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Canberra has had some top sporting figures and teams over the years but we have seen crowd numbers fluctuate over the years to the extent that some teams have folded (the Cannons), been demoted out of the National Competition (the Comets) or failed to get of the ground (several attempts to get one of the ALF teams to relocate, an A League Soccer team, etc).

So for what team sports would you regularly put your money behind, actually pay to go see a Canberra team play?

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29 Responses to
Who would you Support??
Joe Canberran 10:53 am
02 May 08

Ok, someone voted “other”.

Come on let us know what that other is!

All I can think of is American sports: Softball, Baseball, Gridiron, Ice Hockey.

Oh crap! I left Hockey off the poll! (is there a Canberra Hockey team in the National Comp?)

Or is the “other” something weirder? Footsol (sp?)? European Handball? Waterpolo? etc…

toriness 10:54 am
02 May 08

for some reason i don’t seem to be able to vote… but i choose the capitals! i have bought season tickets every year for about 7 years now.

astrojax 11:11 am
02 May 08

interesting that over a third of people are keen to follow teams that don’t yet exist (a-league and afl teams). buckley and demitriou, are you listening??

what could we pay to make the raiders go away?

Crikey 11:30 am
02 May 08

How do you vote in these RiotACT polls?

I would definitely support a Canberra based A-League team.

I used to have season tickets (for many years) with the Raiders but don’t follow them anymore. I’ve been to the Brumbies a few times and it nearly sends me to sleep. Can’t stand cricket or basketball and I don’t rate women sport.

Joe Canberran 11:44 am
02 May 08

I fooled around with this one – the first try out of a poll that you can vote for more than one result (but you can still only vote once per username). If you are having problems selecting your choices and/or the vote button doesn’t work for you it may be to do with where you are accessing from or your server/browser. If not send the admins a line – they MAY be about to sort you out (but probably not this year ;)

farout 11:55 am
02 May 08

It wasn’t me who chose “other”, but judging by the pedants around here, I’d vote for a Spelling Bee.

Joe Canberran 11:59 am
02 May 08

Hardly a team sport though is it? ;)

v_man_returns 1:40 pm
02 May 08

The Canberra Knights are in the national ice hockey league, think they’re going alright this year too. Also, something seems up with the voting percentages…adds up to well over 100 per cent

justbands 1:47 pm
02 May 08

> Also, something seems up with the voting percentages…adds up to well over 100 per cent

You can vote for 3 items remember.

& glad to see the Knights doing well. My son & I used to go along to games a few years back & it was always quite entertaining. May have to get along to a few games again.

Holden Caulfield 1:54 pm
02 May 08

To be fair, to the best of my knowledge there has never been a genuine attempt at relocating an AFL team in Canberra, at least, not one with the full backing of both the ACT government and the AFL.

The Kangaroos were only ever here to cash up.

On the crowd thing, that tends to indicate that Canberrans are quite fickle and prefer to get behind winning teams. They’re probably not alone there, but when you consider a packed Canberra Stadium would constitute around 7-8% of the city’s entire population, it leaves Canberra clubs vulnerable if a few fans start to drop off in line with performances.

I voted AFL, A-league and Cricket. It is unlikely that I would become a member of an AFL team based here, and I would never stop supporting my current club, but I’d probably take the opportunity to go along to a few games in Canberra if it were an option.

toriness 3:07 pm
02 May 08

if there was a decent afl team who based a portion of their home games in canberra i would definitely go to them but north melbourne and the swans??? pffffft. go the mighty blues.

Kramer 3:19 pm
02 May 08

It’s not really a team sport* but I’d pay to see national level mountain bike racing. For the last two years we’ve been lucky to have it for free at Stromlo.

*except for the XC teams relay event

Joe Canberran 3:24 pm
02 May 08

Kramer said :

It’s not really a team sport* but I’d pay to see national level mountain bike racing. For the last two years we’ve been lucky to have it for free at Stromlo.

