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The Monster that ate Canberra (No, not Stanhope…)

By Thumper - 11 October 2005 32

Okay, I was having my daily laugh at the letters writers on the CT site when I came across this gem.

“loch ness monster in burley griffin?
Friday, 7 October 2005

I saw a large dark object in the lake as i was using a pedalboat with my partner. It was extremely forboding and has caused us to consider relocation. What do you think?”

Now, I do recall that two pommies said they once saw a beastie in the lake as well. And I also recall that our favourite resident loony, TYM, was going to investigate.

What do you reckon? Time to pull the plug on Scrivener Dam? Maybe its Alexander Bunyip for those of you old enough to remember ‘The Monster that ate Canberra’.

Should RA form a monster hunter party and hire a few paddleboats and harpoons?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
The Monster that ate Canberra (No, not Stanhope…)
OpenYourMind 2:56 pm 11 Oct 05

Us triathletes are prone to donning black wetsuits and swimming stupidly long distances in LBG. Maybe it was someone in a wetsuit? We usually wear bright swimcaps, though, so we don’t get run over by boats. Also, it’s still a little chilly to be swimming.

ssanta 2:39 pm 11 Oct 05

I can terubo… drift nets!

terubo 2:31 pm 11 Oct 05

No, xman, with any luck the monster will get rid of those pesky water skiers and jetski hoons.
-Can’t think of a better way of dealing with them.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:13 pm 11 Oct 05

I remember WIN News running a story about a whale in lake burley griffin as an april fools joke and had a retraction the next night…maybe it is resurfacing…

xman 2:09 pm 11 Oct 05

Well, that’s it then. Lake Burley Griffin is obviously unsafe for water skiing.
Imagine the insurance liability the gummint would have to manage should a hoon on graphite hit a monster speed bump.

Kerces 2:02 pm 11 Oct 05

There was a whole bunch of Alexander Bunyip adventures by my remembering.

Thumper 1:58 pm 11 Oct 05

Ah… That was the second is the series….

Jey 1:53 pm 11 Oct 05

I had that book! Wasn’t it called The Monster who Ate Australia?
Didn’t he consume the Opera House and Harbour Bridge among other delicacies?

terubo 1:38 pm 11 Oct 05

Must be the ‘thing’ I saw surfacing near the Commonwealth Bridge at 3.00 one misty winter morning. At the time I thought it was just the Navy guys out doing a spot of training.

ssanta 1:32 pm 11 Oct 05

probably a giant cod. I remember seeing an article about on old RA but i cant find it…

Maelinar 1:02 pm 11 Oct 05

allay your fears.

It’s the Canberra SIEV X memorial. Submerged of course.

Thumper 1:00 pm 11 Oct 05

Now that would be cool….

Except lake George is seriously freaky….

Ralph 12:56 pm 11 Oct 05

I’m still liaising with the Yowie man with regard to a late night trek and UFO watch on Lake George.

Thumper 12:52 pm 11 Oct 05

So its a bit lie the Goodies episode with the giant cod?

#50 Lips, Or Almighty Cod
Series Six, Programme One
1st BBC Transmission: 21 September 1976
BBC Project Number B11112

The polar fishing limit is extended to include most of Britain and as a result Britain runs out of cod since it’s all been caught by the eskimos. The Goodies manage to smuggle one cod back, but it grows into into a giant cod, which goes beserk when it hears Max Bygraves (dont we all?).

bulldog 12:44 pm 11 Oct 05

For years I’ve heard anglers talk about big cod that will take down ducks and other water-foul. Wonder if it was a cod; or perhaps a giant carp which has filled these people with foreboding?

Other than that I have spent many many hours fishing in lots of different spots around and on the lake and have never seen anything spooky.

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