Where can I find fresh Russian (Borodinski) bread in Canberra?

By 19 April 2012 4

Borodinsky bread is said to have been named by a general’s wife who sought to inspire the Russian troops before the battle of Borodino between Napoleon and Kutuzov in 1812 by baking special loaves flavoured with native coriander. 

Does anybody know a baker that makes it locally?  [otherwise, it is a matter of importing it...]

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4 Responses to
Where can I find fresh Russian (Borodinski) bread in Canberra?
astrojax 4:50 pm
19 Apr 12

no, but you could ask silo or bruno or someone to see if they’ll have a go at bespoke loaves for you. never know, thye might thank you for introducing a new hot line for them…

Jethro 4:54 pm
19 Apr 12

I know of a few places where you can buy Russian bread.

You may need to queue for a few days though.

poetix 9:10 pm
19 Apr 12

Native coriander is an anagram for ‘in red vacationer’. This gave me an idea. Ring the Russian embassy, who may be able to help with the bread thing. But at the very least, you’ll have tremendous fun imagining the frantic listening one of our spies will be doing when you use words like Borodino, Napoleon, Kutuzov, 1812 and bread. These are probably on a watch list going back to Petrov.

That’s strange, someone’s knocking really loudly. Have to go now.

chow 7:51 pm
20 Apr 12

Don’t think you will find it in Canberra but as it is a dark rye bread that has the be-gesus cooked out of it you might be better trying to find a deli to order it in from Sydney. If you want it fresher you can always learn to make it yourself.

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