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100 days of the Raj

By Thumper - 4 March 2008 24

Well folks, we’ve seen 100 days of rule under the new PM, the Kevin07 Roadster.

What changes have we seen? Are they good or bad? Indifferent maybe?

Can he stop interest rates soaring? Has he actually done anything or is it all just symbolism and spin with little actual substance thus far ?

Is only 100 days enough to make a judgement given the fact that the Rudd spinsters have already proclaimed it as one of the greatest periods in Australian History.

Who will all the Howard haters now vent their spleens at?

Will there actually be a new federalism as promised, or will the States and Feds still bicker and refuse to cooperate on solving issues?

Will things get better or worse, especially in Canberra? And how long can the current government keep blaming the previous government for all its woes?

Has the self appointed saviour delivered?


What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
100 days of the Raj
Crikey 4:37 pm 04 Mar 08

Petrol and food prices are still high. As usual petrol prices didn’t go down this week because it’s a long weekend. Kevin07 said he’d fix it and hasn’t done nothing.

I wonder if he is still eating his ear-wax? My international friends give me hell over that.

postmanpat 4:05 pm 04 Mar 08

When is the 50%childcare rebate kicking in. I am hoping it is not a non-core promise…

Dave_K 3:37 pm 04 Mar 08

100 days of spin over substance, aided by a mostly passive media and a demoralised and disorganised opposition. Let’s have a really serious debate about whether cutting government spending is the best way to fight inflation. A lot of the stuff I’ve read suggests that most government spending has a marginal impact on interest rates and inflation. (Maybe there is more I need to read, if so, educate me.) Those who used to mock Howard & Costello’s claims to economic management by getting the budget in surplus to keep interest rates down are now mysteriously quiet about the merits of Rudd’s inflation busting strategy. And how do house prices in Gleneagles Estate fit into this picture too? That’s a serious comment, because of the spending cuts will fall hardest in Canberra.

justbands 3:27 pm 04 Mar 08

> And how long can the current government keep blaming the previous government for all its woes?

Well…based on how long the previous Government kept this up: about 10 years.

I’ll reserve judgement on Rudd & his mates for at least one year.

Mr Evil 3:22 pm 04 Mar 08

Oh, and Kevin007 mentioned the term “Working Families” only 253892 times in the past 100 days.

Mr Evil 3:21 pm 04 Mar 08

“He had a haircut.”

I was referring to Kevin007. Maybe Brendan was playing copycat though? πŸ˜‰

Ralph 3:21 pm 04 Mar 08

All meaningless gestures.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:19 pm 04 Mar 08

I don’t think Rudd’d done anything, really. Kyoto has little meaning for Australia now, and hasn’t really implemented anything (although I believe some environmental stuff in on the cards), and saying sorry was nice and all but again, didn’t achieve much for the majority of Australians.

EtFb 3:01 pm 04 Mar 08

@Thumper: you might as well ask “if nothing ever caught on fire, what would the fire-fighters point their hoses at?” Or: “if nobody ever got hurt or sick, who would the doctors cure?”

Does the answer “nobody, now that the PM is no longer a pitiful joke” work for you?

Thumper 2:56 pm 04 Mar 08

And start riding his Harley again…

neanderthalsis 2:55 pm 04 Mar 08

He had a hair cut and his support fell from 9% down to 7%. Maybe if he puts the earing back in and grows a pony tail he might start building that popularity base.

Mr Evil 2:51 pm 04 Mar 08

He had a haircut.

Thumper 2:50 pm 04 Mar 08

And Nelson is a shot duck…

p1 2:47 pm 04 Mar 08

Who will all the Howard haters now vent their spleens at?

well, the GDE is still there….

neanderthalsis 2:43 pm 04 Mar 08

I have read his nice glossy booklet. Fascinating reading. 38 pages of reiteration of election policy, no real achievements, 76 mentions of “committed to”, 64 of “announced” and a chance for little kev to bask in the glory of surviving govt for all of 100 days.

Just a media stunt to draw attention away from no real achievements.

And before I get howled down by the little Kev fan club, saying sorry and ratifying Kyoto does amount to little more than a few words splashed across the media. No hard policy and a lot of whining about inflation have characterised the first 100 days.

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