Air conditioning installation?

yangzi 21 May 2020 29


Is there anyone who knows how much it costs to install air conditioning?

Any good tradesmen to call?


[ED – You might have left it a little late.]

If you’re in the market for an air conditioning unit, check out our article on The Best Air-Conditioning Services in Canberra for a list of where to look in town.


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29 Responses to Air conditioning installation?
cleo cleo 2:32 am 12 Mar 11

I have double brick, it’s the best, my unit is good in summer or winter, I leave window’s open all summer, but close the shades, in winter during the day all window’s open, come 4pm I close all window’s and doors, works well.

finder finder 10:38 pm 08 Feb 09

The federal government is planning on offering some cash to install insulation (if the bill passes on Thursday). Roof insulation has got to be the single best way of saving money on heating/cooling.

sepi sepi 10:30 pm 08 Feb 09

Double brick is good for one hot day, but in a heatwave like this, once all the brick walls heat up, they don’t lose that heat in a hurry. I still think double brick is better than brick veneer.

Windows that get full sun on them are a shocker too. They say that a square foot of window in full sun is like having a fan heater in the room!

Granny Granny 10:29 pm 08 Feb 09

I’m going to Tassie the day after tomorrow. Beautiful, wonderful, terrifical sub-twenty temperatures. Bl-iss!!

: )

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:26 pm 08 Feb 09

Whereas I just spent money to get the hell out of Canberra for the weekend. I have no airconditioning at home and the place I rented did 🙂

Granny Granny 10:05 pm 08 Feb 09

Wow, I always thought double brick was meant to be cooler …. (?)

sepi sepi 9:59 pm 08 Feb 09

Ours is double brick too and I’ve got everything open right now – 24 outside and falling, and the house is cooling right down.

I”m investigating plants I can put in next to the Western Walls too, to stop them heating up so much. It will need to be tough plants though.

I-filed I-filed 8:21 pm 08 Feb 09

Gertrude you can take that approach with a weatherboardy but not double brick unfortunately. They simply do not cool down overnight …

Granny Granny 2:46 pm 08 Feb 09

I’m going to try that, sepi! My air-conditioning campaign is still failing dismally, and anything is worth a go!!

sepi sepi 1:50 pm 08 Feb 09

I got hardcore yesterday and put cardboard in some of the sunniest windows – it really made a difference in those rooms!

I won’t leave it there, but it is worth a try in a real heatwave.

Gertrude Gertrude 10:40 am 08 Feb 09

I’m with finder. No cooling appliances used yet this summer – apart from the trusty spray bottle which we keep in the fridge. I also close the house early in the morning, and open all blinds and windows again once it has cooled down outside. Makes a huge difference. And my house has not been retrofitted or cleverly sited to increase energy efficiency – it’s just a boxy, old, weatherboard ex-govy.

If we don’t take every opportunity to minimize energy consumption, how are we ever going to save the planet? I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty for attempting to keep themselves and their families comfortable, but it’s worth mentioning.

finder finder 6:28 am 08 Feb 09

I use a passive (less agressive) system of cooling the house at night (leave windows open) and insulate (close up) house during the day plus fans to move the air around. The house has the correct orientation (by choice) good insulation in walls and ceilings plus lots of deciduous trees providing shade. I have monitored inside and outside minimum/maximum temperatures over last seven days: Average inside temperatures min 23.7 max 29.6 average outside temps: min 21.8 max 35.4. Highest recorded temperature inside house was yesterday at 32 degrees while outside was 40.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 7:10 pm 07 Feb 09

Ducted refrigerated, maybe. The only energy ducted evaporative uses is for the fan.

I-filed I-filed 5:30 pm 07 Feb 09

Doesn’t ACTEW still have a deal where you get a no-interest two-year loan on a unit they supply and install? No-one has mentioned it have they? That’s how I got mine … I barely noticed the repayments as they were automatically deducted from my bank account.

WMC: because ducted uses more energy; in a small house you can’t shut off most of the house, there’s a minimum number of rooms you have to cool/heat. We only need to heat a couple of rooms in winter as we never sleep in a heated room.

Sepi: my house is double brick, has a big wall facing west, and would be an oven if I let it heat up. 🙂

sepi sepi 5:18 pm 07 Feb 09

i would feel guilty leaving mine on overnight and when i’m out.

even last night it got down to 22 overnight outside.

i set ours to 25 and only use it on and off while home.

each to their own tho – and every house is different.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 4:34 pm 07 Feb 09

avoids the need for ducted airconditioning, which would make me feel guilty


DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 4:25 pm 07 Feb 09

Best units on the market are Daikin, quiet, efficient and effective. didnt have the money to get one so settled for a panasonic inverter.. 4 week installation lead time
Good guys have a deal with an installer(didnt get it from them) so maybe they can do it faster?

MWF MWF 4:23 pm 07 Feb 09

Yep. The only way to get it installed ASAP is to severely suck up to the installation guy. A couple of years ago I offered him cash and bought the unit from him, that seemed to clinch the deal. Otherwise the next appointment for an installation was in April.

New Yeah New Yeah 3:58 pm 07 Feb 09

Check out this government funded website for details on air conditioning and installation

I-filed I-filed 2:08 pm 07 Feb 09

I run a small, quiet $3000 Daikin split cycle unit and then station a cheap fan two rooms down, which then blows cool air into the rest of the (small) house when I am using those rooms. This strategy keeps the house bearable but not actually cool all through, and avoids the need for ducted airconditioning, which would make me feel guilty. I keep it on 23 degrees on the lowest fan setting, which seems to work better than say 18 degrees, because it’s less of a shock coming in from outside. And yes, I run it 24 hours on the lowest setting, because that works out better than blasting a hot house in the afternoon when I get home from work.
Don’t anyone go near those swamp coolers – they work for a while in dry heat, but then they give your house humid, yes, swamp atmosphere and the evaporation effect ceases to work.
It’s best not to take any airconditioning steps without things like external blinds, blockout curtain lining, honeycomb blinds and top-rated insulation (all of which I have) – otherwise it wastes too much energy, which will cost a motza in a few years!

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