The accused Downer Murderer and me

Emily 25 January 2009 79

Court Case of McDougall [ED – guessing here that we’re talking about this one] on 10th Feb 2009

    – I have known him personally for years, for 8 years I have adored McDougall!

    – I will be there on 10th Feb to see him there – And all be known that I have been fond of him for years.

    – No matter what he did i still care for him but wish he would just be upfront.

    – I lost my mobile recently in ACT & if anyone has found it please hand it in as it has photos of Scott on there that I do not wish to be released to the public.

    – By the way does anyone have photos of him?


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79 Responses to The accused Downer Murderer and me
Charnyboy Charnyboy 7:25 pm 13 Jul 11

If you know Scott that well, it’s quite simple to write to him.If you were that close then he’d know your number and he’d call you from the prison.If he hasn’t ,then you must’nt be?
A clear attempt to gain some sort of attention.
It appears to me that have issues?Who cares that you know Scott and that you have photos of him?You don’t want the phone back,you just want people to know you knew him and want some attention.A touch ridiculous when your anonymous.Who would they send the phone to should it be found?Em of ?? street ??I agree with the majority of these commentors! GET A LIFE!!!

Charnyboy Charnyboy 6:41 pm 13 Jul 11

Mr Waffle said :

Will they allow conjugal visits at the new prison/holiday home, I wonder?

yes they do but they are called family visits and they only go for four hours.

gift gift 12:07 am 11 Jul 09

Julianx – Whoever you are spot on. May this festering waste of space be committed to trial in the next few weeks then once inside may he get back from the universe exactly what he deserves.

julianx julianx 10:30 am 08 Feb 09

Hey ant go back to your pissant life you worthless parasite. Amber, Em, whoever you are, you deserve Macdougall, he always was a joke, yes i knew this coward, he was as pathetic in life as he will be in death, this festering scab of society will never get away with his crime, he will get what he deserves. Yes i knew Julie and the family better than most, peace to you, I’m sure justice, whether court ordered or not will be done.

Thesun08 Thesun08 6:56 pm 06 Feb 09

Amber this is not a game or a soap opera, these people (victims families) deserve dignity and respect and its terribly sad that you don’t think about that because their pain is much more real than your fantasy and this is not helping him either (Scott). It has nothing to do with you, don’t add to this sad situation.. So if you really care about Scott I suggest that you move on..

ant ant 11:47 pm 01 Feb 09

Scrag fight at 11. I imagine that it’s probably good for us to be exposed to these kinds of people, in small doses. Probably.

Granny Granny 10:59 pm 01 Feb 09

I very much hope that justice will be done, and that this will bring some measure of comfort to you all, Marilyn.

I don’t claim to know what happens when people die. I have believed many different things at different times. What is important is for you to feel that your daughter is at peace, and I hope that this finally brings the closure you feel she is looking for.

Big hug,

rose1 rose1 9:47 pm 01 Feb 09

Thank you, I have to be strong for my family and my poor old mother who 82 years old, I only hope it doesn’t take its toll on her, I just wish he would be a man and plead guilty so we don’t have to go through all this, dragging on, prolonging his sentence but I will do whatever it takes to get justice for Julie who was an inccent victim, she will not rest until the court case is over and justice is done, she is still around us in spirit.


rose1 rose1 9:23 pm 01 Feb 09

That goes for your friend Bella, KEEP AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Granny Granny 8:10 pm 01 Feb 09

It sounds like you’re just going through the most awful time, Marilyn. I think we’ve all made it pretty clear to Amber what we think of her around here.

We pretty much all just want her to go away.

I’m glad you have something to hold on to in this terrible time of pain and sorrow, and I really do wish you and your family peace and hope you will know happiness again one day.

