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18 Africans in a house?

By Thumper - 2 October 2007 54

The SMH is reporting that eighteen Sudanese refugees are believed to be sharing a two-bedroom house in Canberra.

Marion Le, from the Independent Council for Refugee Advocacy, revealed the case after Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said there was evidence African refugees were having trouble settling into Australia.

Eighteen Sudanese crammed into a small house is not acceptable.

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54 Responses to
18 Africans in a house?
andy 11:08 am 03 Oct 07

You know, those who said it’s disgusting, you are absolutely right. The landlord should get onto the property manager quick smart, and get them evicted for breaching the lease.

Ralph 10:48 am 03 Oct 07

Why don’t you offer them a room Seepi?

Mr Evil 10:24 am 03 Oct 07

Well, maybe if someone in the ACT Govt had some balls and started removing people living in ACT Housing properties who don’t deserve to be in Govt Housing i.e. high income earners/rent defaulters/those who trash ‘their’ properties – then situations like this may not arise?

sepi 10:15 am 03 Oct 07

It is hard enough to get a rental in Canberra with previous rental references, good English and a job.

I think this is a sad story.

Three people per room while backpacking is not the same as 9 people per bedroom as a permanent thing.

toriness 9:57 am 03 Oct 07

maybe they have chosen to live this many people in a house to save money? god i have had friends go to UK on a working holiday and live in similar conditions – maybe not 18 in 2 bedrooms but 10 in 3 bedrooms type deal. or when i first moved to canberra into a 1 bedroom flat in dickson, in my same complex there was a family (2 parents, 2 kids) living in one of the other flats – same size as mine.

Mr Evil 9:47 am 03 Oct 07

Got to be better than Sudan: at least no one is shooting at them here.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:11 am 03 Oct 07

Bah – you can get more than 30, you just have to know how to pack them!

Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:08 am 03 Oct 07

“Eighteen Sudanese crammed into a small house is not acceptable.” – Damn straight, they should cram at least 30 🙂

Hugo 7:18 am 03 Oct 07

Sheer luxury! We were brought up in a pothole on Northbourne Avenue

Pandy 10:48 pm 02 Oct 07

When I was a lad, there was mum, dad, the grand parents and 24 kids all crammed into a shoe box.

shauno 9:43 pm 02 Oct 07

You should see how many can cram into a mud hut in the Sudan, 18 to a house thats luxury.

sepi 9:37 pm 02 Oct 07

Or maybe noone is helping them find a place to rent…

barney 9:08 pm 02 Oct 07

That’s just ridiculous. Surely there is enough space at “The Lodge”.

HA 8:42 pm 02 Oct 07

Special G’s comment is not as racist as it sounds. In fact this could well be one of the reasons. It is not uncommon, for example, when Aboriginals tour abroad for the government (musos, artists, authors etc), to reject the four/five star hotel provided (often by contra sponsorship secured by the Australian foreign mission), and ask to stay in a home where there are people, home smells, and far less antiseptic surrounds! Who knows: maybe the Africans settling in Australia as refugees or humanitarian migrants prefer to be in close quarters with each other, rather than spread out the way we’re conditioned.

Special G 7:15 pm 02 Oct 07

Maybe thats the conditions they were used to back home and couldn’t get used to the space so started a little commune.

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