Worst Canberra Restaurants

By 3 May 2006 228

Now that we have uncovered the best Canberra restaurants, What is the worst place you have eaten out in Canberra?

For me.. Cons Seafood at Mawson, Blind Freddy could have cooked me a better meal

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228 Responses to
Worst Canberra Restaurants
johnboy 2:05 pm
03 May 06

Carlo’s in Watson still carries the curse of RiotACT.

LurkerGal 2:22 pm
03 May 06

Musica e in Belconnen. Shit food and worse service.

Slinky the Shocker 2:33 pm
03 May 06

Haha… I didn’t realise that this is what happened at Carlo’s…I always liked the place.

Ari 2:37 pm
03 May 06

Belucci’s at Woden has decent food, but stunningly woeful service (except for those pubes who seem to be lunchtime regulars).

Sssanta 2:48 pm
03 May 06

For me it was some little French Joint in Bungendore. Great food, shame the waitress kept wiping her runny nose with the back of her hand whilst prepping food, drinks etc, then when the food was on approach to the table, it was noted that there was more dirt under said waitress’ fingernails than what marilyn munroe had on the Kennedy family.

johnboy 3:14 pm
03 May 06

Carlo called me a liar, to my face, in front of my friends.

He was wrong, he has yet to apologise.

TAD 3:49 pm
03 May 06


Absent Diane 4:22 pm
03 May 06

Musica e +1 terrible service!!! haven’t eaten there though, saw what a mockery they made of our coffees…scared me off

does woolworths servo in belco count… everytime I go there I want to punch someone and yesterday it very nearly happened..

johnboy 4:32 pm
03 May 06

better not open a restaurant then TAD.

Growling Ferret 4:33 pm
03 May 06

Don’t order a steak at Gungahlin Lakes. The medium is charcoal (they had 3 chances…they are out!)

Thumper 4:34 pm
03 May 06


yes they serve mouldy old pies and limp, lukewarm chicken rolls, but I hardly think they qualify.


toriness 4:39 pm
03 May 06

tilleys. last time i was there we waited an hour for a very ordinary chicken burger and a burnt-around-the-crust pizza. an hour for a burger and pizza?! it was a tuesday night and not busy at all. no apoligies for lateness of meal whatsoever. god forbid the staff actually crack a smile as you line up in disorganised counter to order your food and drinks. last time ever that i eat there.

Ari 4:46 pm
03 May 06

Isn’t Tuesday lezzo night?

toriness 4:53 pm
03 May 06

every night dude

Slinky the Shocker 5:01 pm
03 May 06

I had a 3 hour wait for very ordinary food at the Habit (O’Connor) once. I can’t believe the f***ers had kicked the little Mexican out.
And although I had been a vego for quite a good chunk of my time in Canberra, I always found Bernadette’s small expensive portions to leave me with the desire to get a serve of chips at Edgar’s on the way home.

Big Al 5:08 pm
03 May 06

La Capanna in Kingston served us mouldy garlic bread and then their staff argued the point with us when we refused to pay for it. Carlo’s in Watson seem to be able to take a wide variety of italian inspired dishes like pasta and risotto and fuck them up completely, Whatever “The Habit” has become is adept at trying to charge restaurant prices for what is essentially a short order menu.

lenny 5:17 pm
03 May 06

I also have to add a Shogun in Civic, I could find fresher fish at the back of my freezer

morto1980 7:52 pm
03 May 06

One evening we had dinner at Cafe Pronto and the service was shocking. It took forever to get our meals to the point where I had to ask for one of them take-away as one of our group had to leave (we waited about 2 hours for the main!).

It will forever be known as Cafe Slow-Mo (or Cafe No-Go) amongst us after that shocker. They do seem to do an OK trade so maybe it was a once-off – who knows.

johnboy 8:50 pm
03 May 06

I have to say I’ve always enjoyed a feed at Tilleys.

Thumper 9:40 pm
03 May 06

Frankly I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal anywhere.