It is just so sad.

rose1 rose1 7:58 pm 01 Feb 09

Don’t come in arms reach of me or my family, friends

rose1 rose1 7:57 pm 01 Feb 09

sorry about your child, I didn’t know, I’m not an angrey person, I believe in karma and he will not rob us of our lives, my faith has helped me (new age) I believe in the after life, just a very hard time as my brother is dying of cancer, he isn’t fifty yet, maybe only 4,5,6 weeks to live, I don’t need someone with the likes Amber getting on site stirring up things up, she has tried to have a conversation at court with me, and hovers around to hear what she can for the media, she has been told to leave us alone, bad news that one, a real sicko

Granny Granny 6:41 pm 01 Feb 09

Of course I would, Marilyn.

Most people on this site would know that I had a child molested, so I know how it feels to want to kill someone – to fantasise about it even.

But I know that in the end the bitterness and hatred were consuming me and not hurting him in the slightest. It was very freeing for me to let go of all that. If I hadn’t I would have ended up twisted and warped.

I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. No woman should have to bury a child.

You have my deepest, deepest sympathy. If I could turn back time and change the world for you, I would.

Killing him won’t bring back one hair of Julie’s head and would make you a killer like him. But you can be bigger than him. You are better than him. That is what I realised on my own journey out of despair.

You don’t have to make us hate him. We already do.

rose1 rose1 6:27 pm 01 Feb 09

Granny! I wonder if you would feel the same if it were your daughter who was murdered? I am bringing out my anger on this site, as I was told by my councellor that I am suppressing my anger, this is the only way I can vent the anger, who else can I take it out on, certaining not my family as we are going through so much pain, and I would gladly pull the trigger on monster without a second thought

Granny Granny 4:38 pm 01 Feb 09

Yes, just hold onto that.

As long as there is free speech there will always be people who say hurtful and shocking things – sometimes intentionally and sometimes without thinking. That is hard, but it is the way of the world. You can’t fight that. I’ve tried, and it’s just not possible.

All you can do is put your point of view with dignity. Most people will respect your grief.

I still believe that freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, even with all the negative words that are spoken.

I know you have been fighting long and hard to defend your sister, but nobody can hurt her anymore. They can only hurt you.

You really need to look after you right now. I really think it is good that you can let these hurts go. I can’t speak for Julie, but if you were my sister I would just want you to be happy.

binnoski binnoski 3:57 pm 01 Feb 09

Thank you Granny for your kind words.

If I appear to be bitter that certainly was not my intention certainly upset but not bitter. Two lives have already been taken & our family will not let this person take our lives from us. The saddness and pain will never go away but in time we will find better ways of coping with this tragedy.

Again it is another reminder that life is short & to live each day to the fullest, appreciate the quality time you have with family & close friends – You never know what is around the corner in life.

I dont feel the need to give Ant the time of day to fire back with a nasty reply as that is what he/she is looking for. We are a family that is alot stronger than ever before & as court proceeds I am sure that there will be many more remarks made from people & rumours that are made up to make a headline story however that is not our business what one chooses to say/write it is all gossip.

We know how loving our Julie was & thats what matters most, nothing else.

imhotep imhotep 2:29 pm 01 Feb 09

This is a terrible thread.

Granny, as always a cooling voice of sanity and compassion in a sea of casual nastiness.

shauno shauno 2:09 pm 01 Feb 09

Jeese this is a strange thread. Anyway it begs the question can you be arrested for stalking a killer in gaol?

Granny Granny 12:10 pm 01 Feb 09

Most commenters here don’t need to be told that these murders are serious, which is why Amber/Em sickened and disgusted us; but if you reduce yourself to their level you just lose public sympathy which I’m sure is not your intention.

I abhor capital punishment and I’m glad I live in a nation that had the decency to get rid of it.

Yes, we all get that ‘line them up against a wall’ feeling from time to time, especially when we hear of real cruelty, but we would sacrifice so much that is good about our legal system in order to satisfy that bloodlust.

rose1 rose1 12:09 pm 01 Feb 09

Ant or is it pissant
They would not allow such trash, unlike this site

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