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Advice on double glazing ?

By Raf - 14 September 2009 31

Hello Rioters. 

We are looking for your advice, good and bad experiences on double glazing of windows. 

We have purchased a house backing onto a main road so we are looking to reduce the noise in the bedrooms.  We aren’t complaining, it’s not unbearable, the road was obviously here before us and we were aware of the issue before buying, but we are looking to reduce a little bit of noise to make sleeping just a little more restful. 

We will be buying heavy drapes, with pelmets etc, but want to know if you have had experience with double glazing – good Canberra companies, not so good companies – and any indication of a price would be a bonus.  Most importantly – does double glazing actually work for noise reduction ? 

Thank you, any advice much appreciated!

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31 Responses to
Advice on double glazing ?
kakosi 10:38 pm 14 Sep 09

I replaced all my bedroom windows with double-glazed “spanline” windows. The only unfortunate thing was that the company that Spanline used to use (Homespace) did the work. They separated from Spanline soon after and the “after installation” service was dreadful – sloppy, with scratches on the new windows left by the installers. My advice is that double-glazing works (but is not a miracle solution to noise). Don’t use Homespace if you want good quality service. Good luck.

gun street girl 9:59 pm 14 Sep 09

Double glazing worked for us on a busy main road in Sydney.

Pandy 8:34 pm 14 Sep 09

Comfort plus is E-glass. It has stuff in it and a tint that reflects heat from outside.

Double glazed: +1 for sound and insulation. Recommend whole heartedly

daddy 6:44 pm 14 Sep 09

We had the whole house except for a sliding door upgraded to double glazed about 10 years ago. We have timber framed windows. Just Rite home improvements remove the existing glass and install the made to measure double glazed units. Absolutely worthwhile for both heat and noise insulation.

My father was visiting and had his normal room. Commented the next morning how it was much busier than normal the night before … no busier, he had simply slept with the window slightly open.

Another on the noise front, one of my boys plays the drums … the neighbours never complain.

I-filed 6:10 pm 14 Sep 09

rosebud said :

For western facing windows, consider Comfort Plus as an alternative to double glazing. It is thicker than normal glass (not as thick as double I believe)

But double glazing isn’t thick glass – it’s two thin layers of glass, and an air pocket in between provides the insulation properties. “Thicker than normal glass” won’t provide protection from heat …. perhaps the Comfort Plus has reflective properties?

rosebud 5:24 pm 14 Sep 09

For western facing windows, consider Comfort Plus as an alternative to double glazing. It is thicker than normal glass (not as thick as double I believe) but importantly, it repels the hot western sun. We got it for our front door so that we could have glass in the door to lighten up the dark entrance. And now, behind the front door is cooler than anywhere else. Our house faces East West too.

aronde 4:23 pm 14 Sep 09

We used Double Glazing Conversions back in 2007. Great job! Not sure what the inflation rate is like in the glass industry but prhhcd we got 57 windows for $14k! ie the whole house and some of them were weird shapes that went from floor to very high ceilings! Very good noise reduction plus has been great in winter keeping the heat in. They basically ripped out all the old thin glass from the 1970s and replaced them with made to measure double glazed units. Some window frames were too thin for the double glazed units so got something called ‘Comfort glass’ (I think). Two bits of glass laminated together with some special coating from memory.

prhhcd 3:38 pm 14 Sep 09

Gee I’m glad you guys all said that! I’m about to get mine installed $7600 for 2 windows and a door! Through window options – came to me recommended!
I am doing it predominantly for noise and heat insulation. I live in a west facing house on a main road (shoot the architect – please!).
Good luck Raf!

Ceej1973 1:53 pm 14 Sep 09

Got double glazing installed all round in our new home (not wet areas). Noise levels are way less than anything we have experienced elsewhere, we really notice the diff when in neighbours homes (as well as the temperatures). We also have cedar instead of metal, which makes that added difference. As for temperatures, in summer, it rarely gets over 28 degrees in when its been 38 out, and winter never gets below 14 when we wake up (ducted heating only used between 7-11pm). Insulating under the floor boards also made the difference. As for cooling, we avoided the AC issue, by placing the windows so that we can cross ventilate. Be warned, if you go with cedar double glazing, there is the annual oiling of frames, and the flyscreens in cedar frames can become quite flimsy! Cant recall who the builder used. pretty sure they are Stegbar tho, cause they were in Qbyn.

wishuwell 1:31 pm 14 Sep 09

Raf, had double glaze installed about six weeks ago. For the money I think the benefit is in temperature control. Hard for me to comment on noise reduction because living alongside Cotter Road the traffic is just starting to pick up with the warmer weather and I have nothing to compare it with although during the mountain bikes last week I did notice a big difference between inside and outside from the PA system background noise. Mine are magnetic fitted on the inside (have heard of this type being fitted externally and going missing). I you go for this type I urge you to have proper handles fitted to the frames so they can be removed easily. I ended up with suction caps next to useless.

sepi 1:29 pm 14 Sep 09

I know people who are very happy with Magnatite – this is like heavy plastic in a frame that fits tight to he inside of your current windowframe, leaving the existing window.

It prevents a lot of noise, but is not cheap either.

rosebud 1:11 pm 14 Sep 09

Consider your cooling options though. No point getting double glazed windows if you have to leave them open during the heat and noise of the summernats season because you’ve got evaporative cooling.

Holden Caulfield 12:12 pm 14 Sep 09

I have a mate who ordered some double glazed windows through Stegbar. He fitted them DIY and was very impressed with their quality. End result looks tops too and he is more than happy with the outcome.

+2 on the extra noise protection from The cat, although, the windows should be a big help at any rate.

The cat did it 11:28 am 14 Sep 09

AA man is correct. Double glazing gave us a significant all-round improvement in thermal comfort and noise control. Any local government with guts would have mandated it years ago, as they did in the UK. Blame building industry lobbying for the fact that it wasn’t installed when your house was originally constructed … If it had been mandated, production volumes would have significantly increased, and economies of scale would have lowered prices.

If it’s noise that’s your main concern though, check the rest of the building as well- you don’t want to spend big on windows only to find you’ve got significant noise intrusion through walls and roof cavity. There are probably noise experts who can advise what your options are for damping noise entering through these routes.

Affirmative Action M 10:38 am 14 Sep 09

We have replaced single glazed with double glazed & there is a major decrease in noise and far better insulation.

Atlas are ok but expensive – Stegbar are cheaper. Expect to pay abt $2000 + for 3 standard windows in aluminium extra if you want them installed.

You can also get cancelled orders or used units at recycled building materials places

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