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On crashes upon Southern Cross Drive

By Tony - 24 July 2009 33

Yet another serious crash on Southern Cross drive, next to Kippax. It seems not a month goes by when this does not happen in this location, and it not supprising really when you see the attitude of drivers on this road, which has a sign posted speed limit of 60.

At least 1 in 5 people on this road speed, swerving in and out of traffic and tailgate trying to pass traffic actually doing the limit.

When will people learn, or more importantly, when will government actually start to enforce the law and really punish needlessly dangerous drivers which endanger the lives of innocent people? $120 fines are clearly not a deterrent, and I dont want these people on the road endangering the lives of my family and friends.

My question is to the people of Canberra. Am I the only one that feels this way? Are the penalties as soft as I think they are? Is it apparent to anyone else that very little is done enforce road rule? And why do you rarely see police road patrols?


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33 Responses to
On crashes upon Southern Cross Drive
Mike Bessenger 12:48 pm 24 Jul 09

Not to forget driver that have a few or more drink in them. Four bars in Kippax where people stop off for after work drinks. Then risk driving home.
A couple of weeks ago I saw a women stumble out of magpies hop into her car, struggle to get out of the normal parking spot and hit the car next to her a couple of times, then drive off.

threeze 12:41 pm 24 Jul 09

The condition of the road at that intersection is appalling, and it only gets worse in the wet. Add that to inattentive drivers and you get smashes like the one that occurred last night.

Traffic lights or a roundabout (or even just resurfacing the road properly) would probably mitigate some of the danger, as people are still going to drive like twats there.

ScrappyKat 12:39 pm 24 Jul 09

LOL, I think they do that at every intersection along there. The government has to come up with something better than what there is currently. Maybe close off the Starke street turning right, and extend Florey Drive into Kippax with lights there. A bit of a pain, but so would 2 sets of traffic lights in 200m.

missalli 12:34 pm 24 Jul 09

I agree Scrappy, although I think the Florey Dr intersection needs lights or a roundabout. Half the issue there is during peak times, you can wait for what seems like forever to turn onto Southern Cross, and people get hasty and try turn when its not safe. However, it also seems that this intersection is the corner of choice for the wankers who think burnouts and going sideways is just awesome.

ScrappyKat 12:10 pm 24 Jul 09

Traffic does move far too fast along Southern Cross. The accident on Tuesday morning is testament to that. Actually the truck drivers speed probably saved the life of the woman who ran in to him.

A huge problem is traffic turning out of Starke Street right onto Southern Cross. My husband and I have had many near misses with Starke St traffic taking risks getting across the intersection.

Many of the trucks travelling down Southern Cross drive speed, as do some cars and motorbikes. Living on Southern Cross I hear it all, and can tell which ones are going too fast. No one cares though.

Only one person stopped her car to make sure everyone was ok the other day, I came out of my home to give assistance. Most people were peed off because they were going to be a minute later for work and probably ended up speeding anyway.

Traffic lights at Starke Street are a must. Painting lines on roads fixes nothing.

ant 11:04 am 24 Jul 09

+1 to Tony. Too many drivers appear to be in the grip of hysterical rage and desperation when they drive, the swerving in and out of cars, the tailgating, the crazed accelorating even though they can SEE that cars up ahead are stopped, or there’s an intersection.

Many people don’t seem interested in slowing down for intersections, they charge up to them.

Cars who are in the right lane because they are actually turning right get tailgated by the angry who view the right lane as theirs. I notice a lot of people roaring along in right lanes, not actually overtaking anyone, and then someone angrier and more aggressive than they come up and tailgate them, then another comes and tailgates that car, and so-on. Driving for many people is a competitive business evidently.

The new road around the airport is speed limited to 60, but plainly that’s just an advisory. The ACT government is missing out on making a nice bit of nicker out of the NSW people leaving Canberra by that road every afternoon!

I reckon those lollipop men Guideline have standing around the roadworks there must be on danger money. There’s some crazed behaviour on display.

Mike Bessenger 10:13 am 24 Jul 09

Tony’s right, that intersection is a joke. I’m assuming the recent works there was an attempt to fix the issue, but to no avail. What it needs is a roundabout, or take one of the many un-needed traffic lights in Belconnen centre and actually put it somewhere it’s needed.
The speed limits also need to be enforced on all of southerncross drive (including the 80 section). The police need to get back on there motorbikes and hide behind the bus shelters again on a daily basis.
Also I think from the kingsford smith lights down to kippax should be single land either side with the other lane becoming a shared cycle/bus lane.

Jim Jones 9:50 am 24 Jul 09

Thumper said :

And like Jim, I use it at least twice a day.

Representin’ foh the Westside K-Pax Krew!

Thumper 9:47 am 24 Jul 09

And like Jim, I use it at least twice a day.

Thumper 9:46 am 24 Jul 09

60 kph is fine for that bit of road. And there is nothing wrong with it except for the stupid new lines they put on it which now impedes traffic rather than letting it flow naturally.

Jim Jones 9:43 am 24 Jul 09

There’s nothing wrong with the speed limit or the road itself, the crashes are occurring because people are driving like massive tools.

I use this road at least twice a day, and the amount of aggressive lane-swerving f3cktards is completely astounding. I’ve had more than one driver completely lose his sh1t because I dared to drive at the speed limit alongside another car also doing the speed limit and put an end to his hurtling demonstration of virility.

Seriously people, travelling at 60kph on Southern Cross Drive is not going to make your penis disappear. Just relax FFS.

caf 9:39 am 24 Jul 09

Limestone Av is lined with driveways, which is why 60 is totally appropriate there.

Sleaz274 9:35 am 24 Jul 09

Of course there is also the opposite theory that suggests that all the speed limits and regulations and rules of the road in fact cause situations that result in accidents and only a tiny proportion of accidents are due to “speeding” above a somewhat arbitary and occasionally ridiculous limit. From your post I obviously read that the 60 limit is too slow and most cars simply move faster than it because they are obviously able to and thousands of drivers do so daily, just like adelaide avenue, just like limestone, just like ginniderra.

Free and smarter societies are moving towards a reduction in regulatory matters of drivers and achieving good results.

There is also the theory of complicated systems which suggests that collisions are simply part of any system in which literally tens of thousands of moving bodies are placed in an environment.

In the immortal words of Mr Kelly…”such is life”

Personally I would suggest that if people weren’t so focussed on the “rule of law” and more focussed on handling their car and being situationally aware accidents would be far more irregular although still ultimately inevitable.

shanefos 9:04 am 24 Jul 09

I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Tony. While there will always be people who feel hard done by and whinge and moan about speeding fines (just see any of the numerous threads on RA), the fines are clearly no disincentive to disobeying road rules.
There was a story in this weeks Chronicle about drink driving stats (granted, it was for Queanbeyan, but I think the trend would be similar here in the ACT). About half of the drivers done for DUI in Quangers were repeat offenders. Anyone want to hazard a guess how closely the stats for speeding and other driving offences correlates?
Until society as a whole stop treating speed limits and road rules in general as mere guidelines, rather than actual law, this kind of thing will go on ad infinitum.

Heavs 8:48 am 24 Jul 09

Maybe they could just, you know, fix up that particular intersection where the issue is. Southern Cross Drive is already under work further up towards Macgregor in anticipation of the numbers moving into the new suburb. I’d reckon there is probably some sort of plan to fix up the Florey Drive and Beaurepaire intersections as well. Or you could just huddle under your doona.

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