*except for the XC teams relay event

Bloody single issue commenters – the Riot overlords should band ‘em! ;)

Kramer 3:30 pm
02 May 08

I’d also support another Rugby team in a national comp… the Australian rugby championship perhaps? Goddamn ARU.

justbands 3:35 pm
02 May 08

> Goddamn ARU.

Indeed. I still can’t believe how short sighted (& gutless) they were with that decision.

Thumper 3:43 pm
02 May 08

Good morning and welcome to World series mountain bike championships…

Da da da daaaah.. da da da daaaah…

Today we are coming to you fromsunny canberra where we’re hoping for a biiiiig day in classic, tough, international mountain biking…..

down to you Tony.

‘Fenk you. And it’s a bootiful dey here in kinbera wif the birds cipping and the crews crewing. Bek to the cetral commentary bix.’

da da da daaaah…

Sorry ’bout that. Seriously I’d like to see the ACT be given first class status in cricket. We keep losing all our players, including Crosthwaite to NSW and Nick Death to WA this season. And probably more closer to the season but I haven’t heard anything on the grapevine yet.

Deadmandrinking 4:05 pm
02 May 08

On other, I meant a Gridiron team, preferably the Firebirds (who I played juniors for), I’d even take the Astros (I played juniors for a split team between them and the firebirds). Sure, the sport isn’t that fun to watch and you wear pads and all (although The hits can get pretty damn hard), but it’s hell fun to play.

BenMac 4:11 pm
02 May 08

I’d like to see a cricket Test or some One Day/Night games played at Manuka Oval (yes, I know they would need lights). This year they had the 2 traveling playing, but I’d like to see the Aussies play at least one match outside of the normal PM’s XI.

Pandy 7:42 pm
02 May 08

Raiders are not a national team and so should not be on this list. Neither are the Brumbies. PLEASE DELETE THEM FROM THE SURVEY RESULTS NOW! Unless you can show they are truely national.

sepi 8:36 pm
02 May 08

I tried to vote and it won’t let me.

I wanted Darters, Women’s basketball and other.

Joe Canberran 11:07 pm
02 May 08

Pandy I didn’t say they were national team i said they played in a national comp, which, if that was your gripe, is not wholly true as both teams play in international comps (if you count the NZ warriors enough to make the NRL an International comp. The super 14 definitely is international). Under that condition the Darters and the capitals aren’t in national comp either (as NZ teams play in both their leagues as well).

They are local teams though. And I can’t see why you are whinging about them when there are teams on the list that don’t even exist!

If there was supposed to be some humour in your post I missed it.

Pandy 11:35 pm
02 May 08

No humour: serious. A national comp meansjust that. Rugby is not. When either code fields a team from Perth then I will consider it to be a true national comp.

Holden Caulfield 1:18 am
03 May 08

Haha, Pandy, must have missed Matt Giteau’s departure to the Western Force.

realityskin 11:00 am
03 May 08

Pandy you knob…

Pandy 11:23 am
03 May 08

WA does not count

Primal 11:34 am
03 May 08

Perth = WA. The rest of the state is just padding to keep the eastern states well away.

el 1:10 pm
03 May 08

Agree with Thumper about the cricket. There’s some serious talent coming through at the moment, and they’ll all leave to play for other states as soon as they’re made an offer.

GnT 8:51 pm
03 May 08

With the IPL such a success (although that is channel 10′s spin) maybe we should have a national twenty20 comp. I know I’d love to see some live twenty20 matches, especially if there was a local team.

hingo 1:40 pm
02 Jun 08

Bring back the V8 race. Maybe even WRC. Other than that..

I’d love to see Cricket, AFL and A-League teams introduced to the national comps. I go to the Raiders games when they play teams I’m interested in. The problem is that Canberra folk don’t seem to want to support their team unless they are winning. I went to the Footy on the weekend with a bunch of mates and only one was going for the Raiders. All the rest were going for the Sea Eagles. I have a reason because I was born in Manly. Too bad. The Raiders are a lot better than they are given credit for. I hope they make the finals.

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