10 reasons to check out the Folk Festival if you’ve never been before

johnboy 21 March 2009 33

[First filed: March 20, 2009 @ 10:13]

The National Folk Festival is on again this Easter at Exhibition Park. It’s a bit of a religion for the faithful but we asked the organisers for some reasons why one of you should go if you’ve never been before.

They came back with a list of 10 things and some gorgeous photographs from previous festivals, so here we go:

1. Big Rory and Ochie.
Trust us, you’ll understand when you meet them.

2. So you’ll have a really good answer next time someone says,
“Canberra is boring, there’s nothing to do there!”

3. You can sing in public without being stared at.

4. You need to do something to make it up to the kids
after the dog ate all the Easter eggs you hid in the garden.

5. Because there’s a lot more to it than you think
– food, wine, beer, music, song, dance, poetry, debate,
markets, theatre, comedy – we’ve got it all.

But be warned: once they’ve visited the National Folk Festival,
people do tend to come back every year.

You may never be able to make other plans for Easter again.

6. Because you‘ve never been before: that’s reason enough.
50,000 people every year can’t ALL be wrong.

7. You can eat three different meals
from three different continents in one day
(and, as everyone knows, food eaten at Festivals is calorie-free:
the calories remain harmlessly on site after you leave…)

8. Afterwards you might be able to claim two degrees of separation
between you and Bob Dylan (his fiddler will be there).

9. Because deep, deep down inside…
in places you don’t like to talk about at parties…
you really, REALLY want to try Morris Dancing.
Tough hide and love of beer essential..

10. Because you don’t know your aardvark from your gaida,
your cajon from your cimbalom, or your duduka from your furulya.
Hint: they’re all musical instruments.

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33 Responses to 10 reasons to check out the Folk Festival if you’ve never been before
peterh peterh 1:50 pm 01 Apr 09

mum and my stepfather come to “visit us and their grandkids” every year, same time. waiting to see when they tell us that they come for the festival and a place to dump their stuff / sleep…

realityskin realityskin 1:29 pm 01 Apr 09

Damn it’s expensive !!!

Fisho Fisho 8:59 pm 26 Mar 09

Is that that overpriced mess in Nth Canberra that occurs on an annual basis?

Availability of a decent alcoholic ginger beer would be worthy of having your wallet raped without lubrication if there weren’t other options. Pick up a kit and brew it yourself for example.

ant ant 12:41 am 24 Mar 09

Sia5 said :

I dont like the crowd the folk festival attracts, alot of marijuana lovers.

I’m sure if you offered them some of your can of Woodstock and Cola, they’d be quite happy with that too.

Rabble Rabble 10:57 pm 23 Mar 09

I just got my wristicket in the mail. So exciting!

First time visitors to the festival should just attend a big concert in any venue.

Simple as that really – the concerts are really exciting with excellant production values and lots of variety. It’s all about the live music for me.

astrojax astrojax 1:20 pm 23 Mar 09

I dont like the crowd the folk festival attracts, alot of marijuana lovers.

wow, riotact has been going how many years now? and finally, some ‘enlightened’ commentary. phew!

Thumper Thumper 8:26 am 23 Mar 09

I dont like the crowd the folk festival attracts, alot of marijuana lovers.

Well don’t attend. It’s pretty simple really.

Sia5 Sia5 11:44 pm 22 Mar 09

I dont like the crowd the folk festival attracts, alot of marijuana lovers.

Gertrude Gertrude 8:45 am 22 Mar 09

Big Rorie and Ochie are extremely unsettling in the flesh. For this reason alone it is a good idea not to take mind altering drugs when at the National.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 7:49 pm 20 Mar 09

It’s not quite reached sporran height, so it’s not full grown yet.

astrojax astrojax 6:51 pm 20 Mar 09

t’is the rare lesser spotted pygmy rogue orkney dwarf; the regular folk round them parts is huge.

JoyceStanton JoyceStanton 5:08 pm 20 Mar 09

Oh I so love that beast in the first picture. But tell me,what breed of man is that?

Granny Granny 1:38 pm 20 Mar 09

I’ve heard that it’s best not to do the Morris dancing with the men because they can whack you quite hard with their sticks and it hurts. Apparently there are ladies’ groups which are not quite so ferocious.

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 1:02 pm 20 Mar 09

…except a quick death.

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 1:02 pm 20 Mar 09

There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of cardigan-wearers don the de rigeur olde worlde costumes and skip about slapping their ankles and waving hankies in rhythm to dulcimers and other jangling instruments of the Middle Ages.

astrojax astrojax 12:54 pm 20 Mar 09

morris dancing is a hoot, but leyland dancing is much harder…

Thumper Thumper 12:43 pm 20 Mar 09

Morris dancers are funny, because they are so serious…

RandomGit RandomGit 12:12 pm 20 Mar 09

All these years of Black Adder put downs of Morris Dancers and now I realise, I’ve never actually seen a Morris dance……

I’ll have to go now.

johnboy johnboy 11:19 am 20 Mar 09

Back on topic please

Disposable Disposable 11:19 am 20 Mar 09

Hey Danman where do you get the Bundaberg product? Stoked to hear there are some more options now.

And the blue tongue is a ginger infused lager, not ginger beer as they claim.

Should we start a ginger beer thread?

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