Where can I find a public weighbridge in Canberra?

By 29 February 2012 12

I want to weigh my car, camper trailer and towball weight so I need to go over a weighbridge 3 times

I’d assume Mugga Lane would be too busy to do this comfortably, and I went to one in Hume that was on Google which appeared closed when I went there (during business hours).  Can’t find anything on the TAMS website except how much it will cost to get a certificate, if you can find a weighbridge, but there you’re on your own.

Any clues?


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12 Responses to
Where can I find a public weighbridge in Canberra?
p1 3:27 pm
29 Feb 12

The Cement crushing place (building materiel recycling) out past the airport has a weighbridge. Don’t know about weather they do that kinda thing.

dannybear 3:29 pm
29 Feb 12

Stonehenge in pialligo has one, Ive got no idea if its operational or not though

harvyk1 3:39 pm
29 Feb 12

Hume… Just follow the signs…

cubicle01 3:51 pm
29 Feb 12

Fair chance that any of that Mitchell tip, sorry reclamation and recycling place would have one.

andym 3:53 pm
29 Feb 12

Rural Firewood Supplies – Whyalla St Fyshwick.

The number I had for the Hume weigh bridge was 6207 2423, but that was ACT Forestry which used to run it.

thatsnotme 4:21 pm
29 Feb 12

There’s a weighbridge at the old Belconnen tip too – in the area that’s now the recycling drop off point.

Gungahlin Al 5:21 pm
29 Feb 12

Corkhill Bros Landscape Supplies Mitchell.

damien haas 6:58 pm
29 Feb 12

The Mitchell Tip definitely performs this service. I obtained one as part of an engineering certificate for a highly modified car i registered and this is where it was obtained from.

ma7trlb 7:52 pm
29 Feb 12

damien haas said :

The Mitchell Tip definitely performs this service.

Me too – I got my Magna weighed to prove to TAMS that it weighed the handbook weight, not the arbitrary amount that the rego mechanic (without a weighbridge) wrote on the form – taking it back below 1504kg and getting myself a $130 refund!!

kambahkrawler 12:53 pm
01 Mar 12

harvyk1 said :

Hume… Just follow the signs…

Yeah that’s the one I tried first up, the wooden building just as you go into Tralee Street on the right, and it was closed up and looked deserted. I think that’s the Forestry one someone mentioned.

Is there another in Hume I missed?

kambahkrawler 12:58 pm
01 Mar 12

Just phoned Rural Firewood Supplies “yeah we can do that anytime, no problem, 20 bucks”.


Thanks all!

PBO 1:04 pm
01 Mar 12

Both Mitchell and Mugga Lane tips have weighbridges that can help you out, should run about 22- 25$.

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