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Mafia, The Chuffs, All In Brawl, and The Toxicmen at The Basement – Reviewed

Lou_Zarr 21 January 2009 7

Gig review – Friday 16th of January, The Basement, Belconnen ACT. 

Seems like no one else writes any sort of gig review these days, so I thought I’d have another crack at it. 
*Please note all the views and opinions in this article are my view and opinions so if you don’t like ’em……..tough.
*The gig flyer said there was to be 3 bands playing on the night.  Mafia, Talisien and The Chuffs. 

I haven’t heard of Mafia or Talisien before, but I know that The Chuffs are a good fun band, so after a few starter drinks at the Pot, I made my way down to the Basement.

The live music side of things kicked off with the first band of the night Mafia taking to the stage as the Muppets song played as an intro to their set.  Have to say it was a pretty cool way for a band to start the night.I’d never heard Mafia play before, and I was happy to discover that they are a very good hard rocking band with plenty of cool, catchy original tunes with some interesting covers thrown in for good measure, which mixed up their set nicely.  A good fun band and a well structured set.  I would totally recommend going and checking these guys out at their next gig. 

Next up was The Chuffs.  I’ve seen these boys play several times before and they always put on a good show.  This was no exception.  Great rock music from start to finish.  I was a little sad to hear that this was to be their second last gig. Almost shed a tear in all honesty.  I think they play their final gig at the Potbelly in Feb, so if you like good music, make sure you go see them before it’s too late. 

After a short break, it was All In Brawl who took to the stage.  I was told All In Brawl were a short notice replacement for Talisien who had to pull out at the last minute.  All In Brawl are a very well oiled hardcore band, who paced their set very nicely.  Their skin headed singer looked a bit like a Nazi, but he made it very clear on several occasions that they are ‘not a f**king Nazi band’!  Fair enough too, who am I to argue with that? 

Thumbs up though for a very well played set lads, nice work! Finally, The Toxicmen took to the stage.  Apparently, these boys were confirmed to play, then pulled out, and then jumped back on board at the last minute which is why they ended up playing last.  I have to say that it was getting pretty late by this stage, so I wasn’t really as into these guys as I would have been if they had of played a bit earlier.  They played a typically good set of punk rock songs, which I’m sure were very enjoyable, but I was too tired to care, so I ended up leaving after about 6 or 7 songs and jumped in the first available taxi and took my leave. 

I only have one small amount of criticism for one of the bands who I will not name. (They will probably know whom I am talking about anyway).  Do not under any circumstances let your drummer near a microphone ever again!  I’ve seen him play with another band somewhere before and he never has anything even remotely intelligent to say. 

Never have I heard more rubbish come out of one person.  He’s not a great singer, he can’t talk with any amount of intelligence, so please don’t give him a microphone. Ok, sorry folks.  I’ve got that out of my system, now back to the music: T’was a typically good, fun night at the Basement with plenty of cool people to hang out with. 

Congratulations to all the bands for the good solid efforts that they all put in.  It was a pleasure as always.  See you next time!

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Mafia, The Chuffs, All In Brawl, and The Toxicmen at The Basement – Reviewed
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Ahh Splat 2:28 pm 22 Jan 09

Dude, drummers can say what they want. Adds a little comedy to the show.

Thumper 11:49 am 22 Jan 09

We wouldn’t dare give our drummer a mike. As it is, I can bag him out heaps and he can’t reply 😉

Lou_Zarr 11:23 am 22 Jan 09

Nambucco, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and not publically ridicule people that I don’t know. Ha ha. And yes, I left out a comment about the sticky floors and the toilets……..hmmm……..

But as best I can remember, there was only 1 band on the night who’s drummer used a mic, so I’m sure if you really want/need to, you can work it out from there. The band was great, but their drummer wouldn’t shut up.

And Les Lozenger, you are most welcome for the review. I was bored, so I thought I’d write something about the night. I like reading local band reviews (as long as they’re honest) so hopefully y’all liked this one. If not tough.



Les Lozenger 12:40 am 22 Jan 09

Cheers Lou for reviewing The Chuffs – especially since it’s a nice review!!! You Rock !!!

Unfortunately our last gig is indeed coming up. It’s on the 7th of Feb at the Potbelly with Boundless and Bad Voodoo.

It will be a sad occasion for me but i will drink a beer or 40 after the show and who knows, the Gods of Beerdom may approach us that night and speaketh unto us of ways to go forth and conquer Chuffishly. Having said that, i might need to charge the mobile to record the conversation in order to remember the Godly advice.

Beer and Rock
Rock and Beer

Danman 7:29 pm 21 Jan 09

Drummers eh…. Who’d-a-thunk-it

PM 5:09 pm 21 Jan 09

Very cold beer, too.

Nambucco Deliria 4:26 pm 21 Jan 09

“I only have one small amount of criticism for one of the bands who I will not name. (They will probably know whom I am talking about anyway)”.

If you’re going to review a band at least have the courage of your convictions – If a band, or members thereof suck, you need to tell us who it/they are! And remember, no comment on the basement is complete without reference
(a) to the state of the toilets, and
(b) the stickiness of the floor underfoot.

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