Avoid the Bonair Prorox B521i?

36er 28 April 2009 8

Once again my awesome ducted heating failed (I am talking about the Bonair Prorox B521i model, for those that aren’t familiar with this piece of crap) on the very first day it needed to be used again.

FC:01 code on the controller again.

I was assured last time that this problem would not re-occur.

I plan to take serious action this time as I am fed up with this joke of a brand.

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8 Responses to Avoid the Bonair Prorox B521i?
Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:15 pm 29 Apr 09

According to Google, neither Bonair or Prorox exist.
But Bonaire produce a Pyrox range of heaters.

When and who did the install?

hellspice hellspice 3:43 pm 29 Apr 09

boycott the darn thing ! do not give it the satisfaction of use !

timgee2007 timgee2007 11:37 am 29 Apr 09

36er – as Eddie says, isn’t your unit a Bonaire Pyrox? I have one of these, and I haven’t had any problems with the unit itself.

Where I did have a big issue was with the quality of installation. It was done by ACTEW Energy Solutions and was *utterly* hopeless. Great big gaps in ducting, great big gaps in the holes cut for ducts and floor vents, etc. and if you don’t already know, ensuring ducts are secure and airtight is the one of the most important considerations for ducted heating to work properly…

Of course, I didn’t actually find any of that out until I notice the heater wasn’t heating up the house as quickly as it initially did. Climbed under the house to find the main ducting from the heater had split at the first junction, and I’d been blowing super warm air directly under the house. At least the mice, spiders and other creepy crawlies has a warm winter.

I would also suggest getting in touch with Climate Technologies – the manufactuer/distributor. Do a google search to find their details – somewhere in SA from memory. They were very helpful in resolving my issue.

Steady Eddie Steady Eddie 9:59 am 29 Apr 09

Isn’t it Pyrox?

Ian Ian 8:06 am 29 Apr 09

My heating is working beautifully …ha,ha,ha!!!

(and its not a Bonair Prorox B251i).

hetzjagd1 hetzjagd1 7:31 pm 28 Apr 09

There’s no way I’m ever going to be able to remember this information.

Out of curiosity, what will said serious action entail?

shiny flu shiny flu 7:14 pm 28 Apr 09

Noted, I shall buy a Bonair Prorox B251i. Remember not only is it ‘Pro’ but it ‘rox’!

Sammy Sammy 5:34 pm 28 Apr 09

Buyer beware

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