Zombies, Cryptographers, Skywhale…what’s your favourite?

By 27 August 2014 0

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Hi All

As per my previous posts on RiotAct, I run a little website called Capital Yarns. I invite social media users to nominate three items, and I then write a bespoke short story featuring all three, set in Canberra. The idea began when I created bedtime stories for my two daughters based on three items nominated by them. Already the yarns feature strange items like ten shoeless zombies, cryptography, Skywhale, hipsters and drop bears.

I have commenced a Pozible crowd-funding project to see if there is sufficient interest in doing a small print run of a book featuring 10-15 of my best stories. I am seeking feedback on what yarns are most popular to put in the book. I would welcome your thoughts – just email me the name of your favourite yarn to, or tweet me at @CapitalYarns.

Details on the Pozible project are at:

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