Where to find reliable erotic dancers in Canberra?

By 4 September 2008 44

Gday to the hive mind.

As some of you know, I have a local paintball business. Some of our target demographic groups include Bucks/Hens/21sts etc. We have a number of packages that include additional services, such as catering/accommodation and transport for these groups. I have regular providers for these services.

One of the more popular additional ‘services’ we have offered as part of our “Ultimate Party Pack is an on site exotic dancer.

My issue is that I have tried a number of the service providers in town and the ‘quality’ and ‘punctuality’ can be variable both from the same supplier and across suppliers. Being the Wedding Season, I have a number of events requiring exotic dancers over the next few months.

This is entirely a business proposal, I am trying to provide a service of ‘quality’ and given the range of clients for my packages includes both male and female ‘exotic dancers’ I am happy to have recommendations for exotic dancers of both sexes.

So, can anyone suggest a service provider of (I know, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and this is entirely a ‘subjective’ assessment) quality/punctuality that they can recommend.

thanks Kieran

[ED - Those unwilling to be seen having a detailed knowledge of this area can contact Kieran direct at]

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44 Responses to
Where to find reliable erotic dancers in Canberra?
Skidd Marx 2:44 pm
04 Sep 08

All I can say is good luck Kieran. Every bucks party Ive been to in the ACT in the last few years has been marred by, well to put it nicely, very poor value entertainment (to put it not so nicely – fugly chix with tude).

Sammy 3:00 pm
04 Sep 08

Is the plan to have the erotic dancer roaming the paintball field as play is in progress?

That could make for an interesting experience :)

Holden Caulfield 3:17 pm
04 Sep 08

Haha, so many saucy puns available in response to this, not enough time!

AngryHenry 3:21 pm
04 Sep 08

Cause nothing says erotic like hanging our with a bunch of people shooting paint pellets at each other.

I dunno Keiran I think this could be detrimental to your business and if I were you I wouldn’t be advertising an ‘onsite erotic dancer’.

It’s kind of like you can shoot blue balls at each other all day and then come inside and get a pair of your own from our onsite exotic dancer!

Skidbladnir 3:21 pm
04 Sep 08

I too am amazed by the idea of an onsite exotic dancer at a paintball session.

But from a friend, girls in the adult show business for the money currently do fly-in fly-out gigs to mining boom towns & camps, but base out of Perth or Adelaide.

realityskin 3:57 pm
04 Sep 08

Crikey 4:38 pm
04 Sep 08

Ask Kevin Rudd, he’ll know.

rosebud 4:45 pm
04 Sep 08

Tits with ‘tude: a great name for a chick punk band!

realityskin 5:10 pm
04 Sep 08

And who would pay $250 per head for a bucks night ?!?!?!?

peterh 5:12 pm
04 Sep 08

realityskin said :

And who would pay $250 per head for a bucks night ?!?!?!?

oh, i am leaving that one alone….

LlamaFrog 6:21 pm
04 Sep 08

giggidy giggidy

astrojax 6:24 pm
04 Sep 08

ms ryan might know..?

BigDave 6:43 pm
04 Sep 08

If anyone finds any please send them round my house.

Aurelius 7:25 pm
04 Sep 08

Because this is “RiotACT”, I’d suggest the OP learn what inverted commas are for.
Or does ‘quality’ and ‘punctuality’ mean something different to what I think they do?

RuffnReady 8:12 pm
04 Sep 08

lol is all I’ll say…

…nah, I’ll also say this – I never understood the attraction of naked women you can’t touch, be that on a video, in a strip club or a party strip-tease. I mean, it’s all revving up the desire with no satisfaction! What’s the point?

Stick to the paintball!


kieran AP 8:38 pm
04 Sep 08

Ok, gotta love RA.

First a ‘mea culpa’, heading was meant to be ‘exotic’ not ‘erotic’.
@skiddy. exactly my problem. ’nuff said.
@sammy and co, you need to get out more.
@reality skin. when was the last time you went on a bucks party? Drinks/food and transport is pretty expensive.

