 07

The Coffee Club? Don’t remind me. I’m still paying off the loan from the last time I visited there. Overpriced, crap coffee, crap food.

Skidbladnir 2:29 pm
20 Sep 07

The Coffee Club is the large one in the lower floor of Tuggeranong. Hard to miss, right next to where they put on the kids shows and the stage at weekends.

Special G 3:13 pm
20 Sep 07

Good coffee depends on what you are looking you. Some people like starbucks. Personally I don’t go near the place. Anywhere I am prompted to put a sugar in coffee I think is average. Coffee club is one of those. Although if you join the VIP club then you get two for one coffee’s all the time.

asp 3:40 pm
20 Sep 07

“you get two for one coffee’s all the time”

Twice the pain – half the price!

H 5:02 pm
20 Sep 07

“The Coffee Club is the large one in the lower
floor of Tuggeranong. Hard to miss, right next to where they put on the kids shows and the stage at weekends.”

How embarassment. I know that one. It’s the one I had to drag my 10 year old nephew away from when I discovered him trying to land stuff on the patrons heads from the upper floor.

jemmy 6:13 pm
20 Sep 07

I’ve used the, “Oh, it was my nephew. Bad nephew.” excuse too.

green_frogs_go_pop 7:01 pm
20 Sep 07

why do we now have three articles about coffee in what..3 days?

so could go for a coffee right now :D

VIPCoffeeClub 8:20 am
02 Aug 10

Oh, It’s the VIP Coffee Club where you can receive up to 45% off your favorite coffee brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts etc. and free shipping. Also the company will pay huge for referrals.

Vindalu 8:43 pm
21 Jun 12

All about image, no substance, just like their customers

dungfungus 10:35 pm
21 Jun 12

They make the best hamburgers on a plate (eat in). Not outrageously expensive and the service is prompt and courteous. Can’t comment on coffee there as I only drink a “long black” which tastes the same wherever you go.

johnboy 10:40 pm
21 Jun 12

If your long blacks all taste the same you haven’t had a good one yet!

Evil_Kitten 11:10 pm
21 Jun 12

I love the Coffee Club! Not for the coffee, for the food! I’m a fan of the all day breakfast and it’s a failsafe option. Yes I know there’s better around but I can never remember which places stop and start breakfast/lunch/dinner menus at which times or who has all day breakfasts. It’s just easier to go there. And they have everything so while you have breakfast food, your companions can be having burgers or desserts or whatever. Love it!

Oh and the mushroom and feta omelette is delish!

PantsMan 11:17 pm
21 Jun 12

The first rule of The Coffee Club is you do not talk about The Coffee Club.

Evil_Kitten 1:33 am
22 Jun 12


Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:49 am
22 Jun 12

It’s cheap and bad food and coffee, sold at a premium. Most of the menu comes out of the freezer. There is nearly always a better caf near a coffee club, with leer prices and fresher, nicer food.

Keijidosha 9:38 am
22 Jun 12

Evil_Kitten said :

It’s just easier to go there.

A ringing endorsement if ever I have heard one.

JazzyJess 11:05 am
22 Jun 12

Yes the coffee and food is average but they are very tolerant of people with small children and prams. Plus they have a half decent kids menu.

EvanJames 11:29 am
22 Jun 12

JazzyJess said :

Yes the coffee and food is average but they are very tolerant of people with small children and prams. Plus they have a half decent kids menu.

Discovered that having lunch there (at the brand depot one). OK lunch punctuated with piercing shrieks from a number of small children. Won’t be going back.

peitab 12:34 pm
22 Jun 12

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