Snow business?

alym 18 May 2009 10

I’m newly arrived in Canberra and am keen to take advantage of Canberra’s close proximity to the snow.

Are there any alpine ski clubs that organise day trips/ weekend trips/ car pooling to the slopes? I’m been able to find on the internet ski clubs that have lodges near the snow but they all seem to indicate I should have applied months ago and that I might be on a waiting list for years.


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G-Fresh G-Fresh 2:31 pm 18 May 09

If you want to dominate, get yourself a fully worked hectic Subaru/Mitsubishi All Wheel Drive turbo. Fit said fully worked dominating specced vehicle with ski racks and rally inspired mud flaps. Boon up to the snow every weekend with a year lift pass and year national park pass on the windscreen.

As it’s AWD, you can only carry snow chains without the worry of fitting them when the first snow flake falls from the sky.

Having said vehicle gives you the right to drive like an absolute bell-end and endanger the lives of all motorists around you as you scream past, splitting lanes on the iced roads nearest the slopes.

It’s a fair and balanced approach.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:13 pm 18 May 09

Oh and when you do hit the slopes (at Perisher of course!) go straight to Blue Cow, bypassing the crowded Front Valley. Zali’s and Side Saddle are sweet, Pretty Valley gorgeous, and my pick is over the Guthega way on Blue Calf etc. North-facing but beautiful wide uncrowded runs (because there’s only t-bars there) and unspoiled views to the wilderness areas. Sometimes when you are the only one around there, you just want to sit down and soak up the sun, silence and scenery.

ant ant 12:35 pm 18 May 09

The clubs mentioned above (XC club and ANU mountaineers) are good for what the OP is after. Also, the Canberra Bushwalking Club does this, and Omnia also has a lot of social ski trips. All do the car-pooling thing also, and of course you’ll have people to ski and hang with.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 11:47 am 18 May 09

I have heard good things about the ANU Mountaineering Club as well. A good mix of students and others and soem fun back-country trips last year apparently.

alym alym 11:03 am 18 May 09

Thanks for feedback. I’m intending to join the Canberra Cross Country Ski Club also as they seem to have a good set up and I’m keen to be meeting new people as well rather than just getting the bus to the slopes and skiing by myself!

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 10:50 am 18 May 09

There are very few Canberra based ski clubs without lodges, and most of the lodges also want an arm / leg and your first born to become members. However all is not lost, as there are a few options available to you.

If you want o do Yo-yo skiing (Down-hill skiing, as all you do is go up and down like a yo-yo)
Murrays coaches operate a day service to the snow (price includes ski hire and list pass).

There are a couple of local cross country ski clubs that organise day/ overnight trips, but only for cross country skiers (however tyhey also organise lesions etc). They are the Canberra Cross Country Ski Club and the ANU Mountaineering Club .

The universities may also have down hill ski clubs but i cannot find anything via a quick google search.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 10:38 am 18 May 09

If you’re just after a day trip, there ae bus lines (mentioned above) that will get you there and back with a lift pass, park entry (and gear if you need to rent it) pretty much cheaper than if you drove there yourself – it’s an early start though.

The private clubs are the way to go if you want cheap(er), long term access to a particular resort but accommodation for guests (non-members) can fill up fast around now. If you’re committed it might be worth seeing what’s on offer membership wise. On that front, it really is a case of the more you pay the more you get, and seeing as joining up means that you’re buying in, you might want to try and stay at a few places first to get a feel for what sort of place it is.

LH LH 10:01 am 18 May 09

Murrays also do day packages to the snow:

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:58 am 18 May 09

There are two bus companies that run daily to both Perisher (Ski Tube) and Thredbo. Lever leaves from Magnet Mart in Gungahlin at 5am, saving the problems of trying to find parking in Civic. They have southside pickups too.

The ticket prices are $147 for ski and $180 for snowboard, including lift and gear hire.

If you’ve already got your own snowboard, then just choose the ski ticket – no discounts for own gear unfortunately, and there is also no cheap upgrade to to a first-timers’ lift and lesson package. There is only a few dollars difference for that on-snow, but the upgrade costs $32 via the bus package (but still worth it for beginners).

The bus is a great way to get there. Get on, go to sleep, wake up at Jindy. Coming home same thing – nice nap instead of battling traffic, sleep and radar for 3 hours.

caf caf 9:23 am 18 May 09

If you want to organise a carpooling day trip you’re probably best off just asking around at work – look out for the cars with roofracks and the national park entry stickers on the windscreen.

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