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TUGGERANONG HYPERDOME’S HUNGRY JACK’S- Are you really that hungry???

By Americanberran - 5 March 2009 142

It was just a typical stop-in today, at the Hungry Jack’s in Tuggy.. precisely the problem.

It all started with that androgynous cashier (who always seems to find me) taking my order. You know, the one with the unkempt curly brown hair and indiscernible voice (by the way: this, how shall we say, individual, is quite courteous & attentive, and is prolly the best part of the HJ experience there.. speaks volumes in itself!) 

The food arrives, and although I’m dining in, it behooves management to afford me a tray (as usual). I proceed to the dining area and intensely survey the scene, so as to not “make the scene” at the cleaners later. So, two minutes later, I open the bag and notice half my fries in its container, and the other half in a container known as the bag. I break the bag open, so as to reveal the crudest of plates to the boisterous onlookers.

Predictably, the chips are dehydrated (who says this isn’t health food? lol), so i just pretend they’re potato chips… My Double Whopper Junior was also dried-out; hard to say if it was because it was burnt or over-microwaved… The Sprite I ordered tasted like some sort of Reg Sprite/Diet Sprite/water hybrid… My sundae had melted by mealtime’s end, but no worries maties, I desperately needed that drink!

They call it a “Stunner Deal”.. and man, they ain’t kiddin’, either!!!

What’s Your opinion?

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142 Responses to
TUGGERANONG HYPERDOME’S HUNGRY JACK’S- Are you really that hungry???
jakez 9:22 am 05 Mar 09

Granny said :

Why do you keep going there?

I really disliked your comments on the appearance of the cashier, by the way.

I agree. OP lost any sympathy from me at the very start.

Mate, Hungry Jacks microwaves their burgers. WELL DONE ON THIS AMAZING DISCOVERY!

If you are going to do one of these complaint stories on RiotACT, it needs to be about something at least reasonably unique.

What next? KFC chicken surprisingly oily? McDonald’s ‘Made for You’ has made Macca’s super slow for a burger that doesn’t taste any better?

justbands 9:22 am 05 Mar 09

What is it with Americans & racism? (sorry if I’m making a false assumption of you being American ant)

“The place was all Mexicans”

If there’s one thing I noticed when I was in the states, it was how poorly just about everyone treated Mexicans. It was as though they were considered less than human.

ant 9:16 am 05 Mar 09

Ha, you think that’s bad. I used the drive-through at Burger King (Hungry’s) in Park City before dawn a few weeks back. I had a 1.5 hour drive to Powder Mountain, had to be there on time to join a big training event (going out on cats so if you missed it, you missed out). So I ordered the breakfast deal with coffee. The place was all Mexicans. Got to the window, got my coffee, and a bag. Bag felt a bit light but I figured the muffins or whatever were small and full of air. 15 minutes down the I-80 I opened the bag to find it contained…. some napkins and containers of half and half.

And yes, I shall tell THAT story fairly often. I am so glad that Burger King pays such crap wages that it can only attract staff who don’t give a crap, and hope that the negative publicity they cop as a result annoys them.

Joker 9:14 am 05 Mar 09

I dislike Hungry Jacks almost as much as I hate people using ‘prolly’ instead of the word probably….. argggg!

Granny 9:14 am 05 Mar 09

Why do you keep going there?

I really disliked your comments on the appearance of the cashier, by the way.

bubzie 9:06 am 05 Mar 09

i was in said hungry jacks yesterday, and agree with the drink issue…i got a coke, and it was just the soda crap. with no coke syrup.
tried another drink (possibly fanta?), it tasted like …i dont even know what.

but pfft, i hear thats just average for them..

c` 9:03 am 05 Mar 09

I don’t think you know what ‘behooves’ means. However, I whinge about sandals and pubs. Feel free to ignore me.

Eyeball In A Quart J 9:02 am 05 Mar 09

Wait, you actually paid money for a microwaved burger and you’re surprised it didn’t taste very good?

flying doormat 8:51 am 05 Mar 09

Why whinge here? Get off your ass next time and tell Hungry jacks rather than sit there, eat every last bit, waddle away then complain online.

Danman 8:48 am 05 Mar 09

You were right with the first line.

The rest is your fault for expecting better – it was just a par for course fast food experience.

Your sundae melted by meals end… Who would have thought that.
I guess you expect a bouncer at the door to keep unruly temperatures out so your sundae does not melt huh

I guess you also came here before ranting to management as well – I mean its so much easier to make an anonomous complaint huh ?

Grow a spine.

justbands 8:46 am 05 Mar 09

Yes, what exactly did you expect? They’re doing you a favour by turning you off eating there again…that stuff is the pits of food.

It does remind me of a funny thing a friend visiting from Japan said when here… “I figured out why they call Burger King “Hungry Jacks” in Australia. It’s ’cause you go in hungry & you get jack!”.

grundy 8:44 am 05 Mar 09

Oh wait, just noticed you’re name, “American”berran.

grundy 8:43 am 05 Mar 09

Can’t remember the last time I ate from a major fast-food chain… (except Sumo Salad)

What did you expect?!

Growling Ferret 8:39 am 05 Mar 09

Fast food poor presented rubbish? No way?

Worst thread ever

lobster 8:38 am 05 Mar 09

KFC in Gungahlin always manages to dissapoint. Staff are always slow and the finished product is always below par.

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