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Rock for RADD fundraising

By RockforRADD - 18 March 2009 33

We are starting a bit of a fundraising campaign for this years Rock for RADD. 

Rock for RADD is a charity concert held annually aimed at raising money and awareness to the dangers of drink driving.  Proceeds go to RADD (Recording Artists, Athletes & Actors Against Drink Driving). 

Last year we had 11 bands, 1 DJ it was held at the Holy Grail in civic and we were really happy with the turnout and the money raised!!

This year the event is being held in November at the ANU Refectory.  It will have 2 stages, more bands and more DJs.  The idea is to raise as much money leading up to the event to cover the required outlay costs of putting on the event which will also increase the donation made from the door sales on the day.

Really appreciate your help and support!!!

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Rock for RADD fundraising
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AngryHenry 3:11 pm 19 Mar 09

RockforRADD said :

We are not associated with the charity other then the fact that we wanted to raise money to a good cause due to the situation personally effecting us and RADD was the organisation we opted to go with.

If you find it hard to accept then theres a good chance you either havent experienced anything that really effects you every day or you just dont about others enough.

Chill out man! I haven’t accused you of anything and you wouldn’t know a thing about what I’ve experienced or what I care about.

Should I assume that something has profoundly affected you causing your judgement to be impaired, leading you to go and raise money for an organisation without doing any background research? No I shouldn’t.

Like I said before, I’m not having a go. All I wanted to know was what is RADD going to do with the money that you are working so hard to raise? That’s my question and I think it’s a pretty simple one, based on the content you provided.

mudd_promotions 12:27 pm 19 Mar 09

We lost 2 of our best mates due to drink driving, and they were the ones that were at fault. The mate that was driving was a massive boxing fan and I really think that if he heard, for instance Roy Jones talk about how stupid you are for doing it, I really believe that it could have made a difference. So RADD using all these celebrities to send the message really could change people’s minds about doing it.
As for the gig itself, we have put it on as a tribute to these two great friends of ours. When the idea first came about RADD wasn’t in mind but we knew we didn’t want to profit off it so we thought we would try help others out by bringing a charity on board. I think it is ridiculous that we have to defend a non-profit event that we are puting a heap of time and effort in to, to try and make our (and your) community safer.

RockforRADD 11:56 am 19 Mar 09

By saying you were angling your question at the OP i am guessing you are referring to me (sorry dont really understand your lingo).
There are actually 2 of us who are mainly involved in Rock for RADD but in saying that there are loads of people who help out on various levels.
We are not associated with the charity other then the fact that we wanted to raise money to a good cause due to the situation personally effecting us and RADD was the organisation we opted to go with.
When it comes down to it we are not getting paid a cent out of this nor would we want to. We put a lot of effort and time into this at the hope that we reach some people and prevent happening to them what has happened to us.
If you find it hard to accept then theres a good chance you either havent experienced anything that really effects you every day or you just dont about others enough.

RockforRADD 11:52 am 19 Mar 09

GB Thanks for putting that info up, I hadnt had a chance since early yesterday to look at this and was quite surprised to see all the critical comments that people make. I guess its the reality of the world we live in to critise everything but as said if you have a question it is very easy to find the answer.
To add to this RADD are currently throwing ideas around the table so that the proceeds can be utilised for a campaign or idea which is specific to Canberra.
This means that our hard work from last year and this year will be rolled back into our own community.
The point of this post was to hopefully find some interested punters for the Entertainment Book. Unfortunately it has done nothing but create critism for the book, the event and the charity behind it all.
Good chance I wont get time to check back to respond to any further posts till after the weekend but I am not going to spend my time defending accusations and what not, if there is a legit question I will respond when I can.


AngryHenry 11:43 am 19 Mar 09

Wasn’t asking RiotACT I was actually directing my line of questioning at the OP who seems to be representing the organisation in some form or another.

GB 9:51 am 19 Mar 09

Really, there are better ways of finding out at least a basic answer to “What does the org do with the money raised? ” than asking riotact.

Like, their website:

RADD creates and uses celebrity-driven messages on radio to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drink driving and to promote safe alternatives.

