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Canberrans can’t drive – episode 117

By maps00454 - 15 September 2009 93

Hi new to the RiotACT,  now not a cranky person at all but had an interesting woman today coming down Adelaide Ave.

As this woman knows so well and stated at the lights to the hospital for me in a heated exchange “IT’S MY RIGHT TO TRAVEL IN THE RIGHT LANE” as she had done all the way from the lodge.  This is a 35-50 yr old woman and I’m being quite considerate saying the start age of 35, would you not think from all the publicity surrounding the ever changing road rules and general anger from other motorist’s from people who can’t understand “KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING IN AN 80 KPH ZONE DUAL CARRIAGE LANES”.

I only wish this woman had enough sense to keep herself informed of current road rules.  I must say not being from the ACT and traveling quite extensively in Australia it seems many long time residents of Canberra believe this form of disregard of road rules to be a natural born right. Guess what it’s not.
If you see her rego number can’t say it all except that it’s a little white 2 door hatch with “yes” as the first letters of the plate give her a toot if she still hasn’t learned!!!!!!

What’s Your opinion?

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93 Responses to
Canberrans can’t drive – episode 117
indigoid 10:35 am 15 Sep 09

It is pretty rude to hog the right lane like that. “Just go around” is poor advice, in my humble opinion. Overtaking on the left is frowned upon for good reason — it is more dangerous than overtaking on the right, because you are rather less visible to the car you are overtaking. Many (most?) cars out there don’t even have correctly adjusted left mirrors!

After living 25 of my 30 years in Canberra, including learning to drive there, I must say I feel significantly safer commuting every day in Sydney (Mortdale to Matraville, around the bay; the M5 tunnel stinks!) on my motorbike than I do in Canberra (Fisher to Symonston) either in car or on bike. I certainly don’t view Sydney drivers as “pushy”. I do commute in both cities each and every week, so this a fair and direct comparison.

CoolRhubarb 10:13 am 15 Sep 09

Map00454, you haven’t stated the speed at which the the dear old dear was travelling in the right hand lane.

mrnamjama 9:57 am 15 Sep 09

There’s no particular reason why you can’t just overtake on the left… save yourself the stress!

joshka 9:49 am 15 Sep 09

So maps00454 (if indeed that is your real name), are your suggesting that we commit an offence against the road rules?

224—Using horns and similar warning devices

A driver must not use, or allow to be used, a horn, or similar warning device, fitted to or in the driver’s vehicle unless:

(a) it is necessary to use the horn, or warning device, to warn other road users or animals of the approach or position of the vehicle; or

(b) the horn, or warning device, is being used as part of an anti-theft device, or an alcohol interlock device, fitted to the vehicle.

Offence provision.

You haven’t specified how fast this individual was going, but let’s assume for sake of argument they were doing 60Km/h (yes, Km/h is the unit, not your colloquial kph). Over the distance from the Lodge to the lights at the hospital (I’m not sure which of the two you are referring to so choose a point in between), or 6.3Km, the difference between driving at 80Km/h and 60Km/h is 95 seconds. Your post was 209 words, so unless your typing speed is greater than 130 wpm, you just spent more time complaining than you lost due to the incident. Your diatribe has also wasted the time of at least the 12 people who have made comments – at least 1 of whom has spent more time than you lost.

Summary – take the whinging elsewhere. It serves no purpose here.

CapitalK 9:31 am 15 Sep 09

One comment – why do you have to be a “Canberran” just becuase you are driving in Canberra.
When people talk of “Canberra drivers” what is to say they are not someone who has moved here in recent years and in which case are a “New Canberran” ie originally from somewhere else (like the commentator normally is) and hence bringing their bad driving TO Canberra.
Does this make sence ie blame the driver not the city.

P Taker 9:28 am 15 Sep 09

Yes i presumed it was highways over 80 km also. Besides if she was in the right go in the left? Hmm did i just say something logical?

fnaah 9:28 am 15 Sep 09

Ahhh, this argument is like a comfy old blanket.

Frank2112, you’re absolutely right.

On the other hand, there’s common courtesy – my rule is, if you’re in the right lane, and there’s someone behind you, but nobody in front of you, get out of the way. I follow this, as well as expecting it of others. (I get disappointed a lot though.)

poptop 9:12 am 15 Sep 09

Frank’s right, it only applies for over 80kmph zones.

Unless she was travelling substantially below the 80km speed limit or in some other way obstructing the flow of traffic, I’m not sure I see what the problem was anyway.

Whereas you, maps, appear to have engaged in aggressive and inappropriate behaviour. What did you think you were doing having “heated exchanges” with people at traffic lights?

Not courteous, safe and sensible driving at, all to my mind.

sepi 9:12 am 15 Sep 09

All these bright young things from the big smoke need to realise that anyone over 35 in Canberra learned to drive when the roads were practically empty and Canberra was like a big country town- with huge wide roads and no traffic.

You blow ins with your pushy Sydney traffic driving techniques are not going to change the entire older generation of Canberra drivers by following one poor woman all
the way to woden and shouting at her.

chill out!

Punter 9:12 am 15 Sep 09

I can also add this has been a rule for a long time now, not one that is part of any ‘ever changing’ road rules. I also don’t recall any keep left unless overtaking signs on that stretch of road.

Ceej1973 9:06 am 15 Sep 09

I concur with F2112. Maps#, unless there was a sign that said keep left, then there is no obligation or rule to keep left if the speed limit was 80.

ARR Div2 #130 says :the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of
road where the driver is driving is over 80 kilometres
per hour; or a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length
of road where the driver is driving.

Now I dont know what your interpretation of what the word “over” is, but to me it is something that is higher than the said number, in this case 80. So I am interpreting it that, you are applying this rule to the actual speed that you might be doing, not the speed limit in itself. Did you ever stop to think that there are only keep left signs in slow moving traffic roads like Erindale Drive for a reason. Otherwise we would see keep left signs on every 80kmh road.

Hey, think of it in this context. The person legally driving in the right lane (if they were also doing the legal speed limit), were probably doing you and the vast majority of Canberra drivers as well, a benifit. Slowing you down, from geting a speed ticket.

Of course if the said “offender” was doing 60kmh in the 80 zone, then it would just be courteous to let others pass at 80kmh.

c9 9:04 am 15 Sep 09

Go around her?

Danman 9:01 am 15 Sep 09

Frank, common courtesy is not a law either, but for the most part is best practise.
No one has a right to be discourteous.

jessiegirl 8:55 am 15 Sep 09

Hi Maps, Get used to the Canberra way of driving it won’t change. I moved here two years ago and arestill astounded by the method of merging that is used here. I have to merge four times on my way to work and are slowly trying to educate drivers by actually leaving a gap in front of me to let someone else in. The Canberra method of merging goes somthing like this…see a ‘Form one Lane’ sign and speed up and tail gate the car in front…then slam you brakes on as the other lane tries to merge…travel at 10km/h for no reason…then speed up again and travel over the speed limit. So Maps sorry, but get used to it.

frank2112 8:23 am 15 Sep 09

As far as I can tell she was in the right. It applies to roads OVER 80km/h. Adelaide Ave is not over 80 last time I looked. unless there was a sign as part (b) states here then you are barking up the wrong tree.

130 Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road
(1) This rule applies to a driver driving on a multi-lane road if:
(a) the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of
road where the driver is driving is over 80 kilometres
per hour; or
(b) a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length
of road where the driver is driving.

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