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Stefaniak says gaming tax will break clubs

By Kerces 2 September 2005 7

The ACT Government’s proposed gaming tax could cause many of Canberra’s gaming clubs to fold, Bill Stefaniak warns.

Mr Stefaniak said the proposed tax on gaming machines, to take effect from 1 July 2006, would put extra pressure on clubs particularly since the smoking ban coming into effect at the end of this year is expected to decrease clubs’ revenue by 15 per cent.

“This tax could well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and sends most of Canberra’s clubs to the wall,” he said.

He also notes that although the government is saying the new tax will bring in more money, if it causes a drop in clubs’ revenue then there won’t be as much money to help fill the government’s coffers. His figures, based on statistics from the Licensed Clubs Association, show a likely difference of $18 million between last year’s revenue raised from clubs and the projection for 2007-08.

And lastly he says if the clubs fold because the government is taking too much money from them in one way or another, this “would have a huge social and economic effect” because of the various clubs’ involvement in sport competitions and community contributions.

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Stefaniak says gaming tax will break clubs
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el 4:36 pm 05 Sep 05

More likely the Govt will tax the hell out of them and then grant them more pokie licences (so they can tax the hell out of them some more.)

johnboy 1:01 pm 04 Sep 05

Pokies and the fiction of licensed clubs as community organisations have been corrupting the body politic, strangling the culture and destroying lives for a generation.

Tax the hell out of them until they’re just barely profitable and remove the restrictions i say.

And if Bill’s rugby team have to pay for their own jumpers next year then who the hell cares?

Thumper 6:05 pm 02 Sep 05

Um, ‘laying clubs’ was meant to be ‘playing clubs’

Laying clubs would be a lifetime commitment….


Thumper 6:03 pm 02 Sep 05


Yep, totally agree.

When I first started laying clubs were the lifeblood of live music. Okay, it was generally covers but you could always manage to slip in 10 or so originals and get away with it.

And, more importantly, bands were bands. As in, guitar, drums, bass, at a minimum, but real bands.

These days we are subjected to boring and bored musos playing boring sequenced covers to bored punters.

It sucks.

However, I don’t think this has anything to do with pokies and people willingly giving their money away.

The Junior cricket club that my sons played for and who I have coached for many a year have been recently told by their club, a rather large one currently engaged in massive extensions near Kippax ovals but who will remain nameless, have cut all funding to affiliate clubs. As such, the junior cricket club has a home, a name, but no sponsorship.

This sucks big time.

We continually get told that clubs are here for the community and they inject massive funds into the said community. We are also told that our kids are fat and lazy and need to exercise more.

Cutting funding to junior sports is not the way to go in this case.

And yet, you have people gambling their life away. this is not a good thing but the right wing side of me comes out here and I can say stuff them. If they want to gamble shit loads on the pokies then so be it. I am not their keeper.

Disclaimer: I don’t gamble, except on ANZAC Day when I just hand money over to Maelinar who always hammers me at two up. But thats another story.

And so we have the dilemma. Clubs say they can’t make enough revenue without gambling yet seem to be able to survive quite well.

We end up with sub standard entertainment and kids miss out on vital sports funding.

Why you may ask? Because someone in some wanky social program decides that pokies are bad therefore, as usual, we will totally regulate them so that we can protect these people from these evils.

Maybe someone should suggest self responsibility? Maybe more self help groups for gambling could be formed?

i don’t know, but I’m tired of the government, or anyone, telling us how to live our lives and regulating so that we can do what they want or what they believe they want.

Make no doubt, I believe addicted gamblers should have help. And yet, that little idea of responsibility keeps creeping into my head.

Why should we all suffer for the sins of some? The answer is simple, because this is how our current government works.

Its not an easy answer either way.

Esquire 3:36 pm 02 Sep 05

Pokies have been killing live music venues for some time now. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some of these gaming clubs fold.

ssanta 2:39 pm 02 Sep 05

The noly with banning poker machines will be $4 schooners. It will dissapoint me, but at least I wont have to listen to pokies.

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