So, I can’t think of any reason why the victim of a drink driver would expect to hear from them. And as I don’t listen to commercial radio, and if I did would tune out if an alleged ‘celebrity’ came on, I’m not surprised I haven’t heard the messages. But clearly people do take yobbo drongo celebrities as role models, so a bit of countervailing voice can’t hurt.

old canberran said :

Is RAADD a registered charity?

See eg the ABR:

ADD AUSTRALIA LIMITED, a Health Promotion Charity, is endorsed to access the following tax concessions:
Tax concession From
GST Concession 01 Jul 2005
FBT Exemption 01 Jul 2005
Income Tax Exemption 22 Nov 2004
Deductible Gift Recipient:
RADD AUSTRALIA LIMITED is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient from 22 Nov 2004.

I have nothing to do with this organisation, and have no idea about their efficiency or effectiveness.

[rant mode on] I’m just surprised that with the easy access to information on the intertubes, people don’t just Look It Up when they want to find something. And then discuss the information, rather than assumptions. [irony alert]Seems like assuming the worst and being shitty about it is a valid lifestyle choice these days. Grumble grumble grumble. [end irony alert] [rant mode off]

Nambucco Deliria 9:16 am 19 Mar 09

Bet you wish you never bothered posting, eh RockforRADD?

old canberran 8:34 am 19 Mar 09

I was the victim of a drink driver and I have never heard of this organization with all the A’s and D’s and I agree with Angry Henry, What does the org do with the money raised?
I am very wary of these so-called “Charitable” organizations which have a habit of passing on about 10% of funds raised to the end recipient. The rest goes in administration costs.

Is RAADD a registered charity?

Skidbladnir 6:03 pm 18 Mar 09

Where I worked two jobs prior, we had a dozen fax numbers (a few different Whitepages ads under different business names and phone numbers) all being directed to the one shift supervisor’s email, and one duty was clear out spam.
The “for a small fee be included as a supporting provider in our regional discount indexes to be distributed” were a fair contributor to “clearing out” duty. More than two in a day got the endless roll of black paper as a reply .
We were shifty, they were shiftier, so they never got our custom.

Adza 5:54 pm 18 Mar 09

Whilst I do not condone drink driving, I really struggle to see the effectiveness that this RAAD group has on drink driving. I’ve often wondered why should this group exist, after all everyone should really be against drink driving.

The only answer I can come up with is that some people look up to these “celebrities”.

It would be interesting to see their impact though. I have never heard anyone comment about them, nor have I seen any figures about their effectiveness. Personally (and I may be shot for saying this) if the group didn’t exist I highly doubt there would be any impact on drink driving cases.

GB 5:20 pm 18 Mar 09

I have no knowlege about the organistion, but their fundraising model is common.

Skidbladnir said :

The directory a) has already paid for itself through advertising revenues, and b) requires me to _spend_ money under the pretext of ‘saving’ money at places who are offering one-off price reductions, but increasing product turnover and customer loyalty while now receiving greater total profit as a result.

Re (a): From their website: “The featured restaurants and other businesses do not pay to be included”

Re (b): Yep, that’s the fundraising model, from the preschool fete sausages, freddo frogs, and on upwards. Volunteers are trying to get cash from somewhere. You can donate, but people “getting something” gets more cash in. So, they sell stuff. Or, they sell the services of the volunteers to someone else — eg Rotary at Canberra Show. I don’t think anyone has any illlusion that the product istelf is non-profit.

BTW, you may find that”greater total profit” is the aim of many businesses. And greater total income is the aim of many non-profits. So, if the ethics line up, what’s the problem? If you don’t want the book, and want to give, then send a donation.

[Disclosure: I am involved with an advertiser in the entertainment book. I am not involved in selling them.]

Skidbladnir 4:59 pm 18 Mar 09

Pay Recording Artists, Athletes, and Actors to tell you how much they’re Against Drink Driving, possibly?

That or encouraging those same RAA&A to live the high life, driving their fast cars, and drinking their Cristal off the bodies of their supermodel friends, but never mixing the two.

AngryHenry 4:52 pm 18 Mar 09

I just wanna know what RADD does with the cash?

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