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issac_37 18 August 2009 24

I can’t imagine that I am the only person in Canberra who hates waiting to order my coffee. There is nothing particularly romantic about watching time slip by as the suit wearing guy in front of me changes his mind between the chai latte and double shot short black; in fact, this entire process has always made about as much sense to me as using a physical copy of the Yellow Pages to look for the phone number of a business, rather then just googling it.Now I’m going to add that thought to a confession and declare that while I did live in Canberra for four years, any serious business I did meant that I had to travel to Sydney. This allowed one to view the often-backward decisions made by the ACT Legislative Assembly…and that guy who doesn’t have a hope. Hence my recent surprise when I visited Coffee Guru to notice mHITs – is Canberra actually keeping up with developments in Sydney? mHITs was on RiotACT some time ago and allows a coffee to be ordered and paid for with an SMS from your phone. Send the SMS as you are walking to the coffee shop and it is ready when you get there; simple.

I had a look at their official site and actually noticed that Canberra has just as many participating venues as Sydney. So here sits Coffee Guru, a Canberra coffee shop that is actually embracing technology and simple ideas at a greater rate than the elected officials who run the territory. In doing so, Coffee Guru is able to serve more customers per hour (benefit for the company) and have a quicker turnaround for me (the irritated consumer who wishes that chai latte was never created, hence that suit wearing guy in front of me would have already placed his coffee order and I would be drinking my drink by now). So, well done Coffee Guru for actually caring enough about your electorate of coffee drinkers to introduce something simple they will use. Kudos for getting Canberra to embrace technology ahead of Sydney and thanks for enabling me to not spend 10 minutes of my morning tea break standing in line to order. Now, if you could just purge chai latte from your menu, I would be thoroughly satisfied…

[ED (Kramer) – sounds a little bit like astro turf, but coffe and technology flows through my veins. Now if only Coffee Guru could actually make good coffee…]

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24 Responses to New Technology at Coffee Guru
roymallard roymallard 1:00 pm 23 Nov 09

Just found out mHITs are giving away an iPod to people who use mHITs at a coffee shop. More info

roymallard roymallard 9:54 pm 02 Nov 09

I use mHITs at Coffee Guru and also at Carlos @ Watson (Watson shops). I love it! No messing around with coins or change – I just take my mobile to the cafe – that’s all! Great to see a local business powering ahead. I would love to see this type of service used for parking. How cool would it be to pay for my parking by SMS! I think the ACT Government should get behind this so we can pay for our parking by SMS too. The mHITs website is pretty funky and simple to use. It is You get $5 free when you sign up.

Jazz Jazz 3:06 pm 19 Aug 09

I dont think its such a bad idea. I’m not a coffee drinker but there have been plenty of times i’ve been caught without cash to pay for a lunch or something. This is just another means of payment whether it be in advance or at the til.

It also doesnt suppose that you have to take away your coffee, just that it allows you to pre-order and pre-pay

bd84 bd84 9:12 pm 18 Aug 09

by the time people type in “skim soy lite chai late with hazelnut and half a teaspoon of sugar” they could have caught the lift down and ordered..

Art Art 8:40 pm 18 Aug 09

Great, now if Coffee Guru could just make some coffee worth ordering.

You can taste they use the same cheap beans that Gloria Jeans and formerly Starbucks use, bitter with little flavour and an odd smokey flavour.

I’d happily wait a bit longer for coffee is they spend the money on better beans rather than fancy SMS systems.

Special G Special G 7:49 pm 18 Aug 09

No one does drive through decent coffee. Someone should do that then all the mums/dads with sleeping kids can get there coffee without leaving the kids in the car. Pull up wave at the waitress/waiter – rollerskates optional – and get a decent coffee to go.

harley harley 4:36 pm 18 Aug 09

screaming banshee said :

I make of that that you seem to think MLA’s are somehow god-like creatures that we mere mortals should fear, respect, and drink coffee where they do because they are infallible and would only select a coffee establishment of impeccable standard.

