WTF? Stanhope cares more about the Maori in NZ?

By 15 September 2005 28

The Comrade has put out a very strange a press release with absoluetely no relevance to our Territory other than confirming what we already know that he is completely off the planet.

Obviously he cares more about the indigenous people of a jurisdiction he has no control other than making sure the indigenous people of the Territory are properly cared for and their interests looked after.

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28 Responses to
WTF? Stanhope cares more about the Maori in NZ?
colsim 3:31 pm
15 Sep 05

I’ve said this before (but apparently noone was listening :) so I’ll say it again.

YTF shouldn’t Stanhope say his piece on any matter of political or social importance whatsoever. Like it or not, a majority of the population of Canberra have said “we like the way you think” and as such, he has a right to be heard (just like you jr – but with a mandate :)

How much time exactly do you think the CM actually put into this release anyway? Do you really believe it took him away from the work of state (territory whatever) for more than a minute or two?

And what about this statement means that he has any less interest in the affairs of indigenous people of the territory for that matter? Doesn’t it in fact suggest that he is more sensitive to the needs of the indigenous. (Ok, painting a bit of a St John of act pic here I know but just by way of contrast)

Thumper 3:38 pm
15 Sep 05

What the!!!!!

Seriously, he’s the bloody CM of the ACT. it has no relevance whatsoever.

He was not voted in to comment on New Zealand politics. It is a waste of taxpayers money.

Yes, he does have a right ot be heard, but not under the auspices over the Australian Capital Territory government. He was not voted in to do things like this. he was voted in to run the territory.

it really is simple.

And I think he was more likely voted in on the lack of opposition rather than his popularity, which incidentally is seemingly on the wane.

Which really won’t matter because the opposition are a useless shambles at present and don’t look as if they are going to get any better in the foreseeable future.

funny thing about Australian politics. the public generally vote against who they don’t like, rather than vote for who they do like.

Increasingly bizarre.

colsim 3:57 pm
15 Sep 05

I think that might just be a point that we differ on then – I want political leaders with vision, able to look at the big picture and see the world beyond narrow geographic boundaries and (particularly) beyond the electoral cycle.

(Not saying I’ve seen that with anyone yet – although I thought Keating had a bit of a vision thing going on before he kind of gave up)

Anyways, anytime someone has something of relevance to say, I’m cool with it being my tax dollars spent (that way yours can still be spent on deporting peace activists – works for me)

Mr Evil 4:06 pm
15 Sep 05

He’s just arse-kissing to gain the local ACT Kiwi vote; after all, there are over 4000 of us here in Canberra. Before you know it, we’ll not only have sheep-shagging legalised, but compulsory too!

Choice Cuzzy!

simto 4:31 pm
15 Sep 05

Oh, well, some of us who are single might appreciate that on a lonely Saturday night…

Mr Evil 4:49 pm
15 Sep 05

Well, snuggle up to a merino, and enjoy the fush ‘n chups.

Mr Evil 5:03 pm
15 Sep 05

And I’m sure that Helen Clark will be stoked to be receiving support from the Mayor of Manuka (that’s pronounce Ma-noo-ka, by the way!). I can almost imagine her saying right now (in her usual deep, manly voice) “Who the hull us Jon Stunhope?”.

(Now Comrade Jon, you’ve had your bit of fun, but could you please just get back to filling in those potholes that are appearing around Canberra after all the rain we’ve had lately?)

Thumper 5:05 pm
15 Sep 05


Frankly I thought the deportation of the peace activist was appalling.

But we are talking about Territory and Federal governments here so I fail to see the relevance.

As for vision, yes, I’d love to see vision, but one with relevance to Canberra and frankly Mr Stanhope has not really shown that he is a man of vision, unless you count his oft incursions into foreign affairs.

Vic Bitterman 5:16 pm
15 Sep 05

Stanhope is a goose. This proves it even more.

tallian 6:24 pm
15 Sep 05

I don’t mind Jon having his say on things non-Canberra, presuming that all things he governs for are in perfect working order. Thats what we’re paying him for …and they aren’t working that great! Jon – get focussed on your job.

rose 7:29 pm
15 Sep 05

Part of the (wankier) functions of a government is extending and reinforcing ties between themselves and other governments. It happens all the time in governments, receiving dignitories, visiting other cities etc. Doing press releases like this is PART of Jon Stanhope’s job.
No place is an isolated unit with no social/political/economic ties to other places.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:59 pm
15 Sep 05

When the comrade declares himself to officially be the Foreign Affairs minister for the ACT, then he can write that drivvle, and he can also write drivvle about Turkish hat salesmen feeling left out because they didn’t win a government contract to sell official Turkish government sponsored hats to locals.
I don’t mind him wishing her (Helen Clark) luck, but I don’t think the ACT Chief Minister needs to comment on the political goings-ons of foreign governments (unless he is the ACT Foreign Affairs minister of course).

gingermick 9:09 am
16 Sep 05

Comrade further establishing his credentials for the big house?

Thumper 9:32 am
16 Sep 05


the movers and shakers in the ALP backrooms would sort him out.

then again, who knows?

DT 11:01 am
16 Sep 05

Yawn. So he spent two minutes approving a media release drafted by his media advisor. Who cares?

