Windy weather on the way

By 29 May 2007 8

Got this from work communications a few minutes ago;

“The weather bureau have updated us on a cold front currently moving across NSW at the moment.

This front may bring winds between 65km/h to 90km/h to the ACT this evening.

Most of the weather is expected at heights over 1200meters, which should rule you out.

Please be cautious if you are caught in heavy weather or high winds this evening,”

So no kite flying tonight people ok.

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8 Responses to
Windy weather on the way
ellingly 9:00 pm
29 May 07

And, thus, it was a good front:

ellingly 9:01 pm
29 May 07

… oh well, inline image didn’t work.
Go here.

Nik_the_Pig 9:24 pm
29 May 07

I can account for the heavy stuff, 40 kph along the parkway, waves of water buffeting cars all overt he place. Almost felt like I was in Darwin again but there when it rains like that it’s hot and clears in 5 min to sunny sky.

ant 10:37 pm
29 May 07

As an official weather geek, I knew this front had caused big winds in vic and SA but had lessend. But I live where there’s gales when Canberra has breezes.

Saw the trees moving in the parl. triangle today, and tonight the wind was MEGA at home, the house was moving. Just before the rain hit. After that , it eased to just strong.

If anyone is into weather, go to
and subscribe, and then join the forums. It’s unique. I know for a fact that the yanks have nothing like it.

Wind is still howling now, but there’ll be no more rain unless it springs up from nowhere.

bigred 10:54 pm
29 May 07

top site ant. I have seen it before but this time bookmarked it. I see a few branches/trees are down this evening.

andy 11:16 am
30 May 07

turned right onto drakebrockman as it hit.. saw a big ass lightning strike out near where i expect the substation would be on parkwood road, then the whole sky light up bright blue, like the substation had been hit.

No power problems when i got home though, so that’s ok

Genie 9:26 pm
30 May 07

Wish we didn’t have the windy weather last night. Could of done without the icy cold winds while being evacuated from Brindabella Park today. My bones are still shaking. :(

ant 8:08 pm
02 Jun 07

That wind was horrible. The first lot was bad enough, but the second lot around 4am was insane. I had to shift to a bedroom on the eastern side of the house, it was so bad. This is more like the weather we used to have, maybe we’re getting back to normal weather patterns.

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