Intimate eats in the inner north

Vonbare 9 July 2009 31


Wonder if anyone can recommend somewhere nice for dinner……I’m after a cosy restaurant in Civic/Braddon for a meal tonight. Nothing too intimate, but somewhere really warm and friendly (not clean lines, modern-esque)– and nice place for two people to go to to sit, catch up, eat, drink wine and have the mood of the place wash over us.

Any recommendations?


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31 Responses to Intimate eats in the inner north
ant ant 11:02 am 10 Jul 09

Wow. We used to go to Happy’s in, was it the late 60s?!

jennybel75 jennybel75 10:48 am 10 Jul 09

Does Happy’s still exist?

Yep, it sure does. Jason’s son is now running it and it’s still as good as ever.

blackbetty blackbetty 12:33 am 10 Jul 09

Delissio Braddon

DanRayner DanRayner 10:58 pm 09 Jul 09

A little late but +1 to Pulp Kitchen in Ainslie.

Otherwise a touch further afield: La Cantina is excellent and cosy in Narrabundah

Also tried an excellent wood-fied pizza place in Dickson the other night – can’t remember the name of it though.

+1 lanterne rooms (although it’s a little more exxie)

bigred bigred 10:14 pm 09 Jul 09

bit late, but cafe pronto is worth a look.

astrojax astrojax 9:28 pm 09 Jul 09

venture a smaller distance into the ‘burbs and go to ‘lanterne rooms’ at campbell shops – shall not be disappointed by either food or ambience… but i’m guessing you’re there, wherever that is, about now…

Clown Killer Clown Killer 8:49 pm 09 Jul 09

Does Happy’s still exist?

ant ant 8:13 pm 09 Jul 09

Sands said :

Cafe Pronto in Braddon is warm and friendly

Ah ha! When I first read this article, I instantly thought Cafe Pronto, but then couldn’t remember if it was still open. So second the motion.

Sands Sands 5:42 pm 09 Jul 09

I agree whatsinaname – never, ever, ever would I return to Mezzalira. Which is such a shame because I think it looks nice. But the unbelievable (and unwarranted) RUDENESS of the man running it was so astounding that our entire table left and went a few doors down. I honestly didn’t know what to say at the time I was so shocked by their arrogance.

Cafe Pronto in Braddon is warm and friendly or Blu Ginger – the new Indian place opposite Cream – has great food and service.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 5:31 pm 09 Jul 09

or maybe it’s jimmys. one of the two anyway.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 5:31 pm 09 Jul 09

sammys kitchen in civic. good chinese food.

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 5:22 pm 09 Jul 09

What about Sage in Gorman House?

I agree – Debacle definately too noisy. Sabayon is not bad either. Depends on how deep your pockets are too I suppose.

ant ant 4:58 pm 09 Jul 09

Sounds like a few people posting here owe us some proper restaurant reviews! I love reading those.

dr. faustus dr. faustus 4:51 pm 09 Jul 09

Given your criteria, the first thing that sprang to mind was Benchmark. I haven’t eaten there for a while, but the food was always good in the past, great deserts, nice atmosphere, and a great range of wines by the glass (something that Canberra restaurants tend to do very poorly, in general).

northside northside 4:30 pm 09 Jul 09

I wouldn’t recommend Vivaldi at ANU, pub food but with restaurant portions and prices. The Parlour Wine Room in New Acton has atmosphere and an extensive wine list.

grundy grundy 3:53 pm 09 Jul 09

whatsinaname said :

DON’T go to Mezzalira!! The service when we went was disgusting.

Unfortunately I have to agree, even though I recommended it.

It was always an old favourite, but the last 2 times I went, the service was way down on what it used to be. (One of the main reasons for returning was the amazing service)

Now I’ve gone the to Chairman & Yip instead. 🙂


Vonbare Vonbare 3:44 pm 09 Jul 09

lol – thanks everyone for suggestions!

rosebud rosebud 3:42 pm 09 Jul 09

What about Cafe Creme in Civic? It’s got a bit of everything including plenty of passing trade to get into if you like people watching.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:39 pm 09 Jul 09

I’ve been reading too many police threads. I had to look twice when I read “Inmate eats the inner north”.

whatsinaname whatsinaname 3:30 pm 09 Jul 09

grundy said :

Mezzalira or The Chairman & Yip.

Though they might come under the ‘too intimate’ category.

DON’T go to Mezzalira!! The service when we went was disgusting. The staff spoke down to the patrons. One member of our party was actually ill from the food (as in straight away, not afterwards) and then, when it came to paying for the bill, we were accused of not giving them enough money. Clearly the guy taking the money couldn’t count because we’d actually given him more than what we should’ve. When we pointed that out, he threw the change at us and yelled at us as we left (something about “keep your bloody ten dollars then”). It was a very unusual (and somewhat disturbing) experience and I wouldn’t recommend the place to anyone.

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