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Who let the dogs out? – And what do I do about them?

By tylersmayhem - 20 January 2009 73

My wife was jogging around Flynn yesterday morning as she usually does, when she came across a Staffy / Pit-bull cross who stopped her in her tracks.  He came out from in front of a property and went after her.  After some scrambling, falling on the ground and some panicked running she was able to hide from it. She came home a bit scratched up and very shaken up.

Neither my wife or I are scared of dogs, in fact we both love them and my wife formerly owned a Rottweiler.  Earlier in the morning before this incident, she crossed paths with owners and their big dogs, and has never caused her any problems.

She went jogging again this morning and saw the dog, who was walking along with another dog and it’s owner, and caused her no grief.  The person walking their dog was not the owner. So it appears this dog is out often with no supervision.

My questions are these:

    1. WTF is this dog not behind a fence, or at very least out and about under owners supervision?  We all know the stories that we read about each year with kids and adults alike being mauled, sometime to death by these breeds.  I believe it should be enforceable to have these dogs supervised or behind a fence at all times if people keep insisting on owning them.

    2. While neither of us want to have this animal separated from it’s owner, or the welfare of the dog jeopardised – what is the best way to make sure the owner puts this dog behind a fence?  We don’t particularly want to follow the dog to where it lives – nor get close enough to see the tag on it’s collar.  Pursued once is close enough either of us would like to get.

    3. When dogs set on people, what is the best action to take.  While running is doubtfully one of them – does anyone have some proper advice in case this happens again?

I expect plenty of backlash about this one on here – but the welfare of my wife if far more important than any dog which has come after her.  Ideas and suggestions would be great.  And just maybe we might stop a mauling before it happens.

What’s Your opinion?

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73 Responses to
Who let the dogs out? – And what do I do about them?
AngryHenry 12:05 pm 20 Jan 09

Right!~ Now I know what 10-80 is.

Deciet you’re a pr*ck.

If you think baiting dogs is the best way to handle it maybe you should go back to your bunker and spend some more of that quality time with your sister. Then when you guys have your puppies you can serve their little in-bred deformed bodies some 10-80 and repeat the process until you get it right.

PsydFX 12:04 pm 20 Jan 09

Deadmandrinking said :

Umm, but what happens when your license is gone? Does the dog get taken away and destroyed?
Or do you?

Not sure, but I’m sure you can get around it by suggesting that you need your dog for “work puposes”

Deadmandrinking 12:00 pm 20 Jan 09

Umm, but what happens when your license is gone? Does the dog get taken away and destroyed?
Or do you?

Madame Workalot 12:00 pm 20 Jan 09

That’s a disgusting comment Deceit – have you seen what 10-80 does to animals?

Tylers – how terrifying! I would recommend calling DAS and reporting the area the dog was in. They may be able to catch it and check its collar/scan for a microchip. Yes, there’s a good chance it will get put down but there is no place for animals like that if the owner is not willing to properly secure it.

Not sure what the solution to the overall problem is, but I don’t endorse breed bans. Not all dogs of a certain breed are of a bad temperament. I, however, also believe that any dog capable of causing serious damage to another dog or person should be muzzled whenever in public.

PsydFX 11:57 am 20 Jan 09

erm… its not it’s

PsydFX 11:55 am 20 Jan 09

Tempestas said :

Perhaps its time to consider licencing Dog owners.

That way the responsible people have nothing to worry about and the “I just need a pit-bull” for my ego/machismo crowd can fail.

Imagine the Ads:
If you’re dog is caught not wearing it’s collar this Australia Day Weekend, that’s half your license gone.

AngryHenry 11:54 am 20 Jan 09

deceit said :

Solution to the matter: 10-80

What’s 10-80?

Danman 11:53 am 20 Jan 09

Perhaps its time to consider licencing Dog owners

Pure unadulterated logic.

I mean licensing drivers ensured that there are no irresponsible driving right ?

/End sarcasm

deceit 11:47 am 20 Jan 09

Solution to the matter: 10-80

Tempestas 11:47 am 20 Jan 09

Perhaps its time to consider licencing Dog owners.

That way the responsible people have nothing to worry about and the “I just need a pit-bull” for my ego/machismo crowd can fail.

AngryHenry 11:46 am 20 Jan 09

Stand your ground and don;t turn your back on the bugger, try and make yourself bigger than them but stay calm, I reckon they’re pretty intuitive when it comes to people, they tend to try and dominate people if they think they’re scared of them. The dog has claimed that area as their tettitory so they are defending it and you have to be bigger but remain calm to claim it back, without shouting and freaking out.

That said I had what looked like a mixed up pitbull crossed with god-knows what else chase the other day and I was absolutely sh*tting it! But I did stand my ground, he had a go at me, then backed off and I thought it was okay to turn around but as soon as I did he went straight for the back of my thigh. Which proved to me I shouldn’t turn my back on one if it comes at me.

I think it’s disgraceful that people allow dogs to roam around like that and their should be hefty fines for doing it, and their pets should be taken off them if they can’t handle them. I do understand from time to time accidents do happen however, a bit of diligence ensures that this can be avoided more often than not.

For the record I am not against dangerous breeds either, I have friends that are responsible dog owners with Pit Bulls and they are well looked after, socialised and great to be around. I bred Rottweilers when I was younger too. Big dogs need constant work and stimulation to keep them in check, if you stop doing that they’ll totally dominate your household and eventually the neighbourhood.

jimbocool 11:46 am 20 Jan 09

1. It’s the owners’ responsibility to make sure that a dog is adequately secured when in public. If a dog is off-leash (in a non-offleash area) then the owner is committing an offence and it should be reported to Domestic Animal Services. Doubly so if the dog is behaving in a threatening manner.
2. It’s generally a good idea to talk to the owners first before going to DAS – they maybe unaware that the dog gets out, or unaware that it hassles passers-by. A reasonable person will take action to fix the situation. If that doesn’t work, or the owners are unreasonable then contact DAS and complain about a dangerous dog.
3. Running is a bad idea, as dogs like to chase things. Standing your ground and yelling “bah!” in a firm tone followed by the command “drop!” in conjuction with a chopping hand movement should work on any dog that has had any training. If that doesn’t work then hiding is the best option, and then report to DAS.

PsydFX 11:44 am 20 Jan 09

So let me get this straight, there is a dog that is on the loose and has shown aggression and you’ve decided to post about it on RA rather than inform the appropriate authorities who may well prevent this dog from attacking a small child.

justbands 11:39 am 20 Jan 09

Ring the ACT Gvt on their 13 number….they’ll put you through to the Dog Control mob, tell them your story & they’ll know how to proceed.

johnboy 11:38 am 20 Jan 09

You definitely don’t want to run away, and you don’t want the dog to close on you either.

Without wanting to endorse animal cruelty, if you feel genuinely threatened then my advice would be:

1. Stay calm and don’t turn your back on the dog, back away slowly.

2. If there’s a stout stick to hand and the dog is coming at you swing and swing hard.

3. In the absence of axe handles a kick *can* fend them off, but you’d want to be wearing solid shoes.

4. Worst comes to worst climb a tree and call for help.

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