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street lights not turned on at night?

By lil_miss_giggles - 13 July 2009 23

Hey everyone, over the last few days all lights in my street havent been turned on in the evenings.

Just wanted to find out if this is happening in your street or area?

Or if it’s just me!.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
street lights not turned on at night?
Gungahlin Al 9:07 am 14 Jul 09

Meanwhile everyone else in your street is thinking “this is great – get to lie in bed and see the stars.”
If only the over-achieving streetlights in this area would ‘malfunction’…

andy pandy 8:36 am 14 Jul 09

TAMS probably forgot to pay there electric bill

deye 2:13 am 14 Jul 09

miz said :

Ring as soon as you notice, as it can take a few days to fix the problem sometimes.

Big tick to ACTEW for finally phasing out those useless orange [non]-lights! Can’t wait till they’re all gone.

The orange lights are much better than those garish white lights.
At least with the orange one you don’t go blind when near them and are still able to see the stars.

gooterz 12:22 am 14 Jul 09

Kambah.. ours is out too.. else its the same street?

Got told last year its to save power.. but me think thats a lie.. Getting the folks to call up and complain.. Ours is a long dark street.. with wet roads tonight. The foot path is right next to the road with nothing to stop a car swiping a person off.

This would be the 3rd year in a row we’ve complained, never seems to be any other streets besides ours!

TP 3000 11:13 pm 13 Jul 09

I don’t get why the main roads like the Drakeford Drive are all lit up at night. Now I understand why at intersections (especially uncontrolled intersections. But not the whole stretch of the road.

That is even with parts of Canberra having barely any street lights that are bright enough, the lights in Curtin are useless for motorists & pedestrians.

miz 11:10 pm 13 Jul 09

Ring as soon as you notice, as it can take a few days to fix the problem sometimes.

Big tick to ACTEW for finally phasing out those useless orange [non]-lights! Can’t wait till they’re all gone.

JC 11:10 pm 13 Jul 09

The lights are controlled by a light sensor, not someone flicking a switch. If they are not coming on then there is a fault with the sensor or a tripped breaker somewhere effecting the circuit, so call ACTEW and they will investigate and fix it.

Mr Waffle 11:07 pm 13 Jul 09

I thought we established in the last topic about streetlights that they were useful for things like helping people on bikes, people walking home/walking the dog/catching the bus, kids sneaking around letting off fireworks, people admiring their burnout skidmarks, etc.

ant 10:53 pm 13 Jul 09

Is street lights being off a problem? What are they for, anyway? Flying over cities, especially in the US, really shows how energy is being burned to provide this… then you have to buy thick curtains to screen it out of one’s bedrooms.

I-filed 10:52 pm 13 Jul 09

Happens all the time in the inner north. I always assuming the government weighs up the risk of a couple of assaults against the bottom line …

Auntyem 10:39 pm 13 Jul 09

No probs in for us in Braddon – call Canberra Connect or ACTEW (as above)

Hey – want a pair of those night vision binoculars!

sexynotsmart 10:19 pm 13 Jul 09

This happened to us during the summer just gone.

LoveBumps got me the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER – night vision binoculars! They seem to chew through the batteries though, even when they’re off.

The things I found amazing was the number of little kids on bikes and nocturnal birds. There must be like a colony of mopokes near Pine Island or something.

bd84 10:14 pm 13 Jul 09

It’s normally a fault in the local area, ring canberra connect as above or actewagl 13 10 93

Ivan76 9:50 pm 13 Jul 09

No problem here either (Holt/Belconnen). Call Canberra Connect on 132281 if you want to lodge a fault.

kevn 9:34 pm 13 Jul 09

No problem here, but there always seems to be somewhere with the lights out. My mother used to have a theory that Actew would turn them off on a cycle to save on electricity. If you complain they usually come on quick smart – no need for bulb changes or the like.

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