Where have all the cherries gone?

By 13 January, 2014 13

I am looking to source a heap of cherries, but I haven’t seen any of the roadside guys for a while. I also checked the fresh life in Tuggeranong today and they didnt have any at all.

I did read that the yield was low this year, but I think they are still in seasons.

Has anyone seen them aroundin the last week, preferably south of $15/kg?

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13 Responses to Where have all the cherries gone?
Tulip2:19 pm, 13 Jan 14

Cherries were being sold yesterday at $5 a kilo from a truck parked on Horse Park Drive, Gungahlin.

enrique3:08 pm, 13 Jan 14

Heard on a radio story a few weeks back (or did I read it somewhere, can’t remember exactly) that the prices being achieved for cherries in the Australian market at present are below sustainable levels for some growers (and middlemen).

They’re getting better prices on the current export market and/or the future Australian market (i.e. off-season) and hence some stock is likely to be either going overseas (HongKong?) or it’s being withheld in storage.

Anecdotally, aggressive supermarket pricing is a possible culprit.

BTW – we’re at the tail end of the season in our region. The trees I know of around town were picked clean long ago (by both people and birds) if that’s anything to go by.


pirate_taco4:21 pm, 13 Jan 14

The cherry season is all but over already.

poetix6:33 pm, 13 Jan 14

Is this to go with the coconut water?

scorpio636:41 pm, 13 Jan 14

Hi Kevin,

Cherries were on the Monaro Highway on the way towards Michelago however the Owner from Young has taken a break or finished as of last week.

He may return and is located on the left hand side approximately 3kms from Royalla heading South on the Monaro Highway towards Michelago.

Happy New Year

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd8:09 pm, 13 Jan 14

Fyshwick markets have them but are $25 kilo

kevn8:46 pm, 13 Jan 14

poetix said :

Is this to go with the coconut water?

It will server a similar purpose, certainly.

Zan6:24 am, 14 Jan 14

There is a cherry man at the old bus depot markets every Sunday.

vulpior9:21 am, 14 Jan 14

There have been a couple of sellers on the Federal Highway over the last few weeks. I’ve noticed them going out of Canberra between Watson and the Majura/Horse Park junction, and again approaching the Sutton Road junction. But I can’t remember seeing them on my way out yesterday. I’ll try to remember to actively check and post back.

nicnacvb9:47 am, 14 Jan 14

I bought some for $8 a kilo at the farmers markets (EPIC) on the weekend.

Multiple store selling several varieties were there.

vulpior10:10 am, 15 Jan 14

None on the Federal Highway (Watson to Macs Reef Road) yesterday afternoon.

pepmeup2:48 pm, 15 Jan 14

Choku By Jo Curtin had them for $10/kg today, grown in Borenore NSW

Antagonist3:54 pm, 15 Jan 14

When I was younger, a ‘cherry’ was a persons virginity. This thread has been monumentally disappointing.


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