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The accused Downer Murderer and me

By Emily - 25 January 2009 79

Court Case of McDougall [ED – guessing here that we’re talking about this one] on 10th Feb 2009

    – I have known him personally for years, for 8 years I have adored McDougall!

    – I will be there on 10th Feb to see him there – And all be known that I have been fond of him for years.

    – No matter what he did i still care for him but wish he would just be upfront.

    – I lost my mobile recently in ACT & if anyone has found it please hand it in as it has photos of Scott on there that I do not wish to be released to the public.

    – By the way does anyone have photos of him?


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79 Responses to
The accused Downer Murderer and me
heinous 2:06 pm 25 Jan 09

…as it has photos of Scott on there that I do not wish to be released to the public

How tantalizing. I wonder what is in the photos. Can anyone speculate? Let’s hope a RiotACTor finds them.

SadMushroom 1:48 pm 25 Jan 09

I just went back and read some of the posts about this Downer Murder.
As with anything that happens in life, noone will ever really know exactly what went on to start or finish it except for the people involved. (the murdered and the murderer)

What has become too familiar is people from Queanbeyan getting the sh*ts about something and just thinking they can go and kill people.
Police are finally starting to investigate and catch (alleged) murderers but there is still too many unsolved over the years for my liking.

Making excuses for the (alleged) murderer is just a spiteful way to cause more suffering to the family/friends of the victims.

When and if found guilty (all) these people should be dealt a LIFE sentence with NO chance of EVER getting out.

Mr Waffle 12:38 pm 25 Jan 09

Will they allow conjugal visits at the new prison/holiday home, I wonder?

Ozi 12:00 pm 25 Jan 09

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

SadMushroom 11:41 am 25 Jan 09

It is weird how many people accused of murder suddenly amass a fan club.
In daily life these fans probably had nothing to do with the accused on a daily basis.
Probably never leant them money or helped in a crisis YET once accused of murder these fans come out of the woodwork and are their mates.

Emily obviously has a crush on Scott who had a crush on Julie. If the guy wasn’t in jail this would be Ems chance to make a move.

shauno 11:17 am 25 Jan 09

Be an interesting study for a psychologist. She must be like those loons who fall in love with serial killers and the like on death row in the US.

Roadrage77 11:11 am 25 Jan 09



Roadrage77 11:08 am 25 Jan 09

There goes that Scott McDouche – what a dreamboat!

Granny 10:38 am 25 Jan 09

I’m pretty sure it’s not serious, though ….

It doesn’t really matter either way because it’s still a nasty thing to do.

He or she might get off on winding us up and creating a bit of a stir, but it will still be like a knife for the families of the victims.

And even if it were true then ‘Em’ should not rub the families’ noses in it.

Selfish and cruel.

BerraBoy68 10:30 am 25 Jan 09

Emily’s post kind of says ‘stalker’ to me.

willo 10:27 am 25 Jan 09

go and get some counselling emily……ya weirdo

johnboy 10:25 am 25 Jan 09

Actually BWK we love tabloid crap and want more!

dexi 10:16 am 25 Jan 09

Very weird Em. What is it you hope to achieve with this post.

Where you on “Law and Order” this week?

Granny 10:15 am 25 Jan 09


Beserk Keyboard Warr 10:01 am 25 Jan 09

Emily, is there not a way you can get the attention you obviously crave that doesn’t involve pi$$ing on the grave of murder victims?

You’re a bottom-feeding germ. Plain and simple.

This sort of tabloid crap doesn’t belong here.

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