Dickson! The Pervefect Name

JoyceStanton 22 March 2009 111

Last night I became aware of the fact that a very sentimental ring I had possessed for nearly 40 years had gone unaccounted for. I had recently removed it in the hopes of having its initial engravings restored.

As I tossed and turned in bed,an intuitive feeling came over me. I got the distinct impression that it was lying in the main parking facility at Dickson shops,where I had previously visited that oh so wonderful Woolworths there at aprx 8:30 PM. I was conjuring up images of the ring being displaced as I fumbled around for keys and falling to the ground.

Though it was 2:15 AM,I felt compelled to return to the scene before the next wave of customers could see the light of day…..and my ring. As I nervously arrived torch in hand,I made a rather startling discovery just up ahead. I saw a woman in a rather sprawled position against a 4 wheel drive with a man gyrating behind her. What’s worse,I also noticed there was a bloke only a few meters away watching the dynamic duo in action,standing behind a car fantasising. This depraved fella had noticed my torch light and growled,”What in the blazins are you doing here?” The merry couple proved oblivious to it all.

Needless to say I called off the search and contacted the local authorities as soon as I got home sweet home. In relating this incident to the copper I was greeted with no less than four muffled chuckles and much disrespect I felt. Finally I hung up the phone in disgust,not knowing if my call was even considered for investigation.

If I only I had heeded prevailing RiotACT sentiment and not patronised that scoundrel Woolies mob in the first place


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111 Responses to Dickson! The Pervefect Name
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Ari Ari 2:54 am 29 Mar 09

I had vehemently disapproved of a man wildly masturbating whilst uttering invectives at me in a carpark.

Perhaps a bit risque for a tagline.

It’s a pity.

Granny Granny 2:30 am 29 Mar 09

Bloody ‘el! What the ‘el are you doing?!


el el 2:07 am 29 Mar 09

Ah crap, botched the link. Try this one. My fault for typing with one hand! 🙂

el el 2:03 am 29 Mar 09

Are you sure the man that growled “What in the blazins are you doing here” wasn’t this guy?

el el 1:58 am 29 Mar 09

It’s a joke, Joyce.

rosebud rosebud 8:08 pm 27 Mar 09

Bigfoot – I got it (and it was funny!).

jessieduck jessieduck 7:05 pm 27 Mar 09

Nice one Joyce!

bigfeet bigfeet 6:55 pm 27 Mar 09

Try to keep up with the pop culture reference!!

JoyceStanton JoyceStanton 6:49 pm 27 Mar 09

Thanks Granny 😉 Unimaginable horrors,Bigfoot? I never declared such…I had vehemently disapproved of a man wildly masturbating whilst uttering invectives at me in a carpark. The argument that it was late night and all my fault thusly, I believe is founded in your our perverse interpretation.

Granny Granny 6:33 pm 27 Mar 09

It’s The One alright.

bigfeet bigfeet 6:31 pm 27 Mar 09

JoyceStanton said :

Update: I found my precious

“My precious”?

And this ring sent you on a quest to deepest darkest Dickson where you faced unimaginable horrors?

I think there is more to this ring than we first thought.

Granny Granny 6:15 pm 27 Mar 09

Good news about your missing ring, Joyce!

; )

JoyceStanton JoyceStanton 6:03 pm 27 Mar 09

Update: I found my precious ring inside the folds of my dear but mischievous,dog’s blankie this lovely morning.
Special thanks go out to the few that had the decency to show some genuine concern,with regards. And as for those of you that chose to morph this post into a deviant’s playground…keep playing with yourself.

vg vg 10:28 pm 24 Mar 09

Knew him at Albatross, hadn’t met him prior to that except maybe on the footy field

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 10:26 pm 24 Mar 09

Certainly rings a very large bell but last time I saw any of these guys would have been in the mid-80’s. I’ll check my recruit school book and get back to you. In the meantime if you ask him if he joined up in Oct 85 and he say’s ‘yes’ that’d be him.

vg vg 9:23 pm 24 Mar 09

BerraBoy68 said :

vg said :

Lets see, born in 68 by the looks, ex Marist boy and ex-Navy. I have a funny feeling I know you. You’re initials wouldn’t be AM would they? Your professional naval interest being the weather?

Sorry VG, my initials are MD, (I’ve posted my name n RA before). But now I’m curious. There were a couple of Marist guys in my intake into the Navy and one of them was a Met. I think I know who you’re talking about.


Americanberran Americanberran 12:53 pm 24 Mar 09

Yeah by then, all participants had long “buckled-up”, I’m sure!

silver chairman silver chairman 12:50 pm 24 Mar 09

By the way I was told that the police did show up…………about 15 minutes too late.

Granny Granny 11:45 am 24 Mar 09

What in the blazins’? Weren’t they some Lyneham mates from growlin’ dude’s narco-support group?

ant ant 11:33 am 24 Mar 09

This is excellent, we now have an id on the onanist character in the drama. Now we just need to find out who the rough couple were!

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