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roccon 4 July 2009 13

What’s with the new signs on the GDE between Belconnen Way and Ginninderra Drive telling us no stopping allowed ?? Are we to plough the single lane traffic through all peak hour mayhem and push all slackers aside in a dodgem car destructo derby ?

Big signs and expensive too I would imagine.

Ah, quality use of taxes again.

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13 Responses to GDE roadside signage
Prospector Prospector 5:14 pm 15 Aug 09

Canberra is increasingly suffering ‘Signage Clutter’ from too many pointless, silly, paternalistic ‘safety’ signs being put up along our roads, often obscuring the really useful ones motorists need for safe road navigation. I’ve even seen signs encouraging motorists to read the traffic signs!

Then there are the ‘big stick’ red light camera and speed camera warning signs – again a big waste of taxpayers money which reduce visual amenity and compromise sight lines to the ‘useful’ signs. They are no substitute for an effective police presence on the roads.

Too many traffic signs are oversized for the prevailing road conditions and there is too much directional signage repetition approaching intersections. A problem with too many signs is that motorists just switch off to them – so they become counter-productive. On the northbound Commonwealth Ave carriageway over the short distance between between the northern Lake boundary and London Circuit, there are no fewer than 70 individual traffic signs – now that’s got to be Signage Overload!

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 10:10 pm 04 Jul 09

It will be interesting to see if the speed camera’s will continue to stop there.

bd84 bd84 9:42 pm 04 Jul 09

I saw the signs today during one of my infrequent voyages returning from the darkside. I figured they may have been something similar to what you see on the highway/freeways in melbourne and sydney where you’re not permitted to stop for any reason unless you’ve broken down. Otherwise, I would have thought simple no parking/stopping signs would have sufficed if the dropkick raiders fans were parking there.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 4:31 pm 04 Jul 09

Cost wont be an issue, now that the signs are up they can issue infringements to offending motorists thus recouping the initial outlay. As far as ROI goes I’m sure it’ll be a cracker.

Of course you can expect this additional income will go towards more ways to restrict and police parking around Canberra rather than actually improving it.

pptvb pptvb 4:29 pm 04 Jul 09

It’s just common sense.
Why would anyone want to stop in Belconnen?

TP 3000 TP 3000 4:10 pm 04 Jul 09

I saw those signs today. For those that are curious the signs read “Non Stopping between Belconnen Way & Ginninderra Drive” I think there may of been a tad more about penalties. But northbound have 2 big signs saying this (just near the Canberra Stadium boundary) & 2 meters down from the signs reads “Emergency Stopping Bay 200m.” Then further down there is another one of these no stopping signs. It looks like southbound is the same, but I went a different way home, so I didn’t see.

trevar trevar 3:40 pm 04 Jul 09

roccon said :

shouldn’t the signs then proclaim no parking as opposed to no stopping ?

The road rules booklet indicates that a vehicle may not stop or park on the street for any purpose. Presumably, that includes for traffic jams. So remember, if the car in front of you on the GDE is stopped, it has broken the law and if you run into it, it can’t be your fault.

It is also interesting to note that the rules say that the vehicle is not allowed to stop; it says nothing about the driver of the vehicle. So if you get caught stopping your vehicle, just claim that the car did it, and the rule book indicates that the vehicle is responsible for itself.

darakat darakat 2:32 pm 04 Jul 09

No stopping simply means that they don’t want people to be stopping there. There has been a build up of cars lately for people going to football games and around the bottom part of the exchange with people who stop for what I assume must be things happening near the lake. I assume in a emergency you can still stop as usual.

TP 3000 TP 3000 1:17 pm 04 Jul 09

I’ve seen those signs at traffic lights as well. So technically when I race the red light I am only trying to obey the sign that says no stopping.

*I don’t really race the red light.

MrPC MrPC 12:14 pm 04 Jul 09

Even stopping there to drop someone off to walk to the game would be more convenient than trying to drive through the game precinct.

Heck, sometimes I wish the buses would stop there rather than wait 10 minutes in traffic while a hundred and fifty people stand pressed against each other as the bus tries to get us 30 metres closer to the entrance to the point where they are supposed to drop us off.

dvaey dvaey 11:00 am 04 Jul 09

Wonder how long til we see a speed camera or some other revenue-raiser sitting in the no-stopping zone?

roccon roccon 10:59 am 04 Jul 09

shouldn’t the signs then proclaim no parking as opposed to no stopping ?

dragonflygal dragonflygal 10:56 am 04 Jul 09

I would say they are to stop people from parking there to go to footy games at Bruce Stadium, seems that parking on the grass strip in the middle of the GDE has become increasingly popular…

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