Maelinar 12:47 pm
16 Sep 05

There’s actually a bigger, and scarier issue behind the scenes at work here, and if you knew anything about the current state of the NZ elections it would be apparent.

The National party, led by Don Brash (ex reserve bank governor) is going to introduce legislation to homogenise society over there. One race, New Zealander.

Although when most kiwi’s get over to Bondi Beach, they are put into the same bucket, within NZ there are several significant groups, being the Maori, Pakeha, and the rest. Pakeha being the Maori word for ‘white trash’, quite befitting their description of white person.

Currently within the governmental system in NZ, there is 7 Maori seats, basically when you walk into the electoral office, you indicate which poll you are going to vote on, and off you go. No two votes, so you’re either white or black so to speak.

Dr Brash has proposed to abolish those seats, as well as the current special provisions afforded to the Maori in the form of schooling, housing, medical treatments, employment, unemployment, parenting payments etc.

Sound a little familiar to our situation here now ?

We also have a two tier system in place regarding indigenous people here, not as high as government, but the follow on social welfare committment by the Australian Government is quite substantial.

Hence where Australian politics comes into play. Anybody who wants to challenge me on Australia following New Zealands lead need go no further than the introduction of the GST.

The problem that NZ is facing, is that their ‘population importing’, of people of asian etc backgrounds, is that they don’t give a shit about the welfare of the Maori, and the Maori stand to be voted out by a population that has been imported to ‘help’ them, as they view the concessions made on their behalf as injust.

Starting to sound a little more like home ?

Australia too is readily engaging foreign population, who also view the Aboriginal people as receiving a benefit that they are not able to get, and are feeling that it is injust.

For once I’m going to applaud the comrade, he’s either had enough foresight to see this coming up, or he’s stumbled onto something big without actually realising it.

Mark my words, NZ makes this work, Australia is next. Look at the current government.

simto 2:01 pm
16 Sep 05

Isn’t this a case of us beating the New Zealanders to the post? There’s no real elected representatives for the Aboriginal polulation any more anyway (the dismantling of ATSIC being a case of treating a cancer patient by shooting him in the head) – and most levels of special welfare for the Aboriginal population is quickly becoming disctinctive only by name.

Maelinar 4:30 pm
16 Sep 05

Simto, in short, yes we are managing to distinguish ourselves quite nicely in the field of ignoring indigenous peoples concerns, but this would be like hitting the accelerator pedal in a Formula 1 racecar.

To be honest, the right winger in me is right behind the idea, when I travel overseas I don’t get an indigenous passport, I get an Australian one. Everybody who’s Australian is Australian no matter what their skin colour, and right from the moment you look at the doctor and scream ‘put me back in’ there’s several factors that come into play which will make you into a derelict of society or an active member.

One of those factors, I’m not ashamed to admit, is the welfare culture of the indigenous people. This type of policy will completely eradicate those cultures, albiet it will be tough times while we’re going through our society level revamp.

vg 4:48 pm
16 Sep 05

‘Pakeha’ is Maori for ‘bringer of the flea’

simto 4:49 pm
16 Sep 05

In a perfect society, yup, we woudn’t need to have any specifically targeted welfare (whether to gender, ethnic group or anything else) – it should be entirely based on need.

But since we don’t live in one of those (and I’m guessing the New Zealanders don’t either), it seems a little troublesome to practice a public policy which is going to cause a great deal of harm.

The main difference between Australia and third world countries is that we have people who are surviving off government welfare, rather than people who are dead or dying on it. The poor are going to be perpetual – there’s always going to be people who are too dumb, too slow or too unlucky to keep up. So the question is what the hell you do with ‘em.

johnboy 7:21 pm
16 Sep 05

For mine the issue is he’s anticipating the result.

Sending congratulations to the winner is different to backing one side over the other before polling day.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:46 pm
16 Sep 05

Hang on a minute, isn’t it incredibly undemocratic to give a group a quota of seats? We don’t give groups a set quota of seats here! (I won’t name any specific groups as that would detract from the meaning of the post).

I always thought that a democracy was (suposedly) a level playing field for all, maybe I was wrong.

johnboy 10:33 am
17 Sep 05

The NZ electoral system is a triumph of pragmatism over democratic values with people eleced under different systems occupying the same chamber.

Not much different to the Indonesian system where the Army has its own block of delegates in the Parliament.

They seem to like it though so who are we to judge?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:44 am
17 Sep 05

I’m just trying to decide who I want to win from my ignorant position.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:28 pm
17 Sep 05

The media polls were useless as they all had completely different outcomes, so everybody over there is on the edge of their seats (well, everbody with an interest in politics…)

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:30 pm
17 Sep 05

With 3.1% of votes counted, the Nationals lead Labor 44% to 37% with New Zealand First the closest minor party on 6%. The Maori party currently have 1% of votes.

NZ Election Live Results

jr 12:57 pm
18 Sep 05

Maybe the Comrade knows something that we didnt know… who are the “ACT New Zealand” Party who look like getting 2 seats?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:09 pm
18 Sep 05

Perhaps his retirement job?

Anyways, the results are far from final, it’s going to be a couple weeks before anybody knows the final result from special votes…and then the parties all sem to want to form coalitions.

Helen Clark heads a caretaker government for now.

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