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17 year old overdoses on heroin in one of canberra’s ‘regulated’ brothels

By madocci 2 November 2008 132

The Canberra Times has reported that:

“Janine Cameron was found dead from a heroin overdose in Fyshwick’s Exotic Studio brothel on September 15, just six weeks after her 17th birthday.”

This leads me to question the level of exploitation that the prositition industry turns a blind eye to.  Is it time that we revisited the regulation of the industry?

“Generally speaking, the advice I have from the police is that there is not a significant level of criminal activity in the industry.”

Are we to believe Simon Corbell?


What’s Your opinion?

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132 Responses to
17 year old overdoses on heroin in one of canberra’s ‘regulated’ brothels
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dexi 8:36 pm 13 Nov 08


Holden Caulfield 11:14 am 13 Nov 08

I reckon Friday’s 2XX piece will be a doozy!

Granny 10:44 am 13 Nov 08

Maybe it should be

MissMoniker 10:26 am 13 Nov 08

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account ( [-5] – [BODY]

I did try.

johnboy 8:33 am 13 Nov 08

Martin, your behaviour is not acceptable.

Cease the personal attacks on other readers or be no longer heard.

This is a final warning.

Martin1973 2:33 am 13 Nov 08


You never once said you worked for Chantalle, yes the Julie from the Downer murders,
are you ashamed and for? Wrap your own self up in cotton wool about your own business but reality is you know first hand you worked for Jules for her as Chantelle or Hollywood Studios or Gentlen prefer blondes. You were her so called friend but never mention her on this site.

For gods sake what the Canberra times did printing about her don’t you think you owe her not only as your boss but your personal friend to shed some light on her personality too?

Grow some balls, or forget the fact that you turned up to her funeral and turned a blind eye to it all. We know who you are clearly!

Martin1973 2:21 am 13 Nov 08

Mis Moniker,
Try the addy of
the capitals were wrong!

Martin1973 1:57 am 13 Nov 08


Join the industry for a week and make up your own mind you pig!
See the clients, meet the girls then comment unless of course you a regular and
expect it all for free

Martin1973 1:53 am 13 Nov 08


You have mentioned on this post that your sister has been involved in the industry yet you be a hypocrite and tend to judge those in the industry. If you only read and took in what some of the working girls on this site are saying maybe you may be able to connect with your sister again. When you judge her and speak so lowly for working girls your sister is never going to be upfront with you.
For goodness sakes, let down your guard, you obviously came from the same family and background, don’t judge your sister as harshly as you have of other working girls on this site as she is one of them. When you learn to accept your sister for what she does for a living them maybe she will come around, believe in you and talk to you about her life.

Just read the posts carefully as the way you are carrying on no wonder she is not confident enough to approach you with her lifestyle.

I am not saying that out of spite, only from my heart so you will know which place she is in at the moment.

Granny 9:32 am 12 Nov 08

Rikochet, you don’t need to atone for anything, honey. You are special for who you are, not for what you do or don’t do.

Be at peace, and enjoy the life that you have.

rikochet 9:21 am 12 Nov 08

madocci said :

I think the point is that it isn’t a career choice that you are proud of.

That is why I am interested in hearing from women who are prostitutes and how they reconcile it with their families. It is not a path to be proud of, even if that is just via the attachment to an industry that takes advantage of our most vulnerable, let alone the rest of the objectification of women issues. The men who use these services are even worse as far as I am concerned, IMO they wouldn’t be using them if they had someone they cared about in the industry.

Madocci, Yes, its not a path to be proud of, which is why there is so much secrecy involved. I come from a very proud,hard working family who taught me respect, worth and consideration. How I ended up where I did is anyones guess. the hardest thing I ever had to do was to tell them what I was doing. At first they tried to help and then when that was fruitless they just stood back and hoped for the best. My mother told me once that she would dread the phone ringing as she always thought it was the call that she expected, the one informing her of my death. My father found it harder to deal with and totally withdrew from anything to do with me. I guess he found it easier to believe I was ‘gone’ than to have to deal with the reality of it all. Even now that I have changed my life , My father and I have this unresolved issue that will never be healed.

Whatever I did to myself during that time was nothing compared to what I did to my family. That is my deepest regret. I cant do anything to change the past. Being sorry will never be enough as far as Im concerned. Being all that I can be and succeeding in life is the only atonement I can find.

I have to address your comment about ‘What type of man would want a family & life with an ex-prostitute?’
I was offended by that comment. Your past doesnt always determine your future. I have found that people are more accepting of who you are now as opposed to who you were back then. They are understanding of the obstacles you overcame and the judgements you had to endure.
When I met my (at the time, future husband)the first thing I did was to be completely honest about who I used to be and what I used to do. I told him I would understand if he wanted out, as it was still a new relationship. He was obviously thrown by this revelation, but after he took some time to work it out he came back and told me that he respected my honesty and didnt care about my past as it was only the future that he was interested. So I guess in regards to your question, the answer is a non-judgemental, understanding, caring man, who sees in me the person I have become, not the person I used to be.

dexi 8:26 am 12 Nov 08

Ta Tess Ryan, there goes my whole conspiracy rant. Ive also been told that M#### has had little to do with the day to day running of Exotics for the last year. Not sure how reliable that is though. So I guess Ill just pull my head in and wait for the official report.


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