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On moving south…

By Bluebell - 30 June 2009 32

Well the secret is out. We are selling up on the northside and moving south. 

The neighbours won’t speak to us and our friends have organised the last supper. 

I thought that all the north-south bagging was just a joke but it seems in Canberra..never the twain will meet.  

Or are northeners just insecure?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
On moving south…
shitzu 12:55 pm 30 Jun 09

Welcome, Bluebell!

V twin venom 12:34 pm 30 Jun 09


la mente torbida 12:33 pm 30 Jun 09

It’s Weston Creek and most of Belco is further west

Swaggie 12:32 pm 30 Jun 09

Peter H +1. Despite the small moronic element in Tuggers the area has a lot going for it, we looked at Gungahlin when it was going up and promptly walked away, we have no regrets that we stayed south.

p1 12:23 pm 30 Jun 09

Western Creek isn’t south, its “Westside”.

peterh 11:42 am 30 Jun 09

weston creek and areas of tuggeranong became far better at neighbor relations after the fires. we all checked that everyone was ok, speaking to people we had lived near for several years for the very first time. The fires made some communities much closer. Others, there was never any hope. The northside is ok for those who live there, but i have moved south a long time ago, and much prefer the southside. There is something about the south that is attractive. Maybe the views of the brindies with snow on them, the closeness of the green areas like tidbinbilla, corin forest etc play a part, but the neighborhoods seem friendlier.

Skidbladnir 10:41 am 30 Jun 09

I live in Weston Creek, and talk to my neighbours just fine.
Hell, we have barbeques together with people from up to about six doors down (excluding a few of the less sociable ones).
Maybe you just don’t get along with your specific neighbours?

DrKarl 10:24 am 30 Jun 09

Westen Creek is good 10-15min to the city, central to all parts of Canberra, “neighbors not talking to ya thats just Canberra”

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:16 am 30 Jun 09

So true. Kinda like there’s northside and then ‘f*ck me, I didn’t realise Canberra and Yass were joined’!

FC 10:15 am 30 Jun 09

Yeah the southside is quite varied.
Griffih, Kambah, the creek, bonython, Banks.
all having different pros and cons.

Primal 9:59 am 30 Jun 09

Depends where you’re moving to… there’s “southside” and then there’s “the deep south”.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:38 am 30 Jun 09

Each side has something going for it. Personally I prefer southside, but live in neither.

ant 9:28 am 30 Jun 09

“I thought that all the north-south bagging was just a joke but it seems in Canberra..never the twain will meet.

Or are northeners just insecure?”

Don’t worry, it’s just the northerners, the southerners aren’t like that at all.

Interested in a nice bridge? Going cheap.

jakez 9:22 am 30 Jun 09

…didn’t we already have this moronic topic the other week?

Yes bluebell it is true, morons are morons and when you speak to morons most likely morons will say something moronic and expose their moronic attitudes.

Personally I think anyone outside of O’Connor/Turner are the enemy. 2602 REPREZENT!

jessieduck 9:13 am 30 Jun 09

I went to Kambah on Sunday- first time in 8 years that I have been further south then Woden. It was nice. I would do it again.

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