Ah, except for Mossvale RSL. I thought it was impossible to have a bad schnitzel, but I wrong. Tasted like a burnt rubber sandal covered in batter left over from the Vietnam war and worn by a little VC man who walked the Ho Chi Min trail a thousand times.

dontdoit 9:48 pm
03 May 06

cafe gaudi in woden plaza. everything tastes like its been in the freezer for 6 months. ew. better when it was tosolinis. dont try the chicken

shauno 2:15 am
04 May 06

$27 for a dozen oysters at the Ainslie footy club. Bloody rip off 5 star restaurant price in a footy club pokie joint.

Slinky the Shocker 8:40 am
04 May 06

I almost agreed with Thumper of not ever really having had a bad meal, however I remembered Three Mothers Thai in Garema Place. My Fish Curry was not only microwaved (bad enough), but also undermicrowaved, so I was chewing on cold curried fish.

Maelinar 8:41 am
04 May 06

I 2nd Cafe Gaudi, they suck

Cafe Lido at Belconnen Mall could manage to burn a glass of water if left unattended, however since nobody else goes there either I’m sure the message has already gotten out.

Wests in Jameison had the nerve to try and tell me that oysters kilpatrick involved raw oysters, uncooked bacon and bbq sauce one night, when I insisted they cook it for me, they came back as if they had only been put on top of the oven, rather than in it.

Heavs 8:58 am
04 May 06

To go to the toilet at Three Mother’s Thai you have to head out the back, through the kitchen and down a lane between it and Chairman and Yip. I’ll never forget seeing dozens of braised lamb shanks sitting on an old bread tray in this manky dirty laneway, then the chef from Yip coming to collect them, presumably ready to serve. Can’t go there now.

West Belconnen fucked up a chicken schnitzel which is pretty hard to do. I can’t eat there now.

Magpies at Belconnen is exceptionally good at giving you your entree for dessert. They do it so often they’ve got it down to an art form now.

podfink 9:07 am
04 May 06

Hog’s Breath for me. Hyatt prices for canteen quality food, service and decor. They even managed to screw up my Ceasar Salad by leaving under the heat lamp until it was goo.

Absent Diane 9:17 am
04 May 06

Montezumas for lame tasting mexican.. I have never had such bland food in my life (drinks are very fine though)….

And podfink I have to agree with hogs breath… Took my parents and GF to the one in woden, first the front dude (excuse my lack of dining class).. was exceedingly rude and condescending… then we had a waitress who couldn’t make up her mind if they had ginger beer or not resulting in my mother being served 2 ginger ales as opposed to one ginger beer… then another waitress who giggled incessantly.. then I was told that I should go for the medium and not well done…. only to be served what tasted like meat jelly/paste… I have only just started eating steak in the last two or so years so this sent me right back into my no red meat dark age

Mr_Shab 9:37 am
04 May 06

Gotta agree with Slinky and Big Al. There was a very good reason Habit went out of business (well, beyond the fact that it was serving a 200 seat restaurant and a pub out of a kitchen set up for neither).

The food was dire (overcooked, underseasoned and just plain ol’ boring) the coffee tasted like (and may actually have been) dishwater; and the staff seemed much more interested in flirting and having witty conversations with each other than doing anything degrading like, say, serving customers.

AD – don’t give up on red meat on the strength of Hog’s Breath (it’s not meat. It’s pap). Try the Charcoal Restaurant. The steaks are cooked perfectly and the service is delightfully old school (“Would sir care for some sour cream and chives with his baked potato” – I’m not kidding, either). They’re also the only restaurant in Canberra with the balls to serve something as dinosaur-like as deep-fried camebert. And they do it well.

VYBerlinaV8 10:21 am
04 May 06

Cafe Pronto sucks badly – had dinner there once, never again.

Carlos seemed OK for breakfast, but bloody slow.

Slinky the Shocker 10:42 am
04 May 06

Oh, yeah…AD reminded me of Montezuma’s. That is terrible stuff. There was a time 4 or 5 years ago when they had Musos to play for their food. Let’s just say we played only once…

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