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Pig sniffle blues

By MWF 12 June 2009 15

How is the pig flu going down at your workplace?

I have my hands tied behind my back at mine. Sick teens coughing their mucus all over the place, no recourse. Just let them cough and sniff and snot their bodily fluids  where-ever they choose.  Yummy.  Meanwhile they all share drinks, lip gloss, iPod ear buds and “gis’ a bite” of their food.

Is it possible to report to ACT Health when you suspect someone you know (or are forced to work with, for example a client) might be unconsciously spreading their swine flu germs left right and centre?

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
Pig sniffle blues
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dare2dream 1:13 pm 15 Jun 09

The person I caught Swine Flu from hadnt had a day off work sick in at least 3 years. He had a fever and cold sweats as well as other stuff like bad headaches. I had a bad cough but the headaches werent that bad. I only had one cold sweat but at other times I shivered for hours on end, I just couldnt get warm. I only took one Tamiflu because it came straight back up. Not everyone is getting off lightly with it!!

Genie 5:54 pm 12 Jun 09

Swine Flu is a joke ! I am currently at home with the sniffles, well a bit more severe as I am now on anti-biotics. However with all this swine flu hype I am not allowed to return to work until I am cleared of having swine flu. I can’t even get tested for it !!!

sepi 3:25 pm 12 Jun 09

I just wonder how much access we are going to have to high level medical professionals if hundreds of thousands of people get quite sick with swine flu.

It isn’t as if we have any extra capacity in our health system for pandemic conditions.

Danman 1:18 pm 12 Jun 09

Sepi, I agree, yes.. more infectious, is it more hamrful, I do not believe so, If I could predict the future, I would tell you.

the facts are that symptoms last 2 to 3 days and are highly contagious.

I have had long drawn out chest infections longer than 2 to 3 weeks.

I think ill be right with my assumptions on this one….lest my heart runs on for 2 hours after death.

With my access to high level medical professionsals, not media releases, I think ill be alright with my assumptions.

Of course it could go all pear shaped and ill be thinking about my assumptions looking down the barrel of an H&K MP5 when the biohazard suited death squads raid my secret 2nd coming/holocaust basement facility..

I think ill be ok though.

sepi 12:55 pm 12 Jun 09

This is not just a normal flu, otherwise the World Health Organisation wouldn’t have declared it a pandemic.

It is more highly infectious than the usual flu – 1/3 or people who come into contact with it briefly seem to come down with it.

Australia is now the test case for what happens when swine flu infection co-incides with the standard flu season in a country. We haven’t even started our flu season yet, but plenty of people have got swine flu, with numbers growing daily.

People are now in Intensive Care in Melbourne with swine flu. And it can hit young healthy people hard, as well as asthmatics etc, so I wouldn’t be too blase about it.

ikarus 12:37 pm 12 Jun 09

“There has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in London due to mutation of the H1N1 virus into new strain: H1Z1.

Similar to a scare originally found in Cambodia back in 2005, victims of a new strain of the swine flu virus H1N1 have been reported in London.

After death, this virus is able to restart the heart of it’s victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.””

Pesty 12:19 pm 12 Jun 09

My kid is home crook, could esily be H1N1 I would think about taking her to the doc. However, that would just spread it about and cost a tidy sum! By the time any results came back she will probably be fine again! Once again, what are the symptoms? Another thing that is bugging me is the announcements that X number of people now have it. They keep adding to the number but never say how many are now perfectly healthy again.

H1N1 + global warming = news that sells. All crap.

Jivrashia 11:48 am 12 Jun 09

Mr Evil said :

We’re all gunna die!!!!!

Probably not, but ALL of us might get it.

It appears that influenza, like yours oinkly, have a 24hr period between the infectious stage and symptomatic stage. Symptomatic is when it’s obvious that you’re sick (sore throat, aching, fever). So, with this cunning delay that will allow a healthy looking person to go about her day while inadvertently infecting her farrow, there’s going to be sh*t loads of people going pig-shaped.

Judging from what appears to be an ever increasing number of sty population, we’re up the swine creek.

MrMagoo 11:45 am 12 Jun 09

Mr Evil said :

We’re all gunna die!!!!!


I have a son at Florey and his Kindy mates an he are excluded for 72 hours. He’s as bored as anything and climbing the walls…Gotta love hysteria. BTW he hasn’t even got a runny nose, although if I keep giving him Tamiflu I bet he does.

Mr Evil 10:50 am 12 Jun 09

We’re all gunna die!!!!!

Hells_Bells74 10:46 am 12 Jun 09

We got a two page letter sent home from school about H1N1 (no pig talk there) it was a highly documented piece about quarantine measures to be put into place where needed. Funny though, and funny everywhere else to that they really won’t tell you what you are looking for in way of symptoms and such anyhow. For instance, my son and I have gotten sick (more so me) in the last week or two and it feels like the normal old way I get sick every beginning of winter (I should NOT live in Canberra, it’s not the right climate for me, but I battle for family’s sake + I’m a smoker) but I have stayed away from my canteen duties this fortnight anyhow and kept my son home all week (bit of weepy eye too with him another reason I kept him home) but if they want us to be serious about not spreading this. How can they send home a two page letter about quarantine but nothing about the so-called disease (WTF couldn’t believe I heard them call it that on the news last night) symptoms are, does or why it could be considered worse than the normal killer flu’s? Maybe just maybe they are sticking to the old adage in the Govt. “Make sure you never write it down”!

peterh 10:24 am 12 Jun 09

Danman said :

Pfft swine flu…. Winter and flu is an annual event…You may get sick, you may not..Cant get around in a bubble your whole life.

would look pretty funny if you could.

Danman 9:52 am 12 Jun 09

Pfft swine flu…. Winter and flu is an annual event…You may get sick, you may not..Cant get around in a bubble your whole life.

justbands 9:46 am 12 Jun 09

> I think you’re falling for the Swine Flu hype. 😛

+ 1

Stop watching ACA, go about your day. Solved!

grundy 9:45 am 12 Jun 09

I think you’re falling for the Swine Flu hype. 😛
If I had a mild cold and you got the quarantine swine flu mob onto me, I would blow bodily fluids all over you to return the favour. 🙂

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