A few I can’t understand and a few presumably well meaning ones.
And of course the ‘obligatory’ ‘self proclaimed’ ‘grammar nazi’ …. thanks for value adding to the discussion.

Back to the Yellow Pages it is…

thanks? Kieran

Thumper 8:48 pm
04 Sep 08

I remember doing a gig back in 88 for the Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home parade. Man, what a night! Strippers on stage, free booze, loud music, Vietnam vets having a great time.

One of the best nights I have ever played or had.

And the vets had a great time. i’ll never forget it. We even knocked back, and donated our fee, which was pretty substantial, back to the VVAA.

Great times…

Thumper 8:51 pm
04 Sep 08

I should add that at the time I was also a (very young) digger, which made it all the better…

realityskin 7:30 am
05 Sep 08

kieran AP said :

@reality skin. when was the last time you went on a bucks party? Drinks/food and transport is pretty expensive.

next weekend, and we’re paying $70 a head :D

kieran AP 8:06 am
05 Sep 08

realityskin said :

kieran AP said :

@reality skin. when was the last time you went on a bucks party? Drinks/food and transport is pretty expensive.

next weekend, and we’re paying $70 a head :D

trying to keep this roughly on topic…
for $250pp, with the UPP you get 2 x meals (incl Steak meal), paintball (600 balls pp), on site private exotic dance show, transport and alcohol ALL INCLUDED. It is a 15 hr experience. It is quite popular with larger groups, especially those from outside Canberra and I think good value.

I am sure your $70 package will be fine for what you want to do.

OT: This post was asking for any advice on the supply of one of those services. So if your $70 includes a stripper and she/he is ok, please let me know!

cheers, Kieran

barking toad 8:20 am
05 Sep 08

Reality – $70 bucks for head?

The recession has hit!

Mælinar - *spoiler 9:33 am
05 Sep 08

Keiran – painting a picture for us (pun intended) will it be more Apocalypse Now, or that movie with Steven Seagal on the boat that you are going for ?

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any people who can help you with the dancing side of it, but I’ll probably be in touch with a few of the usual lads about playing a game in the near future.

Skidbladnir 10:47 am
05 Sep 08

Strange idea, but maybe Tess Ryan of Email Interview fame knows a girl who knows a girl?
She’s in business herself, so could be interested in just, you know, networking.

Skidbladnir 10:48 am
05 Sep 08

Crap, I screwed my href.

peterh 11:38 am
05 Sep 08

barking toad said :

Reality – $70 bucks for head?

The recession has hit!

THAT’S why I didn’t go there!

Mick1965 12:58 pm
05 Sep 08

I ran strippers (from a local girl who whored from my house to Penthouse Pets) in the mid to late 80s and it was a very difficult game. I thought most Canberrans would want class so I presented Penthouse Centrefolds (often prior to the month they were to appear). These girls went to skimpy underwear only.

What 99% of the men in Canberra wanted was no undies, and 98% wanted ping-pong balls. “Moral” of the story – your average ACT bloke wants it dirty, not classy.

I was knocked aside by “FEVER” who gave Canberrans what they wanted and did not charge a fortune. Most of those girls ended up at the strip club in Mitchell that’s beside a brothel (or 2) but the name escapes me. I’d be approaching them simply because they have volume and that’s what you need – volume and backup! So if someone can help with the name of the joint, or a similar venue, that’s what you want!

justbands 1:33 pm
05 Sep 08

> strip club in Mitchell that’s beside a brothel (or 2)

That’s Sinsations. I’ve been twice (bucks nights both times), the strippers were actually really good both times.

Mick1965 2:11 pm
05 Sep 08

Yup – SINSATIONS has a high volume of strippers and I believe they do Club X etc too so that is seriously where I would go and explain you are a business…they should give you fair prices.

peterh 2:51 pm
05 Sep 08

i really miss knights…

strippers 5:58 pm
17 Oct 08

If you are looking for reliable strippers in Canberra…please contact Strippers Ink 0406469164…

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