That’s what I make of it anyway.

Hah. I forgot the [sarcasm] tags in that bit of my orignal post… I had written something less ambiguous initially, but took it out because of my personal political bent. Shoulda taken the whole line out.

threeze threeze 4:15 pm 18 Aug 09

I like the idea of not having to carry change around with me.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 3:28 pm 18 Aug 09

harley said :

Some MLA’s also frequent the same coffee shop – you can make of that what you will.

I make of that that you seem to think MLA’s are somehow god-like creatures that we mere mortals should fear, respect, and drink coffee where they do because they are infallible and would only select a coffee establishment of impeccable standard.

That’s what I make of it anyway.

RandomPoster RandomPoster 3:21 pm 18 Aug 09

It depends on which Guru you are talking about, the one in the Dendy end of the Canberra Center is good as is the one at the Jamison center.

Igglepiggle Igglepiggle 3:19 pm 18 Aug 09

I hope my life is never so important that I don’t have 5 minutes to wait for a takeaway coffee.

harley harley 3:10 pm 18 Aug 09

I think you’re being unfair on Guru.

I go to the one near Myer in the Canberra center, the coffee is consistently good. The other places in walking distance make great coffee, but only some of the time.

Some MLA’s also frequent the same coffee shop – you can make of that what you will.

I wouldn’t use mhits, though. It’s a little too much like paypal for my liking. You have to have cash in an account before you can use it. Once the cash is in there, then what happens?

There’s also the social aspect. The Guru guys know us, and have the cups ready by the time we get to the counter.

southeeplace southeeplace 1:07 pm 18 Aug 09

Granny said :

Sounds a bit like an infomercial to me.

I agree – not very subtle at all.

I regret being negative, but it seems like a lot of trouble over something that has never really bothered me.

Lilli Lilli 12:58 pm 18 Aug 09

I’m stoked to see there are some Canberran businesses getting behind this. I remember seeing it featured on ‘The New Inventors’ on ABC quite some time ago and thinking it would be fantastic if it ever got used! And lo and behold..

Anyway, I think the main pro of the system is not so much to ‘avoid the wait’ but more for those of us who hate carrying coins around. I love the idea of putting $10 per week on to a ‘coffee account’ linked to my mobile. That way I know I won’t spend any more than that, and don’t need to fuss around trying to find coins for my morning coffee.

Brilliant, and well done to the Canberran inventor!

astrojax astrojax 12:50 pm 18 Aug 09

will they deduct the cost of the sms from the exhorbitant price they slug you for the coffee, on the basis they didn’t have to waste their time while you asked them for a cuppa?

deece deece 12:45 pm 18 Aug 09

I’m with SB and ed – coffee guru makes atrocious coffee. find a coffee shop with a good barista and they’ll be able to make GOOD coffee, FAST

i give top points to Aussie’s cafe at parl house for absolutely perfecting the above combination.

DarkLadyWolfMother DarkLadyWolfMother 12:25 pm 18 Aug 09

I like the concept, but I can see this being a chicken/egg situation. It’s no use to me as I don’t like Coffee Guru, therefore I won’t use it. If enough people are like this, then presumably no other businesses will pick it up because the numbers are low.

Still, I notice on their website they do ask if there are other places we’d like to use it. That’s a good start and might mean the chicken and egg tie for the win.

Granny Granny 12:06 pm 18 Aug 09

Sounds a bit like an infomercial to me.

WhyTheLongFace WhyTheLongFace 11:46 am 18 Aug 09

Now they only need to find a quick way to type out your order into a text message……..

Can you imagine doing a group order from an office!!!!! AARRRHHHHHH!!!!!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:20 am 18 Aug 09

Wow, saves all that time, and unnecessary human interaction, of errmmm going up to the counter and ordering a coffee!

We live in amazing times…

(I dispair.)

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