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The Causeway behind the railway… Does it exist???

By Delish - 16 January 2009 58

I was reading over the nudist swimming hole debate and was very impressed with the some of the history that Canberrians know about.

So there is one question I really need to know – Does “the causeway” exist? 

I dated a bus drvier and he was telling me about it and that buses do not even go there.

It is apparently feral town and white trash city but I can not believe that such a place exist in Canberra – yes and I am too scared to go, so anyone been lately?


What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
The Causeway behind the railway… Does it exist???
jakez 12:57 pm 16 Jan 09

It definitely exists and buses do go there. The bus from Civic to Fyshwick and back again goes through the Causeway.

I had no idea it existed until I started catching the bus to work.


dexi 12:57 pm 16 Jan 09

As quiet as Stabwood.

Sorry Thumper.

Delish 12:49 pm 16 Jan 09

What opposed to quick-knifed community!

bubzie 12:40 pm 16 Jan 09

Basically, its like charnwood, but its a tight-knit community. 🙂

Duke 12:35 pm 16 Jan 09

Drove in there once out of curiosity, spotted some kid on his front porch playing a banjo, then proceeded to smoke both tyres in making my escape.

The cat did it 12:34 pm 16 Jan 09

It was originally built as government temporary housing – late ’40s I think, but possibly pre World War 2. It developed a strong local identity, even had its own community hall (which is still there). Rents were cheap, which was also part of the attraction. The temporary housing got pretty dilapidated by the early 70s (it was rumoured that Eastlake Football Club used to send pressgangs there to gather recruits for its junior ranks). Government wanted to knock it all down and move residents to other parts of Canberra, but the locals put up a fight, and the Feds (this was pre-self government IIRC) eventually and reluctantly agreed to rebuild some of the houses- this why the lower part has streets but no houses.

willo 12:28 pm 16 Jan 09

hmm…go out there after dark when the wife beaters swing into action….i spend a bit of time there for work and it aint all that rosy,,,having said that it is only a handful of residents causing all the ruckus……

Thumper 12:21 pm 16 Jan 09

I agree. There were little kids wandering around like old time Sydney. The place looks like a close knit community.

Dexi, ‘quiet’, not ‘Quite’ 😉

dexi 12:12 pm 16 Jan 09

I think you will find it is safe and quite. People like living there. Its not a slum.

Some of you really should get out more.

taco 12:12 pm 16 Jan 09

I rode past it while doing a full lap of the lake a while back – it’s an odd little part of town… Newcastle street does extend into it, but the two parts of the road don’t actually meet.

I heard they gave up on the suburb part way through after an outbreak of mosquito borne disease from the nearby swamp in the 60s

I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is bulldozed to extend the Kingston Foreshore development.

hairy nosed wombat 12:02 pm 16 Jan 09

If you check the older pictures of Canberra the Causeway used to be all prefab fibro houses, that got knocked down in the early / mid 70s. what is left is a number (under 100) brick houses that were built in the 70s / 80. And yes most are govie houses.

Just next door is the Canberra railway museum and the Canberra Society of Scale Model Engineers. Both are worth a visit, but check the scale model engineers web site to see if they have any scale model trains operating that day.

phototext 11:56 am 16 Jan 09

Soon to be knocked down and overun by the Kingston Foreshore development no doubt.

It exists. Dunno about how much truth there is to being a rough no go area though. Looks rough but poverty often does.

That whole area, Kingston Foreshore, Jerrabombera Wetlands, had workers cottages etc in the early sixties when Canberra was being built. Was quite a built up area.

seekay 11:55 am 16 Jan 09

It is a contemptible dump – a couple of blocks of isolated, nasty public housing.

Even the thickest public sector planner must have realised that depositing public housing tenants between rail yards and a wasteland would create a slum, but they went and did it.

Thumper 11:49 am 16 Jan 09

Yes, the causeway still exists. It’s a strange sort of piece of history reminiscent of 1950s Sydney, ginger meggs sort of stuff, but with a large population of low income earners and what appears to be public housing.

It’s not bad at all.

p1 11:48 am 16 Jan 09

Google has been there. It doesn’t look that bad on street view, although looking at the satelite photos shows that the “suburb” was only ever half built, and is somewhat isolated from the rest of society.

The map shows Newcastle street actually crossing a causeway, something that never quite got built…

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