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1,700 new smug bastards

By johnboy 2 March 2007 50

The ABC warns that ActewAGL have signed up an extra 1,700 people to their “Green Choice” electricity scheme. This brings the total to 9,000 Canberrans choosing to pay more for exactly the same electricity simply to get a warm inner glow.

It gets better because the West Nowra landfill, South Australia’s starfish hill windfarm and the dinky Mt Stromlo mini hydro are the sources of this “green power”. So not only does the smug “Green Choice” customer pull the same juice out of the grid as us, but ActewAGL aren’t even pushing any particularly green power into their grid. (According to their website the mini hydro can supply at best 600 homes).

Best of all is that the “Green Choice” only supplies the first 15 kilowatt hours of renewable energy, so power guzzlers get their warm inner glow and vague feeling of superiority and then run their lives off the main grid anyway.

A nice little earner for ActewAGL though. If I could turn a dollar from self-congratulating Canberrans I’d be in there in a flash.

Is there any reason Snowy Hydro power doesn’t count as green?

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1,700 new smug bastards
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Maelinar 2:43 pm 05 Mar 07

Conservative, Alternative, Bohemians.

You take pride in your own ‘green’ mantra whilst turning your nose at because somebody could do something, and had the resources to do it, they did it.

That just makes them better and more resourced than you, it doesn’t make it a bizarre excess.

That said, outdoor heated paving sounds pretty lush. I’ll put that one down on my mega-mansion plans.

seepi 2:05 pm 05 Mar 07

Nah – if it were up to me I would ban heated outdoor paving.
In a hundred years kids will be learning about that as one of the bizarre excesses of our time.

johnboy 1:45 pm 05 Mar 07

And you want to let them do that for free Seepi?

God you love the rich more than most.

seepi 1:22 pm 05 Mar 07

Richer people are also more likely to consume more and waste more. They are also the only ones who will take up shocking ideas like heated outdoor paving, heated towel rails etc.

bonfire 12:03 pm 05 Mar 07

seepi i think you will find that rich peopele will in the longer term, pollute less.

why ?

they are more likely to tick the ‘eco-friendly’ box on the new house form.

over time, that extra insulation, solar passive, grey-water recycling house will use less energy than the public housing box that needs 24 hr a day winter heating.

they are more likely to buy a new prius than a poor person who may have a 600 dollar kingswood or poorly maintained diesel gemini.

sad but true.

seepi 11:32 am 05 Mar 07

this could actually result in use of more water, as everyone uses up their free allocation.

I really can’t see too many people changing their habits tho – people with pools generally have money. Noone is going to forego flushing in order to wash their car when you can go to a car wash.

Ralph 9:44 pm 04 Mar 07

Not if you grant people a low cost ‘liveable’ allocation of water. We’re talking about charging more to people who value gleaming clean cars, English-style gardens and swimming pools. It’s called a two-part pricing scheme, but that’s beyond Gittin’s elementary standard of first year textbook economics.

Heavens, some people may optimimise by choosing only to flush once a day, so they can keep their pool topped-up during summer. Under our current level of restrictions, people can flush away all day, but can’t have their pool – that’s inequitable.

seepi 9:27 pm 04 Mar 07

I quite liked this line in the article linked above:

“Since the demand for water is inelastic (relatively insensitive to price changes), prices would have to rise a long way to achieve the desired reduction in demand, which would cause hardship to the poor.”

Ralph 9:19 pm 04 Mar 07

Ahhh seepi, a dear champagne socialist at heart!

Damn those successful rich people, who had the gall to work hard and make something of themselves.

johnboy 9:07 pm 04 Mar 07

jesus seepi at least lets charge the rich for what they pollute.

Rich people have more stuff than poor people

If you do away with money they people with influence will still have more than people without influence.

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