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Working in the Hospitality Industry in Canberra

By Enthusiastic amateur 30 December 2008 24

Greetings everybody, I’m a long time lurker and first time poster. I moved back to Canberra about 5 years ago after a happy and fruitful   hospitality career  in Australia in 5 star hotels (mostly food and beverage) .I was looking forward to coming home back in 2003, and hoped to  gain employment in the field that I had  plenty of  experience in , both  in the kitchen and front of house. However after 6 months and several “trials” and interviews I still found myself unemployed. I was perplexed and frustrated at the time but adjusted my sights and found employment in an entirely different field which I enjoyed.

To cut a long story short I am now looking to return to work in the first half  of 2009 when my baby will be 6 months old. I am hoping to find work in hospitality   due to the flexibility of  that line of work and am curious as to what Canberra hospitality business owners are looking for, admittedly I am “old” 38  but have bucket loads of experience and take a great deal of pride in giving exemplary customer service. I suspect my down fall last time was my age, I will cost more to employ than a wet behind the ears 18 year old. I have been very dissapointed with the standard of service in the overwhelming majority of Canberras restaurants and bars and having  read  that severalof the regs here  have had  bad  experiences with  the service in Canberras hospitality outlets I  would be interested to know, what I did”wrong” last time and what makes a good waitress / bar tender / host in Canberra.

What’s Your opinion?

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Working in the Hospitality Industry in Canberra
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ebony57 10:04 pm 01 Jan 09

EA – as someone has recently (and wisely) observed, beware the Ides of RA. I’d rather get the grizzled sarcastic bone of discontent that dwells here than a utopian blather of sweetness (well, okay, sometimes it’s nice to get “niceness”).

My two-penneth worth – don’t hide the fact that you have a youngun. I’m sure that you are justly proud of your littleun, and I’m also sure that you wouldn’t be contemplating a return to work without adequate childcare arrangements. Just be prepared for the yeah-but/whatif questions so that you aren’t caught out in an interview. Things I would consider would be along the lines of can you work at short notice? What hours are you available? Do you have reliable childcare? Yadayada…

Think about where it is that you want to work – do you bus/drive? Start with the location, if applicable, and then look at what businesses there are in that area. Then move on to what facet of hospitality it is that you would like to get back into. Is this the continuation/commencement of a career? Are there specific goals that you want to achieve, or is work simply going to allow you to actually live your life? Knowing what sort of work you want to do will go a long way to, erm, shortening the list of likely workplaces.

Go visit some of your shortlist as a customer. Take note of the staff that they do have, their “style” so to speak. With your experience, you’ll be able to get an idea of how things are run, what the pace of the business is (etc), and basically, whether it sucks or not. Can save a lot of heartache.

Unless you are applying to the Hyatt, I’d probably stick to highlighting your skills/abilities rather than the star rating of the places you have worked in. From my own experience, you can just as easily have an incredibly negative experience in a 5-star establishment as anywhere else. So too, you can have a truly wonderful experience at the local greasy spoon.

Be realistic about your expectations. A 5 year hiatus may go against you, though you may have relevant experience from what you have been doing in the meantime.

As to the relevant level (or lack thereof) of service standards in Canberra, I think it all depends on what it is that you think you whould be receiving, and just where it is that you are going. Also depends on how well you as the customer are willing to behave. Treat people like crap, they will respond in kind. Treat as you would like to be treated – doesn’t cost a lot to be nice to people.

Besides, being rude to your waiter/waitress/non-genderspecificservingperson is almost as dangerous as being Rude to an Arab.

Footloose 4:37 pm 01 Jan 09

“Mate, as a hospitality employer in Canberra for the past ten years I have to tell you that if you haven’t got a job yet it has to be you. Do you all really think that we as employers want to employ these dumb, rude and idiot staff? Well we don’t, it’s because there are no good staff out there. The staff that are good, are well looked after where they are and aren’t moving. I have put job ads in only to get three applications – all from 16 year olds. We pay well, Ok – the hours are bad but the work is fun – and there are some perks.

I would take a look at yourself before we all start bagging the hospitality outlets working their guts out to try to train and keep good staff.”

Man, your attitude speaks for itself and is typical of the general paranoid hostility employers in hospitality project on to their staff.
Instead of attacking EA, how about offering EA a job?

Che_elle 3:59 pm 01 Jan 09

I would be interested to know, what I did”wrong” last time and what makes a good waitress / bar tender / host in Canberra.

Could I offer that you seek advice from the Gold Coast or oversees, as I think it has been so long since Canberrans have seen quality service that we wouldn’t know it if we saw it. The poor quality of many hospitality workers has resulted in a lowering of the customer’s expectations.

If you are confident that you were proficient at exemplary customer service, and you have explored other fields which you enjoyed, I would suggest sticking with them rather than compromising your own standards just to join the mediocrity of Canberra hospitality. Canberra is full of other great opportunities (which is no doubt part of the problem of attracting and retaining quality hospitality workers).

Enthusiastic amateur 3:37 pm 01 Jan 09

I would take a look at yourself before we all start bagging the hospitality outlets working their guts out to try to train and keep good staff.

oh dear, I seem to have touched a nerve here. I have now read over my original post a couple of times and got others to read it too, apart from commenting on the less than great service I have encountered at many of Canberra’s Hospitality outlets (as many of the regulars have before me) could you please point out where I “bagged ” the hospitality outlets? I have worked in the industry for over 15 years, doing everything from housekeeping, bar work, reception, fast food, fine dining,banquet work and hospitality admin, it kept a roof over my head and food on my table for a long time, why would I bite the hand that’s fed me for so many years?

This comment made me scratch my head too:

Lastly, if you really want hospitality work, you will need to stop referring to yourself as “amateur”:The amateur nickname / status was meant to refer to my newbie status here on RiotACT, I realise that the internet is often not the best place to get ones message across as you can’t hear what is being said or see the persons face when they are saying and judge meaning by tone and facial expression so meh, I’ll let this one slide….

Get professional and work on your self-esteem. You should seek honest feedback on why you failed during those trials and interviews: I would always call and ask for feedback, I could count on the fingers of one hand the responses I’d get and yes, I would call outside service times.

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